Best Selling Bike Covers In India (2019)

We know that every individual who owns a bike would also own a pair of bike cover for it.

The person makes sure that the bike works good and is best from in and out. So in order to protect the beauty and  appearance of the bike the person needs to have a bike cover.

It seems to be easy choosing a bike cover for a bike. But it is not that simple task that you can do straight away. It needs a little of your time and little of your mind to know which one you need to purchase for your bike. And which one could fulfil those necessities that were required to be filled up.

Now it is not that case where you can buy any bike cover and it would for up on any of the bikes. Now you need to have a plan for which bike and which design which cover would be suitable.

If you are buying it for the first time then you might be thinking about what you need to pick up for your bike and whether it would be the right one or not. So if you think so it is completely natural. Having these questions in the later stages when you are not really a first time buyer yet is still Normal.

These questions might help you in taking a right decision for your bike and choose wisely for your bike because it matters.

We have mentioned below a guide below which will help you to solve and answer all your questions. Now it is easy for you to know which bike cover you need to choose for which alternative.

Types of covers for bikes

According to surroundings

There can be two types of covers according to the surrounding that you are living. That is indoor environment outdoor covers. It depends on the conditions and the surrounding where you are parking up your bike which will tell which cover you need to purchase.

If you are parking it in then a motorcycle dust cover would be just sufficient. But if you do not park it inside and have to do somewhere in the open air then a waterproof cover which is heavy would be required which will protect it from sun and all conditions.


The covers that are the best for your bikes would be made of a lightweight and polyester material which will be surely be a bit expensive but truly would protect your bike.

This will give maximum protection to your bike and you surely need high investment for this.

Large cover

There are also covers which are for full area of the bike which would give overall and full protection to the bikes.

It will be suitable to you for both cases that is indoor and outdoor. So you need not worry about the surrounding.

Bike cover for vehicle

This type of cover is used for the protection of the vehicle when it is transported. So you need to ensure that your vehicle is safe even during transportation.

Seat cover

There are also seat covers for your bike which are waterproof in nature. These are mainly used so that they keep your bike protected and dry.

Some of the best bike covers in india

Now let us proceed to know the best bike covers that you can try out to purchase.

Yardstash XXL

This bike cover has been rated as the best bike covers in the recent times and it is the most trusted cover.

The cover has the motto that the bigger the cover the better it is.

This product will assure you of high quality and also that you can keep your bike protected in any of the circumstances. It is quite expensive so you would feel a little heavy while purchasing it. But it will be worth the price you won’t feel that you have spent much seeing the quality of the cover.

Some of the features of the cover are:
  • It gives you complete coverage that is it covers whole of the bike.
  • This cover also gives you protection against the weather and it can give protection simultaneously to two bikes.
  • The product is very large in size so you can protect the your bike from every corner.
  • The dimensions of the product are 82” in length, 30”in width and 44” in height.
  • The design of the cover is tapered.
  • The cover is created from UV protected polyester which is very high in quality.
  • The seams if the bike cover are also tap d for extra protection.
  • It also has a carrying bag along with it.
  • It has air vents in the front too.

       Some of the advantages of having the cover is:

  • It protects your bike from snow, dirt, rain and dust.
  • You don’t need to put much effort on it
  • It is very strong and made of highly durable material.
  • The durability of the cover is high and assured.
  • In high winds and ok it will be intact and protect up your bike.
  • It has air vent in the front which protects your bike from corrosion.
  • It can be easily portable.
  • It comes up with the guarantee of two years.

The disadvantages of using this cover are:

  • It is a bit costly for your pocket.
  • It is heavy a bit for carrying it around.

TPH sline black cover

This cover is one of the best and the top rated covers and it is manufactured by making use of the best materials.

If not only gives your bike protected ion against the unwanted materials but also hides the curves and faults of the bikes. It will make your bike look perfect that is elegant and sleek.

Some of the features of the cover are:

  • The cover is resistant to water that is it will maintain your bike dry.
  • The product comes up with dual tone.
  • The product has three layers and it is imported.
  • The cover is weather proof.
  • The cover is also protected from UV rays because it is created from a material which is uv protected and polyester.
  • You can also be sure of the security of scratches.
  • The material of the cover has velvet inside.
  • The material is made of polyester from outside.
  • It will prevent your bike from dust and dirt and also from corrosion.
  • The weight of the cover is 2.5 kgs.
  • It also has bags attached d on the sides for storage purposes.
  • This product is mainly created on machines which are high tech.

