10 Best Yoga Mats in India : Review and Buyer’s Guide (2020)

Doing yoga is good for your health, and yes, it obviously should be done on a yoga mat. Now buying a yoga mat is not very easy as you need to consider lots of facts and features that are supposed to be present in the yoga mat that you will choose. Your budget is one of the key issues that should matter in this process. There are many types of mats but you need to find something which will be perfect for you. If you are a beginner in yoga then you may do some basic exercises and then your need will be different from a yoga expert. Also as a beginner, you will do some basic exercises with dumbbell and therabands to enhance the effect of yoga. So for these purposes, there should be some specific mat. Due to the rise of popularity of yoga and people love the experience of following a spiritual discipline, as it relaxes the mind and body both. This trend has made India a great market for yoga mats and markets are now flooded with the mats from different brands, materials and features. So many options can spoil and confuse, thus we are trying to help you out and choose the best yoga mat for your purpose.

Why we need a yoga mat:

Yoga mat is not always necessary to practice yoga. But if you use a mat, you will feel more convenient and comfortable, and that is how your yoga session will be more relaxing and interesting.

Some reasons to use the yoga mat-

  • If you practice your yoga on a yoga mat instead of a hard floor you will feel more comfortable and posed, thus the yoga practice will benefit you more.
  • Yoga mats can prevent your body from any injury that may occur in the time of yoga practice. This works as a cushion between you and the hard floor.
  • If you practice yoga on the floor, there is a high chance that your body and dress will get soiled and dusty. You definitely not wish to look like that after your yoga session is finished. So using a yoga mat will save you from being dirty.
  • Your body will not get in touch with the bacteria or germs that maybe they’re on the floor if you use a yoga mat.
  • Your yoga session will be more beneficial as you can concentrate more on your postures while using a yoga mat.

Top 10 Yoga Mats in India

Now we will talk about the best yoga mats available in the market.

1. BodyBand Premium Yoga Mat

This premium yoga mat is extra thick and it is also durable. The built is great and the mat has no tear technology. It ensures that it does not stretch or rip off during the intense yoga session. The package contains a towel that you can use to clean yourself after practice. A carry bag is also available in the package so you can carry it anywhere you wish comfortably. The mat comes from a top brand and it is loaded with features.


The mat is made by closed call technology and it does not absorb the sweat and moisture during the practice. The double-layered mat contains designed bottom layer with a wave pattern that offers traction between the mat and the ground. The top layer ensures that you do not need to worry about the sliding while practising. This mat is made with recycled TPE fabric and it eco-friendly as well as non-toxic.  The mat is 75 inches long and 25.5 inches wide, so the dimension is just ideal for body size and height of every person of regular body size.

  • The mat has a thickness of 6 mm. it guarantees to cushion and it is similar to the support of the sports shoes.
  • The mat comes with special Namaste warranty and it ensures the confidence that the brand has to offer.
  • The mat is available in mint blue and this is a great colour to calm down the mind.
  • The mat is free from any kind of toxin and the microfiber towel that is available in the package which cleans you properly and gets dry immediately.
  • You can easily roll up the mat and carry to class.
  • It is not easily torn and you can use it for a long period.
  • The mat is extra-long which sometimes make it difficult to handle. The breadth should be little more extra so the length matches with it.

2. Vellora Yoga Mat

This mat is long in size and it is made of non-toxic sage biodegradable material. So this is an eco-friendly option for a yoga mat. The mat is thick with durable foam and the anti-slip surface and that is present on both sides. The comfortable yoga experience is ensured by the foam that absorbs the impact that can affect your knees or any joint.


The mat is available in a perfect size that is 4x5x6 mm. the dimension is also great that is 72×24 mm.  The mat is made from recyclable TPE so it is biodegradable and that mat is non-toxic. It is made from a material that is silicone, latex, PVC and phthalates free. The mat is lightweight and portable. It has non slip surface and that is available on both sides. The thick and durable foam protects you from any injury during the practice.

  • The surface is textured and this will prevent your hand and feet from slipping on the floor. The mat is suitable for any kind of flooring, be that cement, wood, tile or any kind f hardwood.
  • This mat is eco-friendly and high quality. The thick material prevents the sweat and dirt so the mat does not get dirty easily.
  • The mat is anti-tear and it can be used for yoga practice and exercise both.
  • The mat provides you with comfortable yoga experience.
  • There is a moisture resistance technology and it makes it easily washable.
  • The mat gives an unpleasant smell initially.
  • The quality of the mat as per the users is not up to the mark.

