7 Best Surfing Board to Play with Waves in India

Water games have many forms and terms, and the most enjoyable one is debatably surfing. This sport has become more and more popular in modern times. Last few decades have seen the surging popularity of this water sports and thus water lovers are now trying their hands at this game whenever they find a chance.

Not all the sea coasts of India can offer you the option for surfing. So which ones are able to provide you with the facility of surfing remain crowded throughout the season. On vacations, you will find the beaches full of people who have come from faraway places to surf. People who love to surf try various kinds of boards to do that. Hereby we will be discussing the different designed boards and their features:

  • Short board-this board is easy to recognize as it has a pointed nose, and there are three to five fins attached. Only the professionals or masters can ride this one. The quick turns and vertical manoeuvres can be done with this board.
  • Long board-this, unlike the above one, is the basic designed board, or primary board. It is great for beginners and also can be used by experts. These are large with a rounded nose, and thus are much more stable.
  • Fish-this one is fast in water and sails smoothly. As it is voluminous, balancing is easier. They have a short and flat body.
  • Fun board-this name is enough suggestive to understand the utility of this board. The paddling and moving through the waves is easy with this one.
  • Gun- this one is a multipurpose board which will be great for the beginners as well as pro.  The nose and tail both are narrow thus it offers great speed and yet you can hold the control.
  • Hybrid- this is a shortboard with a tail designed like a fish. Other than this, it is much similar to the shortboard in characteristics.
  • SUP– this is a large one with stand up paddleboard. You need a paddle to surf with this board. This board will help you to surf in a standing position.
  • Torq- made of Epoxy material; these are the latest modelled surf boats. These are actually fish-shaped shortboards and the technology makes the board a lightweight one with biaxial fibreglass cloth.

7 Surfing Board to Play with Waves in India

Now we can suggest you some best surfing boards to play with waves in India. So lets’ begin:

1. Roc Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards W Free Premium SUP

This is not an Indian product but it is definitely a hit among the surf lovers. We found it to be a best-seller in Amazon and that users are pretty happy about this board.


  • This is a premium inflatable paddleboard and the make is of highest quality military grade. The supreme quality of the material makes it a trustworthy product for the users as this one is great fun to surf with.
  • This one is also one of the most durable boards.
  • The material makes it super lightweight, which means it needs some skill to use it.
  • The boat comes with outstanding quality which can only be expected from a rather high priced product.
  • The design is extra wide and this feature makes it fit for people of all levels of skill. From a beginner to a professional, every range of surfers will enjoy surfing with this board.
  • The package comes inclusive of a kit which will be helpful when you will swim in a freshwater pool, ocean or rivers. It contains collapsible aluminium paddle, safety leash, head pump, waterproof bag for keeping some important essentials, and a backpack along with the board. This is a thoughtful way to provide users with just the right items to carry while doing the surfing.
  • The boards come with the industry weight of 17.5 pounds. This weight is actually pretty light and this is how it is better than its competitors.
  • The dimension is just perfect to sail it through the waves.
  • It can take up to 275 pounds of weight, which means it is fit for all users with different body types.
  • The whole package is lightweight and quite comfortably you can carry it to the seashore the portability makes the item more alluring.
  • Lightweight
  • Wide
  • Comes with essential items
  • Adjustable paddle
  • Great quality bungee cords
  • No manual
  • Manual air pump takes effort

2. Pathfinder Inflatable SUP stand up paddleboard

This can be called an all-rounder SUP board for the surfers of all ages, ability, body types and skill. There is a package along with this board which comes with the essentials that you may need while surfing. This is a nice attempt to cut the cost of items while you will be buying this board for surfing.


