9 Best Roti Makers in India – Reviews (2020)

Roti is one of the best ways of having carbohydrates and also it is the most popular form of bread in India. Having it for a staple meal is good for health as well as it saves the expense of eating out. But making roti is not an easy job. The world is moving so fast and we are so busy in our hectic schedules that it is almost impossible to make roti everyday.  So what another possible way is out there which can help you to have a good meal with homemade rotis? Of course, the answer is roti maker.

The market is flooded with various brands who are bringing roti makers with somehow different features and some modifications, but mostly the roti makers do the single job they are assigned with, that is, making roti from the dough. It saves a lot of effort and time and also it is a friend for those who love to have home-cooked food for the sake of health and taste. This appliance is pretty much handy and the application is so simple that even male members of the family can handle it and make wonderful rotis with it.

There are lots of confusions over this simple kitchen appliance. Some believe that this machine is actually good for nothing and it does not provide good service. Others think roti makers work for those who actually know how to make rotis. Some others think this one needs some special kind of dough and the regular dough from which roti is made manually, will not work for it. So if you are a hesitant one and yet plan to buy a roti maker, we are here to sort out the situation and help you to choose the right roti maker. Also, we will inform you about the features that should be present in a good roti maker and how you can differentiate from one brand to another regarding the features of a roti maker.

Top 9 Roti Makers in India

Now we will discuss the best roti makers available in the Indian market.

1. Eagle roti maker

Eagle is the brand famous for creating the best kitchen appliances, and this roti maker is no exception. This one is pretty much functional and helps you to make rotis fast and the output is also of great quality.


  • This roti maker saves time and electricity and thus is a favourite for those who live alone or does not take help for doing the household chore.
  • This one comes with a dual heating feature which means the top, as well as the bottom part of the roti maker, gets heated. This helps to cook the roti as well as flattening it by pressure.
  • The body of this roti maker is shockproof and so is the handle. So you can touch it while it is working and yet there will be no chance of getting burnt or electrocuted.
  • The shockproof body will help this gadget to stay safe even when the voltage has fluctuated. This ensures the stability and durability of the machine.
  • There is a trendy neon light that acts as an indicator of when the roti is ready. So you can be alert and take the roti off the machine at the right time.
  • The rotis are made in less than one minute which is a great thing. It is such a time saver and also it offers properly cooked rotis.
  • The original non-stick surface offers you flexibility and there is no chance that the roti gets stuck to the bottom or top part of the roti maker.
  • The price of the product is pretty affordable so it is a grabbing item with so many features and so little price.

  • The plastic material used for the body is not of very good quality.
  • The heat that is provided by the roti maker is not sufficient sometimes to cook the roti properly.

2. Molo roti maker

This is a great product which works in a versatile way. Not only this one makes roti but also it is used for making some other Indian stuff as well. This multipurpose product can be used to make rotis, as well as khakras and papads.


  • This one is the most utilized roti maker which is full of features.
  • This one offers a uniform heating method which makes sure that the roti is well heated by the gadget and thus it is well cooked.
  • This roti maker comes with the best non-stick coating which ensures the food quality stays intact as well as the roti does not stick to the bottom or top portion of the maker.
  • The heavy shockproof handle lets you move it and handle it without any chance of getting into an accident.
  • Also, the shockproof body makes sure that no kid or pet gets harmed due to the burning when it is in use.
  • This one has thermostatically controlled dual heating process which makes sure that the power usage is low and the cooking is done fast.
  • The non-stick coating is of superb quality and it ensures that the food quality is high.
  • The dual heating system is great and that saves the energy and use the energy efficiently.
  • It uses 900 watts of power which means the electricity bill will not rise too much after using this gadget.
  • The rotis are made within minutes and thus your precious time is saved.
  • Other than roti, many other dishes can be made with this roti maker and that too without oil. This ensures oil free eating and that is a saviour for your health.
  • There is one year warranty available on this product.
  • The handle can get broken or come loose after the first few months of use.
  • The rotis made by this machine are sometimes thick and hard.

3. Prestige Roti Maker PRM 3.0

This is another reputed brand in kitchen appliances and that is not for any small reason. The products that they come up with are often the most efficient and durable. This brand always gets good reviews from the users and the same thing happened with their roti maker.


