10 Best Webcam for Laptop in India   

Why we need a web camera? The primary and probably the prior reason for this in the modern generation is communication. Can you imagine your life without any video calling or conference chatting with your friends, colleagues and relatives who are settled in a faraway place and countries? The near ones who are staying abroad cannot be seen in real-time mode in front of you unless you use the webcam. As we use different gadgets like mobile and computer for communication purpose we are getting more offers of video calling our contacts from the list so the distance between us is shortened with a single click.  Just the device needs a decent webcam to be installed in it. In the case of a smartphone, the webcam is preinstalled and not needed any further installation. We will here discuss the best webcams and how the different models differ in features so you can pick the right choice.

Top 10 Webcam for Laptop in India

The market of the webcam is mostly dominated by Logitech, thus you can seriously think of this brand while purchasing the new webcam. However, there are several models of Logitech along with other popular brands, so you can check the parameters of the best-sold webcams in the market from below:

1. Logitech C920 PRO

This one is best for gaming or streaming on your PC. The C920 PRO is brought to you by Logitech, and it has a perfect ratio of price to performance. You will not regret buying this one. It also has good recording capability and regular video calls are also done easily with this. When you are searching for a webcam to stream on Youtube so you can twitch and record any video on teaching courses or showing some new technique, this webcam will be your best option. You need to just put some proper light and a decent mic to go with the webcam. A professional recording session experience will begin. This one has full HD 1080p recording ability. It also comes with H264 compression which helps with the recorded file size. The built-in dual stereo Microphones help you with the capturing of very crisp and subtle audios. Also, the face detection features secure your PC and thus you will be able to use it anywhere you wish without much worrying. The motion tracking helps you to keep everything in focus and very clear.

2. Logitech C922 PRO

This webcam is of a subcategory, and yet this one is not negligible in terms of features and professionalism. However, it is somehow similar to the pre-mentioned Logitech one. The other significant differences are that this one allows the user to steam directly on Youtube or Twitch and you do not have to drag the file from any conservatory. The recording ability of the webcam is pretty good which goes up to 60 FPS in 720. This camera can shoot even in low light conditions which is a great benefit. It comes with the background replacement technology which enables you to put any background to your live image or shoot and thus can stream in a different environment virtually. If you compare between the C922 and C920 then the C920 is better options as this one comes at a lower cost and offers almost the same video quality. Only this has 60 FPS. The technology for green scene background removal does not work very well and thus you can buy separate software for this purpose which will work with other webcams as well.

3. Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000

As the brand is an old and reputed one we all expect some great product coming from it. This one has also delivered some good hardware products. The webcam is the product offered at the lowest range. In comparison with a Logitech C270, this one has a wide-angle lens. But Logitech webcam has better zooming capacity. This one is Microsoft product and thus can be integrated into the window. This one can record video. It has Truecolor technology imbibed in it and thus it has better picture quality. This camera can work quite well with Smart TVs. But in terms of resolution, this one is not so great. For the price that is quite hefty, this webcam should have higher resolution. Also, the warranty is for only a year. Buyers would expect a longer warranty period for this pricey webcam for sure.

4. Ausdom HD

This webcam is imported from the USA. But this imported product offers 1080p recording at the lowest price. So this is the cheapest camera which offers such great pixel range at this price. This one has a metal body which makes it a steady product. The microphone attached with this webcam is quite good and it captures the sounds quite clearly. The reviews are good for this webcam and thus, you can be sure that it has been accepted by Indian users quite well. However, there are a few problems with this one. It has manual focus and the mount cannot take the weight of the camera properly at some certain angles. This is a definite problem while you are handling the camera. Also, you will not get any warranty for this product, as there is nothing mentioned in the paper or the packaging box of this product.

5. HP HD 4310

This is again another well-known brand of hardware products. The desktops and laptops of this brand are praiseworthy and have won the hearts of millions of users. They make various accessories for laptop and PC like the mouse, printer and many more. The webcam in the discussion has full HD1080p video recording ability, and autofocus capability which is really helpful while you are shooting or taking a shot by the webcam. Then it offers you the feature of one-click upload of images and videos at social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Twitter and many more. The HP TrueVision helps to correct the colour of the video according to the light which is another plus of this webcam. But the software of this webcam has many loose ends. The standing option with ball joint works in a flimsy way so you will feel it can get damaged anytime. The zooming does not contain the full sharpness which is a major flaw. To top that, this pricey webcam has only a year of warranty which is quite depressing.

6. Logitech 960

This one can give direct competition to the HP cam that we have mentioned above. It has a large number of takers. It has Logitech RightSound technology working on it, and its camera and audio integration are great. The software used in it has special video effects and it can be fun for small kids. It has a great 2-year warranty which makes the product more alluring. The sensor is not so good with only 1.3 MP. It does not work very well with Yahoo messenger for some unknown reasons. Also, the low light capabilities are not great but it can be worked out to get a better image.

