10 Best Water Dispensers in India

During the summer, the days, and the night in the sub-continent, are really hot and humid. In such condition, keeping care of yourself has to be the first priority. You need to have proper nutrition or diet that will also help in keeping the summer worries and distresses out of the whole scene. Furthermore, you also need to keep your body hydrated that plays a really significant role to keep away all those muscle cramps, dry mouth, fatigue, dark-coloured urine, dizziness, and also dry skin. Everyone loves to drink cold water during the warm seasons but storing the water bottles inside the fridge to cool might be a tedious task.

So, to keep this work away from you, today we have brought up the Best Water Dispensers that will help you with instant hot, cold, and normal water without much of a hassle. All you need to do is to put on a big bottle of purified water and then enjoy the desired temperature of the water as and when you need it. We would also like to make you aware that we have analyzed and reviewed every product in the most inclusive manner so as to make easy and smarter decision when you want to purchase one.

Top 10 Water Dispenser in India

1. Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser

Voltas is a brand that gives a wide range of kitchen and home appliances which are all of the high-quality units that provide the best range of features. The Voltas Pearl Black Water Dispenser also consists of all the features that a customer would want any water dispenser to have. This water dispenser consists of 3 water outlets which provide hot, cold, and normal water. Below the water dispensing area there is the cooling cabinet in which you can store any sort of drinks and beverages.

Product Information

BRAND                     VOLTAS
1: Model Pearl Black
2: Power   86 Watts
3: Colour Black
4: Stars Rating 5
  • It Comprises of a cooling cabinet
  • It also has a Non-CFC refrigeration unit
  • It has Ample water storage capacity
  • It is expensive

2. Atlantis Xtra Table Top Water Dispenser

The Atlantic Xtra Table Top water dispenser consists of 4-litre water storing capacity and takes up 500 Watts of power. There are many more units that are being produced by Atlantis but this one is the best bang for your buck since it gives all the features that one needs. The heating capacity of this water dispenser has 5 Liters per hour which is sufficient for any household or office. The appliance also takes pretty less space and is going to fit in any kind of setting.

Product Information

BRAND                    ATLANTIC XTRA
1: Model AWD-005
2: Power   110 Watts
3:Colour White
4: Stars Rating   5
  • Different segments for each kind of water
  • It has a 4-litre water capacity
  • It has a small and compact design
  • Water may even spill at times

3. Voltas Prime F Water Dispenser

This is a sturdy water dispenser from Voltas that will give both ample capacity and cooling space at the bottom. This water dispenser also gives 3 different faucets for giving hot, cold, and normal water. The cooling cabinet also provides below a sufficient storage space to accommodate the drinks. The power that it will consume while cooling the water is about 80 Watts and is owing to its sleek design, it might be stored in any area in your household or office.

Product Information

BRAND                    VOLTAS
1: Model Prime F
2: Power 80 Watts
3: Colour White
4: Stars Rating 5
  • There is a Cooling cabinet provided
  • It has a sleek and compact design
  • There are 3 faucets for hot, cold, and for  normal water
  • The cooling cabinet is not very effective

4. Atlantis Xtra Floor Standing Water Dispenser

The Atlantis Xtra Floor Standing Water Dispenser is a very compact and sleek model that will provide you with all three kinds of water which are normal, hot, and cold. It gives you one of the best cooling powers at 110 watts and also provides you with instant hot or cold water as per your requirement. This water dispenser from Atlantis has 3 different faucets that have been set up to give out 3 different sorts of water. Also, the water dispenser can be installed at any place within your house.

Product Information

BRAND                    ATLANTIS
1: Model AWD-0042
2: Power 110 Watts
3: Colour White
4: Stars Rating 5
  • It has 3 different segments for water
  • The storage cabinet is at the bottom
  • It has a Lower power consumption
  • The storage cabinet will not cool

5. Usha Instafresh Cooling Cabinet Water Dispenser

This water dispenser also gives normal, hot & cold water outlets. The unit is very durable and has chic faucets having an antibacterial cure. The LED indicators have been provided for heating, cooling, and other power options. The Usha Instafresh also provides you with a corrosion-resistant cabinet. The superior cooling functionality of this particular water dispenser acts as a bonus as it has been designed for capable cooling even in the scorching hot Indian weather. The cooling cabinet has a capacity of 18L.

Product Information

BRAND                    USHA
1: Model HNCCC21V9S
2: Power 90 Watts
3: Colour   White
4: Stars Rating    4.8
  • It consists of stylish 3 faucets
  • It has a Superior cooling feature
  • The Cooling cabinet has ample capacity
  • The unit is a little costly

6. Blue Star Premium Normal Standing Water Dispenser

Blue Star is a product that has all sorts of cooling and refrigeration products that will offer the finest cooling functionality with a wide range of functions. The range of water dispensers form the Blue Star is also different from all other brands in the competition. This Blue Star Premium Water Dispenser also consists of a cooling cabinet for refrigerating small items like the bottles, milk packets, tetra-packs, and other thing that like to cool.

Product Information

BRAND                     BLUE STAR
1: Model   BWD3FMREA
2: Power 120 Watts
3: Colour White
4: Stars Rating 4.4
  • Great cooling performance
  • Consists of a cooling cabinet
  • It has 3 different water outlets
  • It takes up a lot of electricity

7. AMERICAN MICRONIC Imported Water Dispenser

The American Micronic water dispenser offers cool, hot & also normal water. This also consists of a self-supporting design and the flasks of water can also be placed under the supply outlet. It has a gravity-driven arrangement which gives out water in a well-arranged way. The first dispenser gives cold water, the 2nd dispenser will give normal water, and the 3rd dispenser will give hot water that might also be utilized for coffee, tea, or other purposes.