3. Amazon Basics Yoga Mat

This mat can be used for different exercises and yoga postures. This is a basic mat and it has no decoration, neither has it come in different texture options. The mat is thick and so it provides sturdy support to your body and thus it feels comfortable. While doing outdoor exercises it helps a lot by to its rough surface. This one has a black elastic strap and it makes the mat easy to carry. The straps prevent it from spreading out when you are not using it.


The mat comes with a textured finish and it is non-skid so it does not let you slip while you are doing your exercise. The hot yoga or mobile exercises can be done on this mat. This mat is made of foam material which is lightweight and makes the mat very long-lasting. The mat is 76 inches long and 24 inches wide, so taller people can use it too. The thickness of the mat is ½ inch and it provides cushioning to your feet.

  • The mat is made of foam material so it is lightweight and also durable.
  • There is a variety of colour options available for this mat to choose from.
  • The mat is easily foldable.
  • The textured surface helps the mat to tract on the floor.
  • The mat contains a light impression after the exercise is done.

4. Strauss TEP eco-friendly yoga mat

This is the right mat if you need something comfortable and soft for your knees, legs, arms and joints. This mat comes with three layers and those are textured top layer, memory foam layer and non-skid proof bottom layer. The mat is designed so it can get a firm grip on the floor and it can stay stable while you are practising yoga. This one is made from a natural rubber material and recycled microfiber so it absorbs sweat while you are doing heavy exercise.


This is made from TPE natural rubber and this is durable, anti-skid and no bad smell comes from this mat. The mat is 6 mm thick and it is extra large in size. Taller people can use it too.  This mat is anti-slip, anti-tear and so very durable. The mat comes with full zip closure carry bag to carry it anywhere. The small pocket in the bag can help you carry a portable music player or anything small. The colour option is blue for this mat.

  • The fabric of the mat is easily washable and you can clean and dry it easily.

  • No bad odour comes from this mat.

  • It offers a firm grip and anti slid quality offers easiness while doing the yoga.

  • As the mat is averagely thick, you can easily fold and carry it anywhere.

  • The thickness is too less and sometimes it can cause a problem.

5. Fitkit FKYMo4-P Yoga mat

This yoga mat is designed for long durable use and it also works great under the tough condition as well as wet seasons. The mat features moisture resistance technology and it gives the mat waterproof properties so the mat can be easily washed and cleaned. It is plain purple in colour and lightweight, very convenient to carry anywhere.


This mat is double-sided and each of the sides is well textured so you will not slide during exercise. The thickness is 6 mm which provides comfort during a yoga session. The moisture resistance technology keeps it safe from water.  The layer of foam present acts as a waterproof sheet and thus saves the mat from the weather and also makes it washable. This mat comes in a perfect size which accommodates an average bodied person. The mat is made from latex or metal-free material so you can trust this one for durability and tearing.

  • The mat offers comfort and stability while exercising.
  • The mat is suitable for washing in a washing machine.
  • It is lightweight, easily foldable and you can carry it anywhere.
  • This is thick and durable, with anti-tear material.
  • No carry bag comes with this product so there is a problem to carry it.

6. Narains Yoga mat

This mat features a non-skid rubber material which makes it a right partner for your exercise session as it prevents you from falling or skidding during hot yoga. The mat comes with 6 mm thickness and the brand also provides mats with 4 mm thickness. The sleek design and 499 gm of weight make it more comfortable to carry everywhere.


The mat is made from natural rubber which is why this mat is eco-friendly.

The thickness makes it perfect cushion to support your body against the hardness of the flooring. The bottom is anti-skid and thus enhances safety. The top surface is also textured and thus you will not slide easily. There are multiple colours available to choose from. A carry bag is available with this mat to carry it anywhere. The mat also is easily washable and this can be washed in the washing machine.

  • The mat is easy to roll and carry so you can easily carry it anywhere.
  • This is a long-lasting mat.
  • The texture of the mat is really good and you will feel comfortable during yoga.
  • Its anti-skid design helps you to stay safe and you will not fall or slip.
  • The textured surface leaves an imprint on your hand and feet after the exercise session.

