10 Best Cookware Sets in India (2020)

Cooking is a passion for many. The essential kitchenware ignites the passion even more. It is also very helpful and economic a habit. If you start to enjoy cooking, you will be able to eat less ordered food and thus it will save your health.  The healthier you will feel the better you will look. So if you want to start cooking, then start collecting interesting and good quality cookware sets.

A growing population like us need huge amount of food daily. But the modern generation teaches us how to be busy with our work and a daily chore, that means ordering food from outside. If you are having hotel food on a daily basis it surely will harm your body. The recipe that you like so much can be found online, and if you push yourself a little bit more, you will start cooking yummy dishes all by yourself and be amazed. So you should get some motivation from a well-equipped kitchen which is full of modern gadgets and thus you can start cooking interesting dishes with the help of the cookware and the gadgets. There are different brands and most of them are pretty much reputed. Thus you can get confused while buying cookware for your kitchen. We can help you with a few suggestions and advice.

The market is flooded with different types of cookware and those provide different functions and those pieces come with a different price tag too. The situation is confusing and so to know which cookware is best and which one needs to be bought is difficult to decide. The material of the cookware and the size of pots, the pieces and their utility, everything needs to be considered before you going to buy a set of cookware.  We are trying to help you find the best cookware set.

Top 10 Cookware Sets in India

There are some of the best cookware set chosen by us from which you can decide your next buy from the cookware range.

1. Pigeon by Stovekraft Rapido

This set includes all the basic equipment for an Indian kitchen. The set comes with induction cooktop, three steel utensils and induction based flat tawa. Also, an aluminium pressure cooker comes in this package. These utensils help you to cook, bake, boil and heat anything. The set is complete with the cooktop as it offers temperature setting for the precise cooking.


The set has an 1800 watt induction cooktop and it allows you to cook various dishes. There is an aluminium pressure cooker and that can be used to boil vegetables and cook rice. Also, it can be used for baking. The set comes with a flat induction based tawa to make dosa and crepes. The induction cooker comes with an LED display to show the temperature. It has a 1-year warranty from the brand.

  • The set can be used for cooking various dishes.
  • The risk of gas explosion is minimized while you are using this set with induction.
  • The set has all the necessary kitchen items and it comes at an affordable price.
  • The set is ready to cook idli, dosa, curry, chapattis and any other kind of Indian cuisine.
  • The steel cookware that is availed in this set is not of great quality.

2. Amazon Brand- Solimo Non-stick kitchen set

This cookware is unique due to its superb coating quality. Most of the non-stick cookware contains the cheap quality coatings which come off or flakes off with regular use. This flaking is dangerous as the food cooked in the flaked non-stick cookware can cause cancer. The Amazon brand- Solimo offers non stick 3 piece kitchen- set which is both induction and gas compatible. These are made of Teflon TM 3 layers coating. This coating increases durability and the product lasts longer. The product is metal spoon friendly and you can cook with metal ladle or spoon in this pan.


The cookware set comes with 2-way non-stick coating which prevents the messiness while cooking and the utensils do not get dirty easily. This is made of 3 mm thick aluminium material and that makes the cooking easy in this pans. The durability also increases. The handles of this cookware are Bakelite made and riveted with the pan. You can handle the hot pan with the help of the handle but it will not get heated easily. There is one non-stick Kadai with glass lid, one non-stick frypan and one non-stick flat tawa in this package.

  • Even distribution of heat is allowed while cooking in this cookware.
  • The use of a metal spoon is allowed as these are made of aluminium.
  • The handles are Bakelite made and thus heat resistant.
  • The set comes with a 1-year warranty from the brand on the manufacturing defects.
  • As the set is made of aluminium the vessels can sometimes react with some of the acidic food which will make the food bitter.
  • You cannot use it in an oven.
  • The inner surface coating does peel off soon.

3. Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick BYK Set

Prestige is a reputable brand in India and it has come up with their cookware range which is really great. The brand has already earned people’s trust. The cookware they offer is mostly the ones we already bought from the market and used. The expectation from such brand remains high and this non-stick range has been successful in competing with its own level. Most of the non-stick cookware is found to be scratched and braised after a few months of use. But the Prestige Omega Select Plus non-stick range this will never occur. The offer 3 pieces set and all these are gas stove compatible. They have used abrasion-resistant technology and it means they are metal spoon friendly. So you do not need to use wooden ladle compulsorily. The cookware comes with many features and is the most preferred brand in cookware.


The cookware is made of aluminium material and it makes the cookware strong and durable. It allows the cookware to stay in good condition for a longer period. The residue-free cooking is possible with this non-stick cookware range. The design is a gas stove compatible. The set comes with 1 Omni Tawa, 1 flat base Kadai and a lid.

  • The material is scratch-proof and the technology is really good.
  • The coating does not peel off and thus there is no compulsion to use wooden spoons.
  • The Teflon coating allows the residue-free cooking and thus you can use it safely for longer period.
  • The riveted handles of Bakelite helps to hold the hot pan without any difficulty and you will not get hurt due to the heat.
  • The product has a 1-year warranty on the set.
  • The set is not to be used in the microwave.

4. Nirlon Gas compatible Non-Stick Aluminium cookware set

If you are a professional chef and want to start up a new food joint then you can try this set of non-stick utensils form Nirlon. This set looks stylish and will fulfil all of your needs. The safety and health issues will also be managed if you use this non-stick set of vessels. The range comes with gas compatible aluminium cookware and there are 6 pieces of it. The colour options are red or black. The PTEF exterior of the cookware allows easy cleaning and helps you to finish the cleaning fast.


This cookware is coated with high-quality product and thus the non-stick coating allows you to clean the utensils easily. The vessels are also health-friendly and you can cook with the very little amount of oil in these vessels. The containers are quite a few in this set. There is one flat tawa, one concave tawa, one kadhai with glass lid and one appam patram handle steel lid, a frying pan, one appa chatty and one tapper pan. With so many utensils you can cook anything you want as there are options for every kind of cooking.

  • The non-stick coating helps you to cook and wash easily.
  • The aluminium make helps the heat to be distributed evenly and the cooking is done faster.
  • The set is heavy duty and you can use it for longer period of time.
  • The handles of the cookware are Bakelite made and thus allows you to handle the pans easily.
  • You cannot use the set in induction.

5. Lifelong Popular Induction Non-stick cookware set

The cooking has never been this fun with the help of Lifelong non-stick cookware set. The concern of yours regarding the excess use of oil and butter will now diminish and you can consume lesser and lesser oil if you are using this non-stick set.  This set comes in a sophisticated black or stylish grey colour. The Greblon coating on the utensils make them a healthy option for cooking and you can use very less oil in food.


The product comes from a brand which has already established its name in the field of cookware manufacturing. The special coating of Greblon makes this product unique. It is a thick coating and it prevents the use of a high amount of oil. The thick aluminium body helps this cookware to heat up fast and also makes the utensil durable enough to last longer. The set is ready for gas and induction use. The package is complete with one Kadai with lid, one fry pan and one flat Tawa, and all are non stick items.

  • The food cooking process is faster as the heat is evenly distributed in this aluminium cookware.
  • The glass lid lets you see the cooking process and the durable product is pretty much long-lasting.
  • The set comes with one year of warranty.
  • There is no wooden ladle so you need to buy them separately. The handle fitting starts wearing off after a few uses.

6. Cello Prima + Induction Base Non-stick aluminium cookware set

This product is good for the ones who like efficiency and results. The Cello Prima set is ready for induction as well as the gas oven.  This one offers 4 pieces and they are made of high gauge aluminium sheet. It gives them efficiency and lasting ability. They are best for cooking Indian dishes. The set is more user-friendly because of its induction readiness. Thus it ensures that very little oil is consumed as well as very less energy is used to cook your daily food.