Product Information

BRAND                    AMERICAN MICRONIC
1: Model AMI-WCH-ABS31-R
2: Power 100 Watts
3: Colour   White
4: Stars Rating 4.4
  • The power consumption is low
  • It has 3 piano buttons
  • There is a High-efficiency compressor
  • The after-sales service takes time

8. Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-R Water Dispenser

Voltas is an Indian brand that has several kinds of home appliances that are mainly related to the cooling and refrigeration. The range of water dispensers is also offered by Voltas which is amazing and comprises of many useful features and also provides hot, cold, and normal water from the 3 different spouts for water. The cooling power consumption of water dispenser from Voltas is also low at just 86 watts and it also further offers LED indicators for added convenience. The capability of this dispenser is sufficient.

Product Information

BRAND                    VOLTAS
1: Model Mini Magic Pearl R
2: Power 86 Watts
3: Colour Maroon
4: Stars Rating 4.4
  • It has an Amazing heating & cooling capacity
  • It is having 3 different dispensing outlets
  • LED indicators are also provided
  • It might be expensive for some buyers

9. American Micronic Imported Water Dispenser

This water dispenser also has a wide range of amazing and powerful units from American Micronic. This water dispenser has a single spout for dispensing water but it also has 3 different piano buttons to give hot, cold & normal water. Having this water dispenser, you can also place a water bottle and can easily fill it without property the bottle. The high-efficiency compressor in this unit also has environment-friendly gas which acts as a coolant.

Product Information

BRAND                    AMERICAN MICRONIC
1:  Model   AMI-WCH-ABS31-C
2: Power 100 Watts
3: Colour      White
4: Stars Rating 4.3
  • It has a stainless steel water tanks
  • There are 3 piano buttons with child lock
  • It has a High-efficiency compressor
  • The cabinet does not do cooling

10. Blue Star Bottom Loading Water Dispenser

Although standard dispensers will need you to pick up 20-liter water containers and rest it but with this appliance, you just have to push the jar at the foot of the dispensing unit inside a cabinet which is made up for holding the bottle. These sorts of units are also made up to look chic so that it can be installed and used anywhere inside the office or household so that it is used out to be indispensable interior plan appliance.

Product Information

BRAND                     BLUE STAR
1: Model   BDHPCF4
2: Power     90 Watts
3: Colour    Silver
4: Stars Rating 4
  • It comprises of a bottom loading water dispenser
  • There is a heavy-duty bottle piercer
  • It is stylish and has a compact design
  • The water dispenser is costly

Top Price List of water dispensers 2019



Number 1: Voltas Pearl Black




Number 2: Atlantis AWD-005




Number 3: Voltas Prime F




Number 4: Atlantis AWD-0042




Number 5: Usha Instafresh




Number 6: Blue Star Premium




Number 7: American Micronic ABS31-R




Number 8: Voltas Mini Magic Pearl-R




Number 9: American Micronic ABS31-C




Number 10: Blue Star Bottom Loading



The water dispensers that you can install in your household, office, gym, or any other area is going to give you instantaneous hot, cold, or normal water as per your desire or need. This appliance will keep you away from the task of filling the water bottles again and again and storing them in the refrigerator. In case you also wish to have a refrigerating space in your water dispenser, then we have also mentioned some of the units that will give the required chilling space for small bottles, beverages, and drinks.

Personal Recommendation

Since we have now given a detailed review of all the water dispensers which are in our top 10 listings, it would now be really easy for our users to select the best water dispenser which is available in the market both online and offline. Apart from this, we can guarantee you that you won’t be encountering any problem in the future and even if you choose any of the products listed above.

In case, there are some of the users are puzzled about the fact that which water dispenser they must buy for their office or home, then they should go with our personal suggestion to be on the safe side and to get the best of quality and price.

The water dispenser that we recommend to our users is the Blue Star premium normal standing water dispenser which also has a refrigerator since it has all the features that a customer requires in a water dispenser for office or home usage. So, you should go with this amazing water dispenser form Blue Star and also get rid of the task of filling the water bottles and then storing them in the fridge.

Understand and Uses of Water Dispenser

Description: Technological development has creates a world for years where everything is to be better and also easier to use, faster and, above all, it is more useful. He also did not avoid the refrigerators, which, as it might appear, were only meant for storing food. In the meantime, we can already enjoy the additional solutions, such as an increasingly common water dispenser.

What a dispenser is? What it does?

The water dispenser is placed on the door of the refrigerator and it allows the anthology of water at a convenient temperature. However, in order to have a glass of chilled drink, you need to solve the problem of how to deliver water to the fridge. In most cases, it will be mandatory to attach to the water supply network. Of course, to make the taste of water better, before going to the dispenser it will pass through the filters which are designed to clean and improve the water supply. There are also fridges on the market where a liquid container is placed on the inside of the door. In this case, however, we should also remember to complete it on a regular basis.

What to look for when choosing a refrigerator with a dispenser?

Considering the solution with the connection to the network, you have to think with a large amount of free space, because they will need ample space. When you are choosing, you should also be interested in the mounted filter. In the case of a solution which has an installed liquid container, it is best to go for a refrigerator that has a capacious tank so that we do not have to refill it every time for the liquid to reach the desired temperature.


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