  • This roti maker comes with supreme efficiency to make rotis for you that are tasty, healthy and the process is effortless.
  • This one consumes 900 watts of power.
  • This roti maker comes with non-stick coating which enables the rotis to fluff.
  • The base of the roti maker is shockproof so no worry about electrocution is there.
  • This one is an energy-efficient model.
  • There is a demo CD included in the packet which offers clear instruction of how to operate this one.
  • The price of this product is affordable and anyone can get this product at such an economical rate.
  • You get a warranty of one year for this product from the manufacturer.
  • The wires can cause sort circuit while using it.
  • The rotis are not as soft as expected.
  • The handle may break out as happened to a few users’ cases.

4. Jaipan JDRM 901 Jumbo Roti Maker

This one is a jumbo roti maker as the name suggests and it is particularly liked by those who love to have bigger rotis at home. This one looks classic and it is always a better device if you are looking for a sturdy material to add to your kitchen.


  • This is a multi-purpose appliance and you can make rotis along with paper dosa, pancakes and papads.
  • The model is a shockproof one and so you can expect it to work without any problem while the voltage will be fluctuating.
  • This one looks good with its shiny black body and adds glamour to your kitchen.
  • The body is a stainless body and so no scratches are easily made on it.
  • The non-stick coating is a great thing which we like most about this roti maker. This is Greblon Gamma coating available in this product.
  • It works on 230-240 volts which means it saves the power consumption.
  • A year of warranty is available on this product.
  • The switch stops after first few uses, as complained by some users.
  • Handle breaks off and thus it needs further replacement or mending.

5. Baltra BTR-201900 watt magicook roti maker

This one is the most trusted brand of India and their products are always able to earn a good reputation in terms of ability and durability. This one makes rotis within minutes and those are soft and tasty.


  • There is an automatic heat indicator which helps you understand when the roti is ready and when the plate gets too hot.
  • The roti maker comes with a double heating system which is great for power consumption control.
  • It uses 220 volts of power and consumes 900 watts while working.
  • The package contains one demo CD to dictate how to manage this roti maker.
  • The warranty card also comes with the packet that ensures a year guarantee on this item.
  • The dual heating system makes it a useful option for roti making.
  • Some users complained that the heat is not sufficient to cook the roti properly but most of the users are pretty much satisfied with the product, so no major con has been found.

6. Athena Libra roti maker

This one is known for making soft and puffy roti out of flour dough. There are many alluring features of this roti maker and as this is another reputed brand selling kitchenware you can expect it to be a great item for your kitchen.


  • This one comes with a light indicator which shows when the hotplate is ready to cook your rotis.
  • The non-stick surface does not allow the roti to stick to the pan so there is no chance of burning the roti.
  • The product looks amazing and you will love to keep it in your kitchen.
  • The price of the product is greatly affordable for its features.
  • The roti maker comes with a built-in locking mechanism which ensures that the machine will not start working until it is properly locked, so this way this item ensures the user’s safety.
  • This product is quite energy efficient so you do not need to worry about the extra electric bills when you will be using it.
  • You can get it replaced within 10 days if any manufacturing defect is found in the product.
  • The thickness of the roti sometime bothers the users.

7. Sunflame RM1 900 watt roti maker

This is another famous brand in India in the field of kitchenware. This brand has now come up with their own roti maker which works perfectly well for the busy working housewives. The roti maker can satisfy you with its soft rotis and less energy consumption. This is a regular roti maker which takes the effort to make the rotis tasty and soft like the manually made ones.


  • There is an LED indicator which indicates the heat of the hotplate.
  • The stainless steel surface ensures the longevity of the product as well as great food quality.
  • The handle is thermally stable so you can hold the roti maker by the handle while it is working and there will be no chance of getting burnt.
  • The uniform heating technique is great in this machine.
  • As it is powered by 900 watts of electricity you can be sure that no extra electricity will be consumed by this machine.
  • The demo CD included in this package ensures that you can understand the method of working of this roti maker, as this CD will stay with you, you can check and recheck the methods if you have any doubts, unlike the service people who will not be there to answer your queries for days.
  • The brand offers customer care service where you can call and let know if you face any difficulty in handling the machine or faulty mechanism.
  • This one comes with 2 years warranty which is great for a roti maker.
  • No particular fault has been found by the users of this product.

8. Bajaj VACCO Go Ezzee Chapati roti maker

This brand has to offer an entire range of roti maker and dough maker to help the busy homemakers and they have already satisfied a huge client base with their unique gadgets. This one saves a lot of energy and money in terms of electricity and thus helps us with some savings. This is one of the oldest brands of electric ware and kitchenware and you can trust it with their new roti maker as well.