7. Happytech Yoga mat

This mat is a good choice for the ones who want to buy the mat at a budget price. It has the necessary thickness and length. It also has non-slip technology and it is perfect for you as its extra-thick 6 mm cushioning warranties comfort and support during a workout. The mat is also quite durable. It is big enough to hold a normal bodied person and it is an ideal mat for the beginners.


The mat has non slip design which makes it safe to use while you are doing hot yoga or mobile exercise. The grip or stability of the mat is really great. The thickness provides cushioning to your body and it can also make you comfortable during all kinds of exercise. The Eva material is thick and soft so the density provides a good surface against the flooring. The mat is available in multiple colours.

  • The mat is durable as it is made of lightweight Eva material.
  • The carry bag makes it easy to carry it anywhere.
  • The mat can be rolled up and thus is portable.
  • The anti-slip design of the mat helps to keep you safe from injuries.
  • It is comfortable due to the presence of the thick cushion.
  • It smells strong like a chemical which is repelling.

8. Nivia Yoga Mat

The mat is designed with a non-skid surface so you can be sure of your safety. This is a thicker mat and it provides proper cushioning so your joint pain will be eliminated and injuries will be lessened. The mat is made of good material and thus you can practice the yoga as well as abs workout safely on this mat.


The mat measures 180 x 60 cm and thus it is suitable for the people with average body size. The mat has a non-skid surface and it provides a sturdy grip on the floor. The stickiness enhances safety so you can do the floor experience on this mat easily. The mat is 10 mm thick and thus you will be really comfortable in it. Also, it keeps the swollen ankles off and joints are safe while you will be doing hot yoga. The colour assortment is wide so you can choose any mat of a different colour from the variety.

  • The mat is featured with a soft material so it is very comfortable.
  • The durability has been appreciated by the users.
  • It comes at a budget price so you can get it cheap.
  • There is no irritating smell in this mat.
  • According to some users, the mat becomes slippery after a few uses.
  • A net cover is given with the item which is not as good as a normal carrier bag.

9. TEGO Stance truly reversible mat

This stance mat is just perfect as a premium one which practical alignment system. It also is designed to bring some aesthetics to your yoga class. The alignment consists of middle point mandala with several 45-degree references and a diagonal straight line is also there so you can take different positions at the time of yoga.


The mat has closed-cell construction technology so it does not absorb moisture or sweat and does not give out a bad smell. The mat is 5 mm thick and it provides good cushioning during exercise. Also, it is greatly portable. The mat is double-sided with on side sticky and designed with alignments and on the other bottom side it is highly textured so the mat gives good traction. There is antimicrobial technology that helps to prevent the bacteria from breeding on the mat. The mat comes in standard size and so anyone with average body dimension can use it. The mat comes with a high-quality bag with a shoulder strap and an extra pocket to carry the accessories.

  • The mat can be easily rolled up and carried anywhere.
  • The material is of really good quality so the comfort and safety are ensured.
  • This mat does not give any bad odour.
  • The alignment in the mat helps you to set correct body posture.
  • Great traction prevents your body from skidding and sliding.
  • The use of PVC material is not biodegradable so the mat is not eco-friendly.

10. Kobo NBR Yoga mat

This mat is multi-use and it is very handy. It also protects you from injuries and it is high-density mat to be used on hard floors. The extra cushioning is provided by the density foam so you can feel comfortable during a yoga session.


The mat comes with 15mm thickness which provides you with ultimate cushioning and great comfort. The non-skid mat allows you to practice your exercise without getting hurt. The high-density NBR foam material makes this mat strong and durable.  This is why the mat is tear-resistant and can hold the pressure of most intense workout. The mat comes with a carry strap and it helps the mat to be carried from one place to another. The material of the mat is waterproof and this is why you can wash it easily. Its width and length are good for average human body size.

  • This is an easily washable mat and it dries fast so no worry of bacteria breeding or bad smell.
  • The material is soft and non-tear, so it is a long-lasting product.
  • The quality of the mat is appreciated by many users.
  • It holds the ground tightly so you do not skid during the practice.
  • It offers good traction on the ground.
  • The mat cannot be used on the rocky surface as it is very soft.

