Top 10+ Best Selling Bean Bags in India

Home is just the place where we can be comfortable in our own space, feel cozy and watch TV or play video games.

The bean bags are just the things we need to feel free and relax and do some amazing stuff. Bean bags are always a good option for the aesthetic appeal as well as the comfy feel we desire to have when we are at our personal spaces.

You can use this bags to have fun any time and they are so comfortable that you can even sleep easily on these. You can relax too and get a good nap or read a good book sitting and relaxing on it.

Some cafes too have a good theme and Jake use of such bean bags which increases its aesthetic look as well as it adds a good relaxing atmosphere to the café or the lounge.

These bags are created with the or filled with those expanded stuff which is polystyrene that makes you feel like the styrofoam. But when we talk about the comfort the bean bags are way more comfortable and easy going when we talk about the pleasure time.

We know about the youth and the teen age group. This  group of people want all the latest collections of books or games or the interesting relaxing activities. So the bean bags are just the accompaniment to these relaxing activities and brings to you a time of leisure.

These bags are mostly present in most of our houses and homes and so we should also try grabbing them if we don’t have one.

Now before you go on to purchase these bags we will give you an overview about the features and the advantages of using such bags and which bag you should prefer.

First let us see which types of bean bags are available in the market.

Types of bean bags

Armchair bag

This category of bean bag had an armchair which is filled with a lot of beans which you can consider to be extra in quantity. This bag will always remain in the position and will not change or deform evening the person sits on it for a longer time.

These bags are always accompanied with the bottle holder and a cabinet for the newspaper which will add an extra appeal to the bean bag. Along with this these features add up to the importance of the bean bag.

Chair bean bag

These bean bags are usually available in the look of a chair. They will provide you with a back support that is cushioned and will give you feeling of a chair and leaving behind the appeal it will provide you the comfort that is more than a normal chair.

Classic bean bag

This bag is the bean bag which is too old now. The people who are vintage lovers there is a wide range of Colours and collection of these bags. These bags are normally in the shape of a pear and are folded from between. This fold will create a sitting space for you.

Top 10 Best Selling Bean Bags in India

Now let us see the various and the best bean bags that you and your family should prefer using.

Orka bean bag XXL with beans

These are a category if the classical bags which were used by the users at their homes. The brand offers a great quality of product so due to this reason the customers have great demand for this product and also provides a good comfort to their customers.

Some of the features of the bean bags of the orka company are listed below.


  • The material that is used for making this bean bag is mostly the artificial leather. Thus us used because it is easy to clean and it also easy to wipe it without the need of removing it.
  • The bag has a capacity of 2.5 kgs and since it’s capacity is 2.5 kgs the bag us filled with beans of 2.5 kgs.
  • The bean bag has a backing which is polyester viscous and is so strong. It will also provide you guarantee if the colour.
  • The stitching of the bean bag us also very strong so it will be able to bear your weight. It can bear maximum weight of 100 kgs.
  • There is a child safe lock in it. This lock helps you prevent your child from coming in contact with the beans and providing any accident.
  • You can clean it easily and you need to keep it away from certain places like the fireplace.

Let us now jump on to the pros of the bean bag.


  • The bean bag has a strong stitch due to which it is very reliable. Along with this it can bear huge weight so heavy people can also sit and relax on it.
  • The material that is used to make the bean bag and the beans are also of good quality which provide good comfort to the users body.
  • It also has a footstool along with it with which you can easily balance yourself and feel comfortable.


  • The Colors that are used in the bean bag for not give good reflection so they could have been better.

KJ Bean Bag

This bean bag is easy to maintain and can be washed easily. It comes in XXL size. The bag does not have beans along with it due to which you need to buy the beans separately.

Let us take a glance on some of the features of the bean bag.


  • The bag comes in and extra large size range that is XXXL. And it is of 33×33 inches.

For this particular bean bag you would require beans of about 2-4 kgs.


  • There is double stitch provided on the sides of the bean bag due to which you get extra strength.
  • There is also a velcro closure provided on the bean bag which means that your beans are protected from spilling.
  • There are handles provided inside the bag which will help you to hang the bag.