The disadvantages of the cover are:

  • It is a bit costly.
  • It is quite heavy to lift and walk.

TPH weather proof bike cover

This cover is a product of the TPH dark horse. This is very popular among the customers. The cover gives a good fit to the bike and the colors which are used for the bike are also very eye catching and beautiful.

You need to buy this for sure as it is the best.

Some of the features of this cover are:

  • The product is resistant to water.
  • It has a velvet finish in the inside of the cover.
  • It is soft in feel.
  • You don’t need to worry about the scratches as it is 100% free from scratches.
  • The weight of the cover is approximately 2.5 kgs.
  • The product has the dimensions like 63.5 in length, 30.5 in width and 30.5 in height. And the dimensions are in cm.
  • The material that is used to make this cover is polyester.
  • The cover is also coated from a special polymer.

Some of the advantages of using this cover are:

  • The cover gives you a high durability range.
  • The design of the cover is good and classy.
  • The fabric of the cover protects it from scratches.
  • The properties of the cover that is resistant to dust and dirt makes it more popular.
  • The cover will also prevent your bike from corrosion.
  • You also have the facility of locking up the cover so you can be safe.

Some of the disadvantages of the cover are:

  • The cover is highly expensive.
  • It has a good long term warranty.
  • The product is heavier a bit.

Motorance MT800338 cover

The cover of the body is solid that is it will give you two functions. One it will protect you from dust and dirt and also it will protect the two wheeler.


  • The weight of the cover is 281 grams.
  • The product has the following dimensions that is 29 cm in length, 23cm in width and 2.4 cm in height.
  • The product has been manufactured by the motorance company by themselves.
  • The fabric is thin in structure.
  • The fabric has a good price in the market.
  • The product will help you in protecting the parts of the bike.


  • The product will help you in protecting the bike from the scratches and also the damages by the sun.
  • You can protect your bike from the debris.
  • The cover is light in weight.
  • The cost of the cover is comparatively less and you can buy if easily.
  • It can also be useful in protecting the internal parts of the engine.


  • It is not waterproof in nature.
  • The warranty period is not mentioned.

Auto sun pearl cover with fabric body

The cover has been created by the Autosun company and if promised that it will offer good protection to the bike and will protect it again d the damages. This feature will make it look more better.

The exterior of the bike looks more good and it will be more impressive to you.

This is a good choice for you as it cheap.


  • The weight if the cover is 458 grams.
  • The fabric of the cover is very high in quality.
  • The cover also has a buckle for keeping intact that is a belt buckle.
  • The cover has been manufactured by the Autosun company.
  • The dimensions of the cover are 19 cm in length, 12 cm in width and 2.8 cm in height.
  • The product is available to you in different sizes.


  • It has good qualities that is of being heat and water resistant.
  • There is a trip strap mechanism in the cover. This mechanism helps you in holding the cover in place.
  • It gives you good option for durability.
  • It does prevent damages from your bike.
  • The weight of this cover is comparatively lesser.
  • It is not too expensive too.


  • The cover is not resistant to stain.
  • There is no warranty mentioned.
  • You cannot fold the cover.

Buyer guide to get Best Selling Bike Covers In India

When you go through the guide be sure that you are selecting a cover which does good justice to the price of your bike.


The material is the core which is very important for a bike cover. You need to examine the inner and the outer stuff and if which material it is made. You need to do so in order to be sure that the material you are purchasing will give good protection to your bike and also that if would protect it from small scratches and dust too.

You need to be sure of this otherwise if is not worth.


You need to be sure about the price. It should be worth the cost and if it is not you are just investing your money for waste.

When you are spending money your product should have the best features it can so that it gives justice to the price for which you have brought it.


The item or the bike cover you are buying should be durable at least for a certain specific period of time. This is a very important feature and if you do not take care of this feature and buy a non durable cover it will get spoilt early and you will loose up your investment. So you need to be sure if the durability while you buy the cover.

Let us know about he different bike covers which can be used nowadays.

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