The base of the cookware is made of high gauge aluminium as it provides the best cooking experience. The design is ready for induction cooktop. The set is versatile with multipurpose functionality and versatility. The product makes it perfect for users. The sturdy Bakelite handles allow you to hold the pot when the cooking is done. The package is complete with one dosa tawa, one fry pan and one kadai with glass lid.

  • This set is flameproof and that means no harm will be done to the utensils when on high flame.
  • The set can be easily cleaned and it is completely dishwasher safe.
  • The handles are heatproof and you can use them while the cooking is under process.
  • It is not safe for the microwave oven.

7. Wonderchef Athena Cookware Set

If you want a cookware set that you wish to use on a daily basis then you must buy this cookware set from Wonderchef, one of the best cookware brands of India.  If you are continuously using the same utensils for cooking then it is seen often that the coating gets abraised, but not with Wonderchef. The meta tuff coating stays there for a long period even if you use the utensils regularly.


The set features 3 pieces of vessels, one lid, one fry pan and one dosa tawa. This product is PFOA free and thus is health-friendly. The PFOA is a man-made chemical that is used in cookware and it resists heat, grease, water and sticking. This is harmful to the natural environment and the land, soil or water is also contaminated by it. The set of three non-stick cookware comes with meta tuff coating and it is fit for daily use. The product is made of aluminium which distributes the heat evenly throughout the food. It is gas, induction or stovetop friendly.

  • Glass lids help you to see the food while it is being cooked.
  • There is a two-year warranty available on the product.
  • It is pretty much durable and offers a longer lifetime.
  • It is not microwaved safe and metal spoons may harm the inner coating.

8. Hawkins Futura Non-stick cookware

This one is again one of the most famous cookware brands and it provides great accessories for your kitchen. This trusted band offers Futura non-stick cookware with 7 pieces of items. The product is of good quality and it facilitates quick and healthy cooking in your kitchen. The product is made of a patented process which is the reason why it is best of the cookware.


The cookware is non-stick and the material is quite beneficial for the users. The items are easily cleaned and thus energy saving. The cookware is designed to be used on the stovetop and electric hot plate. There is one frying pan, one deep fry pan, one hard anodised saucepan and one non-stick curry pan with two glass lids in the set.

  • The high-quality non-stick material prevents the food from sticking to the pan bottom.
  • The cookware comes with a label underneath that ensures quality and originality.
  • The heat conduction is really less and it even distributes the heat while cooking.
  • There are two years warranty on this set and it can be used for various cooking methods.
  • The set is not for induction cooktop cooking, and metallic spoons may damage the product.

9. Sumeet 5 pcs stainless steel container set

This is a very user-friendly set of cookware and this set is made of stainless steel. The properties of stainless steel are always valued and thus the cookware set is rust free. Strength and durability are outstanding.


The utensils are made of export quality stainless steel and thus these are highly durable. The product is rust-free, and it stays beautiful for a longer period. These are designed for gas stove cooktop use and also for induction use. This versatile set comes with on top with a lid, one larger tope with lid, one medium tope with lid and one moderate tope with lid.

  • This set is easy to handle as these are unbreakable.
  • The convenient sizes of vessels make it really a necessary item.
  • The cookware set comes with various sized vessels and thus you can use them for a different purpose.
  • The product is induction friendly and thus you can use it on induction. Metal spoons can be used in the vessels.
  • It is not microwaved ready.

10. Tramontina Primaware Nonstick Cookware Set

This elegant looking non-stick set of utensils will glorify your kitchen. The 18 piece set of non-stick cookware from Tramontina offers you the choice of making the kitchen graceful. You will feel satisfied with the look and functionality of your kitchen.


This cookware set comes with the patterned grey interior which makes the non-stick utensils look stylish. The light and easy to clean items are perfect for making a meal for two. The riveted handle stays cool when you are cooking on it, so you can easily move the vessel by the handle.

  • The set of cookware is great value for the money as it quite functional and good looking.
  • The old Teflon of your kitchen should be replaced now and you can get a steamer with an extra spatula with this set.
  • There is a beautiful and useful assortment of pots and pans in this set which will fulfil all of your cooking needs.
  • This is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • The frying pans come in smaller sizes which is not adequate. All the utensils are somehow smaller compared to other cookware sets.