7. Microsoft Lifecam VX-5000

This is another great invention of Microsoft which is not hugely used by Indians but worldwide it has earned a reputation. This one has easy plug and play features, and CD is included in this webcam. This offers great HD quality video recording.  The low light recording is great by this one. The software used by Micorsoft is of great quality. The cord of this piece is small one. The zooming through this webcam does not provide great pictures. Yahoo messenger does not go very well with this webcam either. Microsoft has offered only a year warranty for this product.

8. Microsoft Lifecam Studio

Another great webcam from Microsoft, this one is a higher-end model. It is specifically used in abroad and again, not very popular in India. It offers full HD1080p recording, and it has advanced auto-focus to help in it. It can be easily used for streaming and the audio recording is rather decent. This gadget is a perfect streaming companion if you wish to get studio-style video on Youtube. You need a good CPU for the recording of 1080p or else it will be recorded at 720p. According to some users, this one creates problem during a call, as the image freezes in between the calls. Also you cannot get any warranty for this item within India.

9. Aukey FHD Webcam

This brand is famous for selling different tech accessories like power bank etc. so if you have searched online for those changing accessories you may have heard of the brand name Aukey. The webcam produced by them is a great looking one. In terms of resolution, it has reached the sky, the capacity of this webcam is 2K while recording. This one offers the best experience while you are streaming or shooting YouTube videos. This marathon webcam comes with 2 years of warranty. The edge distortion is an issue with this item. While posting you need to crop the image in from the edge to get a flawless picture. It records at 20 FPS in 2K.  autofocus is sometimes lost in between videos.

10. Razer Stargazer

This is a great high-performance webcam. In fact, only this last one webcam is a product of the premium market. Razer is debatably the best brand in webcam and it also offers all kind of gaming products. The webcam they have come up with has IR camera for Windows Hello. Its 1080p/30 or 720p/60 FPS recording is outstanding. This one can get you best 1080p recording as this webcam is compatible with Intel RealSense features. The depth-sensing technology is another great state of the art feature of this webcam. The removal of background and switching it up is easily done with this webcam. That enables more viewing space for the game in the scene. This one is the first and only webcam which has 3D scanning. Scanned objects can be easily ported by the developers into Unity of Development work and designers can prepare files for 3D printing with that image. It is great for gamers as well, as they can scan their faces or objects to put into their favourite games. However, it is a bit pricey for the Indian market. The software used in this webcam gets buggy so it can get corrupt at times.

Feature to be compared

When you decide to buy a webcam for your laptop, you must watch for some qualities. The primary one is image quality. This is a prior feature which needs to be considered when you are looking for a unit to attach to your PC. The quality of a webcam is decided by some technical parameters like resolution matrix and frame rate. How these parameters change the quality of any webcam is discussed below.

  • Matrix resolution decides the picture clarity and sharpness of webcam. When the brand is selling the webcam on the basis of matrix resolution, it means that there are a number of horizontal and vertical pixels are on display. As many pixels will be present in the picture, as sharper it will be. This is the reason you wish to see a cam which offers image with at least 3 megapixels, as that is when the picture will look really clear and well defined on the screen. Nowadays, the most popular webcams offer 1280×720 resolutions. This is not ideal though, but it offers a moderately satisfactory picture when you view it on the thumbnail. To get the perfect picture quality the resolution should be 1920 x 1080 which is described as full HD resolution. Consumers who are actually willing to go after true quality with awesome picture sharpness do not compromise with the resolution and get full HD webcams. Only you need to be aware of not having a proper high-speed internet connection, which will restrict you from getting that high-quality pictures on your computer, even after having a proper HD webcam is installed in it. The slow net connection frizzes the picture quality and it gets distorted.
  • Frame rate causes the smoothness of the pictures and it is expressed by FPS which is an abbreviated form of frames per second. The higher frame rate indicates smoother pictures quality. The usual optimal rate you should look for is 30 FPS and you can go for higher ones to attain better quality webcams.
  • Photo quality is another deciding factor. It tells you about the picture will look good or not. It is again measured by the megapixel. When you are taking shots with your webcam this parameter will show you how good a taken photo is.
  • Functional capabilities also matter in case of a good webcam. This will get you the type of connections you should get for your webcam as well as the other functionalities of the webcam like editing options, face detection, light correction and so on. There are various possibilities that are offered by different webcam and thus you must look for the one with the right kind of functional abilities.
  • The construction and the attached ability is another great feature to the lookout. The construction of the webcam can be a crucial and decision-making feature for the users. if you are buying the webcam for professional purpose then it must be able to make an online presentation. It needs to be fit for video courses and to broadcast on internet. The flexibility options and optimal angle for video capturing should be available on the webcam.
  • The last but not the least important quality of any webcam is lens quality. When the webcam has got a plastic optic instead of expensive lenses, you got to get a not-so-good picture with all your efforts. However, the price of the model gets down but the picture quality is also compromised. The plastic lens does not transmit as much light as a glass lens does. Not only that, the plastic lens gets darker with time. If you are buying a costly webcam which is supposed to serve you for a long period, you should definitely bother to check the type of lens is used in the camera and buy the one with glass lens. Maybe you have to spend a little more but the benefit you will get is much more.


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