10 Best Trekking Shoes in India

Anyone who has gone to trekking once in their life understands the importance of a good pair of trekking shoes that will be required there. Trust me, the sneakers and other normal footwear are not suitable and do not work well for most of the treks and can actually result in accidents while trekking on an irregular mountain trail.

So, it is necessary that you buy a good pair of trekking shoes if you are thinking to go on a number of trekking adventures. And to help you in selecting the best trekking shoes, we have geared up this guide which includes a few features to look out for so that you don’t make the wrong choice.

Top 10 Trekking Shoes to Consider

We have mentioned down a few top-notch trekking shoes that you can consider and choose from. Make sure that you check the necessary factors and kind before having any choice.

1) Redchief Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Shoes

One of the best trekking shoes that are currently available in the market is the Redchief Men’s leather trekking shoes that are quite reasonable too. This low-cut pair of trekking shoes can also work well as casual shoes too. It has padded upper and footbed that will be providing you flexibility and comfort and is also the perfect fit for most people.

This pair of trekking shoes is the best choice for people who love hard yet comfortable shoes. It is also very easy to spotless with a brush or a cloth that makes it easy to uphold. It can also feel slightly hard at the back in the starting but after some time, it breaks in and feels very comfortable to wear.

  • It is very affordable
  • It is highly padded and relaxing
  • These are low ankle shoes
  • Uncomplicated to clean and maintain
  • It has some size issues

2) Adidas Trekking and Hiking Boots

Let’s face it, when you are discussing trekking shoes then the Adidas trekking shoes are the best because of their best quality and design. This is the reason why we have mentioned down Adidas Men’s AX2 Mid trekking boots that is light and swift and also works well in wet conditions too.

The EVA midsole will offer a cushioning effect for a long time and the high traction rubber will give you an amazing grip in some wet conditions too. It has a good grip, support, and the cushioning makes it best for multi-day treks.

  • It is highly durable
  • They are extremely comfortable and supportive
  • They have an enhanced grip
  • They are Light and also fast
  • They are quite expensive

3) Wildcraft Unisex Trekking and Hiking Boots

Wildcraft Unisex Trekking Boots may be one of the best reserves for trekking lovers as it will work well on rough terrains and while giving you adequate support and comfort at the same time. This pair of trekking shoes will look good and has been made of mesh material so it is quite breathable too and won’t leave your feet too sweaty.

This pair of trekking shoes are quite durable and work well on random roads and which makes it a good choice for experienced trekkers. However, it is very expensive but if you are finding quality then it is certainly the ideal trekking shoes in the market.

  • They are extremely durable and comfortable
  • It has a breathable material
  • It has a stylish design too
  • It is quite supportive
  • It is quite expensive

4) Redchief Men’s Trekking and Hiking Footwear

This high-cut trekking shoes from the Redchief are very affordable and are perfect for the multiple treks on rough terrains. It needs little preservation but has great quality that makes it both durable and comfortable for long use.

It is made up of leather so you don’t need to worry about it and prevent getting damaged soon but it can become dirty so you need to clean it up regularly. And the lace-up closure and it helps you to fit it contentedly and are according to your feet size.

  • It has great quality
  • It has a hard-wearing and is also comfortable
  • It is of leather
  • It has a great design
  • It can become dirty easily

5) Quechua Women’s Mountain Hiking Shoes

Personally, I think that these are the best mountain trekking shoes for women and it works well in all kinds of weather and also the road conditions. This pair of shoes will provide you with absolute cushioning, good support, and along with a water-resistant membrane to keep your feet dry.

The cross-contact sole of the shoes can handle both the slippery and dry terrains and the stone-guard protects your toe from injuries. This mid-cut shoes will offer good ankle protection for treks.

  • It is waterproof.
  • It gives a cushioning effect and supportive
  • It works on dehydrated and greasy terrains
  • The stone-guard will protect your toe
  • It is very expensive

6) QUIPCO Terra Trekking Shoes

These are the popular waterproof trekking shoes that are perfect for long, rough treks and are Quipco Terra Waterproof Trekking Shoes. This pair of shoes are very comfortable and flexible and are also suitable for both short and long treks.

It has a durable and strong sole that will ensure that the shoes don’t weigh too much and are also flexible to use. Also, the stitched tongue will lead to better waterproofing and performance and the reflective tape will be ensuring high visibility.

  • It is waterproof
  • They are lightweight and are durable too
  • They have a good fit and performance
  • They have good visibility
  • They are very expensive

7) Clorts Women’s Hiking Shoe Outdoor Trail Shoe

These are a great pair of waterproof trekking shoes for women, Clorts Women’s hiking shoes will work well in rain too and will be offering you great protection against cold and dampness. It is lightweight and is durable and so you can consider them perfect for trekking, hiking, backpacking, etc. adventures. The Uneebtex waterproof membrane will keep your feet dry and will protect them when walking on wet rocks or sandy rocks.

These are created from breathable materials, these trekking shoes are cosy and will offer you with adequate cushioning for the entire day use.