  • This is just the right roti maker for those who love to have something extra as this one can make roti, khakra, papads and many more.
  • The Teflon coated surface lets the roti cook in a proper way.
  • The model comes with a shockproof way so you can hold it while cooking the roti and there will be no chance of getting electrocuted.
  • The LED indicator shows how hot the hot plate is so you can place the patty of dough at the right time.
  • This one bakes roti in the right temperature and not a single roti will be burnt.
  • This energy-efficient roti maker will help you to make rotis fast and yet your electricity bill will stay in its place.
  • Most of the users are satisfied with this product and no major con has been found.

9. Eveready RM1001 900 watt roti maker

This is a masterpiece in the form of a roti maker and it comes from a master brand like Eveready which is a reputed one in making electrical appliances. It is one of the best roti makers available in India.


  • The non-stick coated body of the roti maker ensures the rotis are well cooked and not burnt.
  • The shockproof body makes sure that you avoid any kind of accident while working with this roti maker.
  • The heasy press handle makes it an attractive piece of kitchenware.
  • It works on 900 watts and 230 volts which makes it an energy-efficient product.
  • It comes with two years warranty which means the product is quite durable and trusted for its efficiency.
  • You can expect the value of money while buying this product.
  • The warranty card comes with the package so you can easily claim the replacement when needed.
  • An instruction manual comes with the package to guide you about the working process of this roti maker.
  • Some users complain that the roti often gets burnt due to the overheating of the hot plate.

How it works:

Roti makers prepare a roti from a patty made of flour and water. The patty is placed between the two plates of a roti maker, and the top lid presses it to make a flat circle roti. The bottom part then heats up and cooks the roti in a usual process as to how it is cooked on the gas stove.

The surface of the roti maker is always coated with non-stick coating. The best roti makers come with the American non-stick coating which ensures that the roti does not stick to the top or lower surface.

Why you need a roti maker in your kitchen:

The roti is the most popular and healthy form of bread as mentioned earlier, and our ancestors have always eaten healthy. Our mothers and their mothers had spent hours in the kitchen to make delicious rotis but now we are too busy with the job and such works. We spend most of our day out of the house, and after returning home no one wants to go through the strenuous process of roti making. So by buying a roti maker you can save yourself from the labour as well as ensure to have the healthy and delicious rotis on a daily basis.

How to make roti with a roti maker:

There are a few tips and tricks on how to make rotis on roti makers. You should know how to make rotis on roti makers or the machine will be of no use to you. So here we are listing the do’s and the don’ts to inform you in a better way.

  • The dough should be made with more water than usual so it gets softer and stickier. The flour also should be different than it is used for the manual roti making. The dough should absorb more water than usual and it should be left for an hour in room temperature before putting it to use.
  • The dough should always be freshly made. You cannot use the refrigerated dough in a roti maker as then the outcome will not be as desirable. If you let the dough stay at least for 20 minutes, the rotis will be softer and lighter. If you can possibly keep it for an hour the rotis will be much softer. And if you use the dough directly after preparing it, the rotis will be harder to chew and almost non-edible.
  • Use some oil while preparing the dough and preferably it should be vegetable oil so no smell remains in the dough. The oil helps the dough to stay soft and also the rotis that are made from the dough are softer and fresher to eat.
  • If you eat rotis right after making them it will be the best experience. If you keep the rotis for a long time in open-air the rotis will get stiff and hard. So try to eat them fresh to experience it best. If you need to make them earlier and plan to have them later, try to store them in an airtight box and preferably wrap them with a soft cotton piece of cloth so the moisture is not lost.

Is buying roti maker online a good decision:

Buying roti maker online has many advantages than buying it from the shop. There are many advantages which are detailed below:

  • If you are buying roti makers from online, you can check the client reviews for different brands and different models. It will be a great help and you will not end up buying something which is not desirable. Also, the real images uploaded by the users will help you have an idea of the product and you can also check the durability and experience of the gadget from the reviews.
  • The features are more explained in the e-commerce portals and that will help you to understand the working ability and durability of the gadget.
  • You can get a discount on the price of the roti maker as there are so many sales going on in the e-commerce sites. The number of discounts will be greater than the discount you will get from the physical shops.


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