8 Best Tampons in India (2019)

Menstruation also comes with a phase in a women’s life. People have a lot of misconceptions regarding periods and the products that are involved during menstruation cycle.

People always have some or the other misconception and in this article we will try to solve some of these. Some misconceptions that they can probably have is regarding the use of tampons. So we need to educate them and provide them knowledge on these issues so that they come out if it and live in a modern society that only focuses on the benefits of product not on the misconception and beliefs.

You are free to use this product and it will be available to you on the sites like Amazon.

Let us know in detail about the tampons.


The tampons are basically the products that we use for our feminine hygiene. It can be used by simply inserting it into the vagina and it will absorb the blood that comes out.

There are no such issues of leakage and odor as they ensure full leakage protection and prevent stains and also no odor is felt. These products are only created to increase the comfort of the girls and women as they maintain the comfort and to do not need to compromise on any of the physical activities.

Now in the article ahead we will discussing about some of the benefits of the tampons and how to use them and also the best tampons that you can use.

Guide for buyers

Flow and size

There are a number if tampons that are available in he market. There are different sizes available of tampons depending upon the flow. You need to look for a suitable size according to your flow.

There are three sizes available. The regular one us for those users who have a normal blood flow. The super size is for the users who have a heavy flow and the super plus is for those who have extra heavy flow.

Now if you are a beginner then you need to go for the regular one and then you can go with the other once you get to know about the flow.

Leakage protection

The tampon that you use should be absolutely absorbent so that there is no leakage and you are left dry.

By using a tampon you can have a out 6-8 hours without leakage but you still need to maintain your hygiene. Due to its quality of no stains and leak proof protection you are free from stains and also from he odour that is not so comforting.

Also due to no leakage you are able to do the activity as regular manner without worries.


The tampon that you use should be of a good fit so that when you insert it  fits into your vaginal canal and you are not able to feel it. Also when it is inserted it should not slip, for this it needs to be if the perfect fit. If it is fit to you then you are able to do all your activities with ease and also you won’t need to worry about the stains.


If you have an applicator or if you want to buy one it is a good option because by using it the insertion of tampons becomes quite easy.

While purchasing an applicator you need to make sure that the applicator you are buying should not be made of plastic and also has a strong trip so that it is easy for you to hold and insert or remove the tampon.


The tampon is generally made fibres which are absorbent in nature and are bade if interwoven fabric.

The fibres make smooth tip so that the fibres do not split. The fibres that are used to create the tampon are generally the rayon and cotton fibres due to higher absorbance and helps you go smoothly on your periods.

It also ensures that the blood does not leak and you remain stain proof.

8 Best Tampons in India (2019)

Ob pro comfort tampons

This particular variety of tampons is available to you in different range of sizes that depends on the type of flow.

These tampons are developed and created by a gynaecologist who designed it keeping in view the hygiene, and comfort of the women.

These tampons are made of absorbent fibres and have a curved groove which make its easy to insert it and also has a soft feel.

These tampons do not slip and also protect you from stains by giving you a guarantee of no leakage.

Also these are budget friendly and will not cost much and along with it they are more convenient then the sanitary pads.


  • These are available in three sizes that is if 20, 30 and 40 tampons.
  • The category of tampon you select depends upon the blood flow so you can select from regular, super and super plus tampons.
  • The tampons are made from absorbent fibres and have a curved end so that it becomes easy to insert it.
  • The tampon is particularly designed by a female gynaecologist.

Pros & Cons

  • The shape of the tampon us designed so as to make it fit and comfortable.
  • The insertion of the generator tampon is quite easy.
  • It is highly absorbent so you don’t need to worry about stains.
  • The quality is not so good.

Bells Tampo super plus tampons

The Bella tampons are available to you in different varieties of sizes that is the link size, regular size and super to super plus sizes.

The tampons are made of the absorbent fibres so that it absorbs all of the blood and there is no leakage.

The tampons are tested for it’s a absorbency and you can use them assured that it would not leak. Also there is a twist system in the tampon which helps it to open easily and the strings which are attached help in removing it easily.

The tampons can be used readily.


  • The sizes are of different ranges depending upon the flow. These are mini, regular to super and super plus. You need to choose the right size as per the bleeding.
  • There is difference in the number of tampons which are available in each pack. There are about 16 in the regular pack and the mini pack. Whereas in the super and super plus pack you get about 16 to 32 tampons.
  • The tampons are made from the absorbent fibres so that it is easy for you to stay protected and convenient.
  • There is a non woven layer in the top which help to protect the splitting.
  • The tampons are made available to you through the Europe.