  • They are waterproof
  • They are Highly Durable
  • They are comfy and cushioned
  • They are slightly Heavy
  • It is quite expensive

8) Unistar PU Jungle Boots with Dust Proof Bag

They are best for long treks on rough terrains, the Unistar PU High ankle Jungle Boots also has an anti-skid sole that provides great grip and holds on the ground. And because they are high ankle boots, you can easily wear them for multi-day treks and it will offer you proper ankle protection on the treks and will make your foot comfortable.

It is also created of special technology that reduces the chance of bad odour and also looks quite fashionable and modern. The lace-up closure will offer you litheness and makes it easier to get the perfect fit while being snug at the same time.

  • They have an Anti-skid sole
  • These are high ankle trekking shoes
  • They are cosy and flexible
  • They do not have an inner grip

9) Wildcraft Women’s Trekking Footwear

Wildcraft is popular for its tough and sturdy products and this is no different. This lace-up closure trekking shoes with flat heels is the best choice for normal day treks and will easily last for a long time.

The synthetic material that is used in the creation of this pair of trekking shoes will make it slightly breathable and comfy to wear. Although you may also need to bid one size bigger for it to fit absolutely but overall, it is a great choice for learner trekkers and hikers.

  • They are regarded to be Durable and sturdy
  • They have a Lace-up closure
  • They are breathable and comfy.
  • The size is very small
  • They are most excellent for short treks

10) Coasters Trekking and Hiking Shoes

This pair of unisex trekking shoes is easy and very comfy and perfect for short trips. It has sticky rubberized soles that will allow you to walk contentedly both on the grass and rocky surfaces. And it is very comfortable and has a perfect fit so that you can wear it for an elongated time without having to feel uncomfortable.

It is also very reasonable and it has a stylish design that makes it best for casual use as well.

  • They are affordable and reasonable.
  • They are comfy and have a good fit
  • They are rubberized soles
  • The design is stylish
  • Not suitable for long treks

How can you Choose Trekking Shoes

You need to make sure that you think the following factors and a kind before deciding to buy a pair of trekking shoes for yourself.

Weight of Your Shoes

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you are looking for trekking shoes is that the weight of the shoe is what matters. You need to buy a light pair of trekking shoes which that will be highly helpful and have a good grip at the same time too.

Usually, you don’t need to carry your shoes in your backpack and will be wearing it instead so taking a slightly heavy pair of trekking shoes will not be a big deal. In fact, it may be helpful to you while you are trekking and you are carrying a heavy load. In such situations, trekking boots which are of the high ankle and a good sole are often a better choice.

Ankle Protected Shoes

Next thing you need to consider is the ankle protection that is offered by the trekking shoes that you may be planning to choose. This is a most important feature if you are thinking of trekking in rough terrains. There are three kinds of ankle protection shoes which are found in trekking shoes. These are low cut, mid-cut, and high cut.

A low cut trekking shoe will be good for a day trek on relatively flat terrain but it is not ideal for the mountain trekking. So, if you are finding trekking shoes that too for a multi-day trek then ignore the low cut shoes.

A mid-cut trekking shoe might be useful for multi-day treks but it largely depends on the topography and the trek path. If it is a reasonable trek then the mid-cut shoes will be just fine.

One of the best trekking shoes you can purchase is the high cut trekking shoes that provide the most support and hold while trekking. They are ideal for the multi-day treks and can grip all kinds of trekking terrains with relative ease.

Properly Padded and Cushioned

You will be walking in the trekking shoes for around 6-7 hours a day that too without any break. So, you have to keep your soothe in mind. You need to go for a well-padded pair of trekking shoes that will provide protection to your heel and ankle and will not be uncomfortable while walking.

Also, find the air cushioning in your trekking shoes that will be great in protecting your heels and will also eliminate the chances of an aching heel later.

Well-Insulated Trekking Shoes

Sometimes you may go for trekking to higher altitude zones where you need to walk in cold and snow. In such cases, purchasing the trekking shoes with sufficient insulation is very important as it can help you in protecting you from the cold and will not be making your uncomfortable.

Consider the Size and the Fit

One of the most important factors which you need to consider when you are looking for a pair of trekking shoes is the size and also the fit of your trekking shoes. Your shoes should also be comfortable and they should also not result in foot swelling by the end of the trek.

So, you need to make sure that you actually try the shoes on before you purchase it. If you are planning to purchase the trekking shoes online then you need to make sure that you try the chosen product in a nearby store and after that order your shoes.

Go for shoe trial at the end of the day because at that time your feet are swollen and it will give you a better idea of the fit. Also, you can wear 2 woollen socks while you are trying on the shoes so that you don’t end up buying a size too small. You need to make sure that you are relaxing and also properly cushioned for treks and you should take your time in determining the right shoe size and fit for yourself.

Waterproof Pair of Trekking Shoes

Finally, you need to make sure that you purchase waterproof trekking shoes because many times you would come across some streams and waterfalls that you would have to cross. Also, if you are thinking of a snow trek then this is a necessary feature otherwise you run the risk of familiarity frostbite or pneumonia.

Also, it might take some days for your shoes and socks to dry if they are wet and there might be conditions when there is no sunlight so be prepared. Yes, a waterproof pair of trekking shoes might be a bit costly but will be highly useful in the long run.


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