  • The stitches that are provided are not too strong.

Comfy bean bag

This bean bag comes in a size of XXL and does contain beans with it.

Since the name of the bag is comfy bean bag therefore it is quite comfortable and you feel quite relaxed on it.

Due to its comfy feel and the extra place for seating you can please it anywhere and on any location. The maintenance of the bean bag is easy and you can clean it by just wiping if out or dusting it.

Some of the features of this bean bag are listed below.


  • The maintenance is quite easy.
  • The bean bag comes with a guarantee period of 6 months.
  • It is quite light in weight.
  • It is easy to clean it.


  • By using this bean bag you can add extra glitter to any of your parties and festivals or gatherings.
  • It is light in weight so you can carry it easily.
  • You can clean it easily by just wiping it out or using a duster.


  • If you want a perfect fit so you should prefer to buy one size larger.
  • The stitches that are provided on the side are quite loose.
  • The colour that will be shown in the picture might not appear the same when it actually comes.

Orka armchair bean bag with beans

We know that the armchair is the best option to sit comfortably and when it is the comfortable one you won’t leave to buy it. The orka armchair will also provide you the comfort that you would desire from the armchair bean bag.

Now the armchair will provide you a bottle holder and a magazine holder too that will add up to its features and you won’t leave buying it.

The armchair is quite light in weight and not heavy like the rest of the armchairs so you can shift it easily and you also have the option of emptying the bean bag if it feels heavy to you and after you enjoy it just refill it again after shifting is done.

Some of the features of the bean bag will be listed below


  • The bean bag comes along with the bottle holder.
  • It also add up to give you a magazine holder.
  • Since it is an armchair it will also give you back and support for arm.
  • It has a zip which will help you in emptying it and refilling it to the desired amount.


  • The bean bag is very comfortable.
  • You can move it easily and shift it wherever you desire.
  • It has a double stitch on the sides which makes the bean bag quite strong.
  • It also has a zip which will allow you to fill it or empty it whenever you want.


  • As in it has filled beans but may be you need to buy these extra so that you can feel more comfortable.

Sattva XXXL bean bag

This bag will give you a classical look like the original bean bags. This bag is designed keeping in mind the gamers, the relaxers and also loungers.

The bean bag chairs s so perfect that you can lay back and play the video games you want to play. Or you can also watch television by laying back on it.

Let us have some glance on the features of the bean bag.


  • The bean bag is made up of the premium material.
  • The bean bag is able to handle of bear the weight of about 120 kgs.
  • You get colour options like from red and brown.
  • The bean bag comes with a warranty of one year.


  • Since the beans are not filled in it originally so you can carry it anywhere by taking out the beans and refilling it.
  • It is made of leather material.
  • It can bear a weight upto 120 kgs.
  • The price of the bean bag is also quite reasonable.


  • You need to fill it with upto a weight of 2kg if beans.
  • It comes only in the extra large size.
  • You need to refill it after a use of 6 months with about 500 GM’s of more beans.

Style homes bean bag

This bag will give you a classic look of the bean bags. This bag comes in a reasonable price range so you can buy it easily and you don’t need to worry about the cost The bean bag does not offer you great variety in colours but will only give you colour options like black and brown.

It is light in weight so you can carry it anywhere easily.


  • It has a classical look.
  • It is light in weight so you can carry it easily to any place.
  • It has a warranty period of about 12 months.
  • It is made from leather.


  • The bean bag can work well with every setting.
  • It comes in a good and reasonable price range.
  • It is very light in weight.
  • It is made of the premium leather and is available in two colours that is brown and black.


  • The bag can bear a maximum weight of about 100 kgs.
  • The bag does not give much movement but will help you feel comfortable.

Orka printed bean bag

The colour of the bag is blue and is quite modern in its look and design.

The print on the bean bag is digital print so it won’t erase in small time and would be intact. The bean bag has already filled beans and it is so easy to assemble the bean bag.


  • The bean bag comes with a warranty period of 6 months.
  • The bag is made of leather material is soft and artificial leather.
  • It is printed digitally.