  • The string which is attached to it helps to remove it easily.
  • The top layer of the tampon is super absorbent due to which it guarantees you no leakage.
  • The size of the tampon you choose will be fit and comfortable to you.
  • You can do your regular activities as well as sports with this tampon.
  • The twist system will make opening it quite easier.


  • You can try using a panty liner if you want full stain protection.

Sofy Tampons

The software has become a leading brand in the feminine hygiene products since quite a long time. The company brings to you panty liners, pads and tampons which are necessary during menstrual cycle of women.

The sofy tampons are available in a pack which has about 34 tampons and which are absorbent and protect you from leakage. Also they will help you maintain your comfort for about 8 hours and keep you free from wetness.

The sofy tampons also provides you an applicator along with which you can insert it easily and Faster.

To insert these tampons you need to in your free position and just push it into your vagina.


  • There are about 34 tampons in one pack of sofy tampons.
  • The tampons are highly suitable for the regular flow.
  • These tampons also come along with an applicator.
  • The size of the tampon is about the size of the finger.
  • It can keep you protected frontalis for about 8 hours.


  • The applicator that is along with the tampons make it easy for you to insert it.
  • It absorbs blood for a long time.
  • It makes you feel comfortable and protects you from wetness.


The quality should have been enhanced.

Sirona FDA tampons

These tampons are available to you in a pack which includes about 20 tampons. The prices of these tampons I quite reasonable and it can absorb your normal blood flow.

It can a worn your blood upto 4-6 hours and after that you need to replace it. Doing this you maintain your hygiene and comfort too. If you place a tampon for more than 8 hours then it could cause rashes.

The tampons are approved by the FDA so it is safe for usage as they do not cause rashes along with it, it prevents the odours and also prevents stains.

To insert these tampons you need to sit in a free position and insert it by pushing it inside your vagina.

Also by doing this you are ensuring that you can perform all of your physical activities with ease and you don’t need to worry about the stains any longer.


  • The pack has a out a 20 tampons.
  • These are if regular size, average size and also medium size.
  • When you use these tampons which are made if a solvent fibres you feel protected from stains upto a long time.
  • It has a soft cover so that you can insert it easily.
  • The top is curved so that insertion becomes easy.
  • There is a twist system which also ensures that opening is easy.
  • You can stay protected for about 4-6 hours using it.


  • The tampon is assured and does not cause rashes or any sort of allergies.
  • The usage is easy.
  • You can perform your all physical activities and stay protected from stains and wetness.


  • Removing top layer is found a bit difficult.

Floh FDA tampons

These tampons are also approved by the FDA so you don’t need to worry about the rashes as you can stay protected and use it with ease.

The tampons are available in packs and the packs may contain upto 10, 20 and upto 50 tampons.

The tampons are made of absorbent fibres that is of cotton and rayon. These will ensure that there is no leakage and also keep you comfortable.

The insertion of these tampons is quite easy and you just need to push it into the vagina and remove it by pulling the string.


  • These tampons take the shape into the vagina and fit so that you feel comfortable.
  • The tampons keep you protected for about 8 hours a day will not let you feel wet.
  • The size is good and absorbency too.
  • It is ready for use, you just need to insert it.
  • It has a smooth and round tip so that you can insert it easily.
  • It is approved by the FDA.


  • The tampons are soft and easy to use.
  • They keep you safe from stains for about 6-8 hours.
  • Also it prevents the odours and let’s you feel easy and comfortable.


The product is good till now.

Pee safe tampons

The tampons are made of 100% organic cotton which means that they are safe surely.

This also helps you to maintain the comfort and the soft feel. The per safe tampons will absorb the blood easily and will help you perform all your activities with ease and will not let you feel wet.

Also since it is biodegradable it is a good choice to use.

The tampon is available in sizes of regular, super, super plus which depends amount the amount of books flow of your body.


  • The sizes are available for the tampon based upon the flow.
  • Since the tampons are made of organic cotton it is a eco friendly choice to use this.
  • The tampons are to be replaced after every 4-6 hours.
  • These are tested and safe to use.


  • The tampons are soft to use and you can use them easily just by inserting it to your vagina.
  • The insertion is quite easy.
  • The size you select will fit so it won’t slip.
  • It is absorbent and super comfortable.
  • Will not let you experience wetness.


As far no negative points are found regarding this.

Tampax tampons

These Tampons come in a pack which has about 32 tampons and which ensures no stains and no leakage for about 8 hours.

The tampon will help in preventing the stains and also leakage so that you can perform all your activities without worries and freely.

It will also prevent the odour which is also a benefit for you.

Along with the tampon you get an applicator which helps you to insert the tampon and remove it.