  • This is a medium-wide board and with moderate thickness, so it is not very difficult to use.
  • The material is PVC which means it will last longer and the multi-layer drop stitch affirms the fact.
  • It can carry up to 240 lbs weight which shows it can hold user of any body type and size.
  • The large deck pad, bungee tie-down and D ring offers more ease at the time of surfing.
  • The centre tracking fin can be removed according to your convenience.
  • There is an adjustable aluminium paddle, pump, valve range and carry bag available with this board.
  • The eye-catching blue and orange shade of this board makes it look fun and sunny.
  • This one is pretty much portable and you need less time to pack and carry to the seashore.
  • The material is of great durability, so you can use this one for years.
  • The deck is comfortable enough to hold you on your feet.
  • Inflatable
  • Decent price
  • Package contains all accessories
  • Hardy
  • Nice colour and look
  • Poor air valve

3. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The manufacturer of this brand offers enjoyment for the beginners. It is a great board for the ones who are not yet there but still love to play in the water. This board is easy to glide across and stay on the surface. For beginners, it is much comfortable and convenient.


  • The board quickly inflates and deflates which makes it easy to use.
  • It is 6 inches thick which means it can survive people with heavier body weights.
  • As it is a much portable one just carry it to the seashore and get it inflated quickly.
  • The storage is easy when you deflate it, so you do not need to worry about making the luggage heavier with this board in it.
  • The capacity of holding should be considered before riding it.
  • The wide deck of this board offers ample space to stand while surfing.
  • It is 10 inches long so you can move it on the water easily.
  • As the manufacturer mentions that the board is for the beginners, it comes with the non-slip soft top deck.  Early learners will find it easy to manage. Also, there will be less chance of accidents.
  • The triple bottom panel fins are there to help you with the overall speed. You can easily steer and handle the board.
  • It is great for teenagers and kids as this one has so many facilities for beginners to surf.
  • The essentials available with this board are many. From coiled ankle cuff safety leash to oar pedal, manual air pump and patch repair accessory kit, the package have it all.
  • This one is pretty easy to ride as well as easy to fold up. This is a great positive point for inflatable surfing boards.
  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy
  • Turns properly
  • Easy to manage, inflate and deflate
  • Includes handy bungees
  • Includes leash and pump
  • Heavy aluminum paddle

4. Bestway Hydro-Force Inflatable stand up paddleboard

This is a surfing board with Orena style and it measures 10 ft. participants in surfing will find it most easy to handle. Not only surfing is a great sport, but it also has its own sets of health benefits. So more and more people are enjoying surfing for the first time every year and they are getting addicted to it.


  • This board is a lightweight one and when deflated, you can take it with you anywhere. The convenient deck handle makes it easy to carry. After it is deflated, the board folds as a travel-friendly bag and that is how you will be carrying it everywhere.
  • The package comes with the entire kit, so you can get what you want in this single package, no need to buy things separately.
  • This board is thicker and more stable than the regular surfing boards. So the weight makes the board more stable. For the beginners, this is a great opportunity to learn surfing on it.
  • As it is not a hard board but an inflatable one, there will be less chance of getting damaged. These are more resilient while getting stuck with some underwater stones.
  • This one has been designed for all skill levelled surfers, from the beginners to the professionals, anyone can surf on it.
  • The weight holding capacity of the boat is 243 lbs which means it can easily hold people of all body sizes.
  • As it comes with high manoeuvrability and lightness, this is a fine choice for the ones who love adventure. The flight with sea waves will be more interesting with this board.
  • Not only on the ocean, has this board offered great use in lakes, rivers or any flat water surface with small waves.
  • As it is made from drop-stitch materials, which means it is of unparallel strength and stability. This board will not be drowned or torn easily in any rough condition.
  • This one has a hard surface and fibreglass make. Along with that its soft cushioned non-slip traction pad boosts the stability and balance of the rider.
  • This can be doubled as a kayak. There is detachable seat, backrest, footrest, and the 2 blade section on the oar makes it ready for kayaking.  You can sit down on it and explore the new waters.
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Can be kayaked
  • Easy to carry
  • Drop stitch material
  • Fibreglass make
  • Great holding capacity
  • Oars not floatable

5. Peak inflatable 10’6 stand up paddleboard

This one has been manufactured to satisfy the need of the beginner surfers. There is a package which contains many accessories which are necessary for surfing. The look of this surfing board is much more stylish than its competitors. The high-end design makes it a grabbing deal among youngsters.