  • The bean bag is printed digitally so the print will not be removed.
  • There are handles at the top so you can hold it easily and lift it.
  • The beans will make the bean bag look bouncy and good.
  • It also is safe for children so you can use it for children.


  • The beans durability creates some problems to customers since the bounciness if the beans will decrease after some time.
  • There are not so much cons of this product.

Mollismoond Fabric leather bean bag

If you are looking for a bean bag that is luxurious then it the best choice for you.

The bean bag will give a royal touch to your surroundings and will mesmerize you. It will also provide good support to your back and will protect every curve of your body.

Some of the features of the bean bag are listed below.


  • It has a free flow system. The stuffing that us done inside the bean bag can help in moving your body and maintaining the postures.
  • The bean bag is created according to the size and types of body . This helps in making your body warm and comfortable.
  • The bean bag is satisfying all types of needs and will complement the traditional as well as the interior themes.
  • The stuffing that you use for the bean bag is eco friendly, human friendly and also adjustable.


  • The adjustments that are required to be done can be done according to get postures of your sitting and will also provide you the soft touch when needed at the pressure points.
  • The bean bag gives a luxurious look and also provides  the optimum comfort that  is required.
  • The quality that is required is satisfactory and will last long if maintained properly.


  • Some amount of struggle is required at the time of cleaning the bean bag.

Buyer Guide for the bean bags

In the guide for the ben bags we will first be discussing about the beans. These are the beans which we fill inside the bean bag. Some of the bean bags have already filled in beans whereas some require the beans to be filled in.

This filling process will require your power and for this you need to purchase the beans separately.

The beans are normally made of the polystyrene which is a form of a hard plastic. These beans will help in providing you the effect of cushion.

The beans come in different varieties. There are number of these. You don’t need to search them separately we will be discussing about these too.

  • Styrofoam
  • Thermocol
  • Polystyrene

It is suggested that you should buy the beans in an offline mode so that you are able to see what you are actually buying and putting inside your bean bag. Or if you want to get away with this long procedure and avoid it then you can try to buy those already filled bean bags.


The size is a very important factor when we are discussing about the bean bags. So nice we need to comfort and the relaxing feel while we use the bean bag so it is very important to look for a perfect size for it.

Also we need to see which person is going to use the bean bag. So accordingly we will see it size. There are a wide collection of bags and there is a size for babies too.

It is regarded that the bigger the bean bags you use the more comfort they will give. The size of the bean bag must be selected according to the weight of the person and also the body of he person. So before you go to buy a bean bag or but it online do see that you are purchasing the right size.

Procedure for cleaning

If the bean bag is to be used regularly then you need to clean it in regularly. If you use the leather bean bag then you can clean it easily just by wiping it. To wipe it out you can use a small piece of wet cloth.

You need to make sure that while you are purchasing the bean bag you keep in mind the washing requirements too otherwise when you won’t be able to clean it you would end up changing it.

Also it is necessary that when you buy a bean bag you buy the piece which has a removable cover. So that you can remove the cover easily. By using this type of cover you are able to clean it easily.

Safety issues

In the earlier cases when the bean bags were just brought up in the market the accidents were very common. Small children many times sneak into it and may also die due to suffocation. At this stage all bean bags are designed according to the safety and keeping the health of he people in mind.

While buying the bean bags you also need to view the stuff. The harder stuff if the bean bag can also damage your body. And make sure that you keep your bean bags safe and away from a place which is near to fire.


When you have a will to spend some amount of money and buy a good furniture for your home then you might have good and higher expectations. The way the bean bag will be with you and how reliable it is also depends upon the way you maintain it and also upon the quality of bean bag.

So you need to be sure about which type of material you are buying for the bean bag and also read the instructions which are mentioned so that you maintain your safety. Choose wisely for yourself and always choose a bag which is reliable and stays longer.


The bean bags are also provided with the linings which helps to make a bean bag inside the chair. So due to this you are able to remove it and are able to clean it.

Bags for small children

If you are looking for bags which can be used by small children then you need to buy the bags which are strong enough and will be able to prevent them from pounding inside. Do not buy cheap products in case of children.

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