The Tampons are quite expensive.


  • The tampons come with an applicator which helps you to use it easily.
  • They have good absorbency so it protects you from leakage.
  • There are about 32 tampons.
  • The Tampons will help you stay protected for about 8 hours and after that you need to replace it.
  • They do not have fragrances.


  • It can be opened up easily and wrapped again for disposal.
  • It comes along with an applicator that helps you insert it easily.
  • Also it protects you from leakage for about 8 hours.


  • It is quite costly.

Evergreen tampons

These tampons are the best ones for the women who have a moderate flow. This can soak upto 12-15 grams of blood.

The pack consists of about 8 tampons and an applicator along which helps you to insert it easily. It protects you from leakage and also from the odor.

It has been tested by the FDA and are safe to use.


  • The absorbency is quite good as it can soak upto 12-15 grams of blood.
  • It has about 8 tampons.
  • These are good for blood flow of moderate level.
  • It comes along with an applicator.


  • It is easy to insert the Tampn by use of applicator.
  • It protects leakage and stains.
  • It is quite soft and comfortable.
  • You can perform all your physical activities in it.


So far it is a good product.

Benefits of a tampon

These are helpful and very amazing to use in your menstruation cycle. The tampons are usually small and very easy to insert. You need to insert it into your vagina so that there are no stains and you are protected from leakage. They will keep you comfortable and will prevent leakage for about 6-8 hours in a go and after that you need to replace it. The tampons are available according to he file of blood. There are three types of tampons that are available these are regular, super and super plus based upon the flow of blood. The regular one goes if you have normal flow of blood. The super one is for the heavy blood flow and the super plus is if you have excessive bleeding.

These are small and you can carry them in your bags anywhere so that you can use them at the time you need.

The tampons are created from the absorbent fibres and are very capable of absorbing the blood. Due to this reason you can use them without worries as they will give you 100% leak protection.

After inserting it you won’t feel it’s presence it is so comforting and natural. So you should try using a tampon if you are still using the ordinary sanitary pads. As they are good and will always keep you protected from stains and odour.

One of the most important advantages of using a tampon is that you can do all your physical activities like the swimming, gyming, and the other sports without worries.

Hence we can say that they are of great use and you can do any of your daily tasks without worrying about it. We know that they are very helpful but you need to care about your hygiene yourself and change the tampons regularly after 6-8 hours so that you do not suffer from allergies or rashes in that sensitive area.

Let us now know the difference between the pads that we use and the tampons.

Pads and the tampons

Both products are for the feminine hygiene and are made if fibres that have good absorbency. They might have the same usage but they have a number of differences. Especially they differ in the usage and the design.

The sanitary pads are used similar in way of a panty, you need to wear it along with your undergarment. But inn the case of a tampon you need to insert it into your vagina.

The sanitary pads are stocked to the panty and absorb the blood that drops into it whereas the tampons are shaped like the vaginal canal and will absorb the blood after they are inserted into your vagina.

Sanitary napkins are to be changed after a span of 3-4 hours but the tampons can be replaced after 6-8 hours depending upon your blood flow. The sanitary napkins will give you sensations and make you feel wet but the tampons won’t. You won’t even feel the presence of the tampon once you have inserted it into your vagina.

The tampons are no doubt more comfortable than the pass as they won’t let you feel wet and you will also be able to enjoy and do any of your physical work and activities which are not possible when you wear a sanitary pad.

Also the pads won’t let you have protection from leakage every time and the odour is also an issue. But in case of tampons you might suffer from the toxic shock syndrome if you do not maintain the hygiene.

Now let us have a look on the process that you need to follow to use the tampon.

Insertion of the tampon

  • Before you insert the tampon you need to first wash your hands properly s d clean them with soap.
  • Now you need to unwrap the tampon from the wrapper. The directions are clearly mentioned on the package of the tampon.
  • To insert the tampon you need to sit into a comfortable position or stand in a position so that you can insert it easily.
  • To insert it you can also squat or keep one of your leg elevated or spreading your legs can also help.
  • No matter what position you take to insert it you need to relax and then use it with ease.
  • You now need to find out the way for your vaginal canal. You need to do this by your hand. Once you find it you need to push it insert the tampon in the vagina. You need to do it by your fingers and you need to insert it till you no longer feel anything in the vagina. Once it is done you can remove your fingers.
  • You need to ensure that while inserting you need to keep the string out so that it is easy for you to pull it out.
  • When you need to dispose it wrap it again into the wrapper and throw it into the dustbin. Do not flush it down.

Now let us see the guide that you need to follow before you buy any tampon for your use.

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