  • This board has wide dimensions to make a person stand comfortably so that way it is a much useful one.
  • It weighs only 23 lbs which means it is sturdy and will give you ample support while surfing.
  • It can hold up to 300 pounds which is great.
  • The paddles are adjustable and they can be made of 65 to 86 inch.
  • The 6-inch Military-grade PVC is used to make this board, so that assures more of its durability.
  • There is a six-point mounted bungee system which is a fun point of this board.
  • The accessory bundle offers an adjustable paddle, coil leash and a travel backpack.
  • It has a 30-day after-sales guarantee and 1-year warranty on the material.
  • This is such a steady boat that for the experienced ones, carrying more than the mentioned weight on it will not be a problem.
  • There is a nose handle which provides help to carry board easily anywhere.
  • There is a non-slip grip which ensures the ride is steady and safe.
  • Affordable and beautiful
  • Easy disassembling
  • Durable
  • Soft footboard
  • Sturdy tether ropes
  • Inflation cause issue
  • Better for the beginners

6. Giantex 6’ surfboard

This one is yet another one for the beginners. Both adult and kids who are starting with surfing can use it flexibly. This one is pretty much fashionable and the appearance is funky. However, not only in looks but also the utility makes this one a favourite among many.


  • This comes with a cool colour combination of red and blue or yellow and blue.
  • This one can hold up to 200 lbs weight.
  • The thickness of this board is 3” so not much, and it weighs 10 lbs. overall this is a light board so needs caution to use it while surfing.
  • It has a durable foam top which makes this lightweight board a sturdy one.
  • The material used in it is EPE, the core of the board is made of EPS and PP hard with a slick bottom.
  • A free leash and transaction pad are offered with this board.
  • The fins of the board are removable.  So you can transport it easily.
  • This is basically a shortboard categorically.
  • The slick HDPE makes the bottom a high speed one. The bottom skin is responsive and adds stiffness so the speed is maximized.
  • The fishtail design makes the board easy to hold and traction. There is ample surface area from rail to tail. The speed planning and lifting will be easy on it.
  • The assembly is pretty easy and anyone can do it.  The instruction is clear enough to follow.
  • Decent beginner board
  • Cheap
  • Sturdy
  • Fishtail design to increase speed
  • Soft deck
  • Not long-lasting

7. Thurso Surf Lancer

Finally, a boat that is not actually for the beginners and more specifically, this will be a fun element for the expert surfers. This is Fish board and it has a soft top. It has twin fins along with double stainless steel swivels. The triple rail server ankle leash also comes handy while surfing on rough water. The design ensures stability and glide of the board.


  • It weighs only 6 lbs, which means only expert surfers will be able to move it up on the wavy oceans.
  • The capacity of holding is up to 200 lbs, which is great for single person use.
  • The stringers are there to provide longitudinal strength. The rigidity and controlled flex are present in this smart surfing board.
  • The adjustable fin boxes make the board get going with changing performances. Also, it helps with transportation.
  • The board has EPS core which makes the board so lightweight and buoyant. This helps in longer hours of surfing.
  • The cushioning is good in it, and also the board is well sealed. So there is no risk of delaminating.
  • Great for a rough ride
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight
  • Fin box for transportation
  • Responsive customer care
  • Good after-sales service
  • Not for beginners
  • Plastic screw in the fins


Surfing is a fun sport and the modern generation has adopted it as one of the most famous outdoor activity. Senior people with a zeal for water sports also love it. Vacations are well spent at a seaside if you are carrying a surfing board with you. So check the ones available online and find out the best-suited surfing board for yourself.


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