Types of yoga mats:

There are various types of yoga mats, and now we will discuss them. There are different sizes, shapes and materials for yoga mats. Like-

  • Cork yoga mats – yoga mats manufactured using cork material are called so. These mats are lightweight and environment-friendly. These are also safe to use and they are super absorbent. The sweat that comes out of your body during the training session is absorbed fully in the mattress which makes you less sweaty. Also, you can grip this mattress with your hand and feet and the mattress will not slip away due to the sweats. So this way the mat prevents any injury or accident in the yoga class. This mat is also very durable and high on performance.
  • Natural rubber yoga mats- Rubber mats are good for your health as there are no harmful chemicals in it. So you will not breathe in any harmful chemicals while using it in your yoga class. After disposal, these mats decompose with time so no pollution threat is caused by the rubber mats. The rubber mats are anti-skid and anti-tear so it will not get torn or glide, so you can use this mat safely for your yoga class.
  • Plastic Elastomer Yoga mats– these mats are also called TPE. These are eco-friendly mats and do not contain any harmful chemicals. These mats are anti-sliding so it prevents you from falling on the floor by slipping. These mats are waterproof and so are easy to clean. They do not contain any bad odour as bacterial cannot stay in this mat.
  • Cotton yoga mats– these are most comfortable yoga mats in this list, due to the softness of the cotton. This one absorbs sweat and you will not slide while practising yoga on it. People with nursing injuries can safely use this mat for the yoga session. These are easily washable and less expensive, so ideal for yoga enthusiasts who have a tight budget.
  • Sticky yoga mats – sticky yoga mats are invented to keep you away from the injuries that may occur to you due to falling or slipping. These mats feature anti slid quality and it also provides you cushioning on the hard surface. These mats are usually thick so it provides comfort as well. For the beginners, this one is the best yoga mat.
  • Lightweight travel mats– if you have a habit of doing your yoga daily and a very busy person who travels frequently, then you will find this mat idea. These mats are thinner and denser and are portable. You can just roll it up and put in your luggage. Also, a travel bag comes with the package which makes it easier to carry.
  • Jute yoga mats – jute is a natural fibre, it is brown in colour and its texture is soft. So when you get yoga mat made from this material it has to be softer and sturdier. These mats are cheaper and also very durable. Not only that, it is completely eco-friendly but it will lose its colour if you wash it and dry under the sun.

Factors to be considered in yoga mat:

You will buy mats according to your need and convenience. So many brands are coming with new versions of yoga mats that it can get confusing at times. You should possess some prior knowledge of the features of the yoga mat as that decides the quality and usefulness of the mat as well.

  • Thickness- the thickness of the mat is very important as it decides the comfort and balance during a yoga session. The thickness can vary from 1/8 inches to ¼ inches or 1/16 inches. The exercises that are practised need different kind of softness. So you can decide how soft and thick you need your mat to be. For example, if you do a headstand it needs a thicker mat while other light exercises can be done on lighter mats.
  • Texture- there are different textures available for yoga mats. If you practice hot yoga then you need a mat that will provide a tight grip. So, in that case, you will not choose slipper mats. Also, depend upon the user reviews before buying any mat as it is helpful to choose the right mat.
  • The dimension- the size of the mat varies and people need it according to their convenience. The body size is the determining factor in this matter. Most yoga mats are 68 inches long and 24 inches wide. Some other brands offer longer or shorter products, but in any case, we suggest you go for longer mats.
  • Stickiness- a sticky yoga mat is always preferred as it avoids the sliding and switching the alignment while you are practising yoga. But you need to be careful about the dirt accumulation in the sticky area. Also, the dust decreases the stickiness so clean your PVC mat before your practices if you are using a sticky mat.
  • Portability- the mat should be foldable and easy to carry. If you get a heavy yoga mat it will be a gruesome task to carry your yoga mat to class and back home every day. An ideal yoga mat should weigh 3 to 4 pounds to be easily carried.
  • Appearance- the mat should look decent. You can get a purely black yoga mat or check some different colour and finish for your mat. If you need to practice some yoga exercise that requires chakra or some specific alignments then you should pick a mat with lines or stripes. Some other mats come with some print but it may cause a problem while concentrating on your posture.
  • Material- the most common material for a yoga mat is PVC. Mats made from natural ingredients are eco-friendly and toxin-free so you can use these mats with full confidence. Just do not let the mat be dirty and clean it once in a while.
  • Maintenance- some mats are washable and easily dried. So you can check on such mats which are easy on maintenance. The durability of the mat depends upon the care that you are giving it.
  • Cost- some mats cost 350/- while others are ranged up to 3500/-. Some are priced higher than this. So you must stick to your budget and get the mat of your choice.


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