The items that are available in a cookware set are described below:

  • Stockpot: this one has a flat bottom and straight sides. There is a wide opening to the full diameter. Usually, there is a lid with a handle at the top. The item is fit for making broth, stocks or soup. There are usually two handles at the sides which make it easy to hold it when the pot is hot. The vessel comes in many sizes and that is great because you can have the small one when you need to cook the meal for a few people and a bigger one for a larger meal.
  • Frypan: The frypan or skillets are most useful a piece of cookware and it is designed with a flat bottom and round sides. The pan is great for fast cooking on high heat and these are also available in different sizes. The fry pan or skillet does not contain a lid. The skillets are usually made of cast iron and so are heavy. The cast-iron ones should be pre-seasoned or the food can stick to the surface or bottom of the pan.
  • Sauté Pan: this is a most useful pan as it helps you to cook with very little oil, and it has a flat bottom like fry pan. This one does not come with round sides and instead it has straight sides. This is deeper than fry pans and it is used for various purposes like deep frying, sauce preparation or meat searing.
  • Braiser Pan: the large pans with flat bottoms and shallow sloped sides are the braiser pan which has tight-fitting lids that lock the moisture. You can brown your food here and also sear meat. Slow cooking can be done in this pan.
  • Grill Pan: this is a griddle and a flat or ridged large surface with grill marks which allows the sandwiches or the chicken breast pieces to flow the excess fat from the meat and also provide grill marks to the food. This pan is good for pancakes, meat, chicken, eggs and bacon. You can cook your breakfast in this pan with minimum oil. No need to use charcoal or wood chips to get the smoky flavour, and you can get this pan in either square or round shape. But most of the pans do not have long handles.
  • Wok Pan: this is versatile round-bottomed cookware and it is popularly known as Asian pan. This wok pan was originated in China. The high sloping sides have 14 inches diameter and this pan is usually made of carbon steel. The woks are used for stir-frying, deep-frying and steaming. The vessel is hot and the bottom and the sides remain cool.
  • Roasting Pan: the sides of this oven-safe pan are low. They allow the heat to reach the maximum food. The pan is placed on the roasting racks and the food is thus elevated from the surface. Thus food does not get burnt. Roasting of a different kind of meat is done in this pan.
  • Dutch Oven: This is basically a large vessel for slow cooking of a large amount of food. The oven is a round vessel made with cast iron and they have a part of short handles which help you to lift the vessel. The oven is pretty heavy as it is made of cast iron so using the handles is a safe option. This is interesting and attractive cookware.
  • French Oven: the oven is popularly known as Enamelled Dutch Oven. The different between French and a Dutch oven is the prior one comes with the enamelled interior.  This oven can be used to cook different dishes like pork, beef or poultry. They are available in different colours and that makes this cookware quite attractive.

Material of the cookware:

  • Stainless steel– the cookware those are made of stainless steel is usually popular because of the sturdiness and durability. They do not react with the food or in heat. They are also easy to clean. Stainless steel is a good conductor and thus the food is heated uniformly. The cookware is suitable for induction cook-top and dishwasher safe as well. Searing, browning and braising are done by this cookware.
  • Non-stick– this cookware is famous for low maintenance and easy handling. They are easy to wash and food does not stick to the surface due to the non-stick coating. This way you can eliminate using excess oil while cooking. This is the ideal cookware choice for health-conscious people as it allows you to cook food that is non-fat and low on oil.
  • Aluminium– this is not a very expensive material for cookware. This metal is good heat conductor and thus the utensils are durable as well as lightweight. The cookware also is convenient as you can move them or carry them to any place. The only problem is the metal reacts with some food and thus releases a bitter taste.
  • Copper – the metal heats up quickly and also cools down fast so it is an ideal metal for the cookware which will help you to sauté the food or simmer to prepare delicate sauces. This metal is reactive and you should not keep any acidic food in it. Also, the copper cookware is expensive and not suitable for induction.


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