10+ Best pulse oximeters in India

If you want to know more about pulse oximeter then you have found the right site as in this you will get to know more about them and also know the best ones that you can buy.

You all might have heard about the blood pressure monitor and the sleep tracker but you also need to know about the pulse oximeters. Since there are so many advancements in technology therefore you are able to keep theses things at home and monitor yourself.

The pulse oximeter is a device which us used to calculate the amount is oxygen in the blood. By this you are also able to check the pulse of the patient.

The pulse oximeters that we are talking about would not require the blood samples to know he amount of oxygen but these depend on the wavelengths of light. These are also able to produce the results quickly and by maintaining the accuracy.

The pulse oximeter a will provide you results in a wide variety for different age groups and for different patients of any gender.

These are easy to use and also compact so can be used by any person.

Let us now know how these would work actually.

Top pulse oximeters in India

Now let us see some of the best pulse oximeters that are available to us in India.

Neclife trust finger pulse oximeters

The pulse oximeter that we are discussing is portable one since it is the finger pulse oximeter and it is a very easy device that you can use. You can check your pulse through and the saturation levels too through this.

The display of the oximeter is of dual core OLED and it will display the results in the form of a bar graph. This is used mostly in the clinics and the hospital’s.


  • It has a dual core display.
  • The warranty is one year.
  • Pros

  • It is compact, it is highly durable and reliable.

  • The oximeter also has a feature of automatic power off.
  • It is very easy to use it and it is portable too.

  • No alarms are added in its features.
  • Care is to taken while handling it.

Healthsense accurate beat finger pulse oximeter

The healthsense oximeter will help you in microbial reactions whereas the design of the finger will be adaptable.

The model has a large LED display and it has accurate readings too. The led will clearly show your results even if you have low level of light.

It is light in weight so it is easy for you to carry it anywhere and anytime.

The results will be depicted in 8 seconds do you don’t need to wait.


  • The finger chamber that is attached to the finger does not contain any latex do you won’t go through any of the microbial reactions.
  • The led has a strong light due to which you are able to see the results even in low light.
  • It also has an anti motion feature.
  • The display screen is also very large.
  • The pulse rate will be depicted in 8 seconds.
  • The battery will be saved since it is switched off automatically.
  • It will fit to any size of finger.
  • It has a single button for operation.
  • You can remove the batteries easily.
  • The weight is light and the design of the oximeter is also portable.
  • The readings are quite accurate.

  • Sometimes the readings are not accurate.

Newnick finger pulse oximeter

This oximeter is also one of those oximeters that is the best one and I’d available for you in the market. It is reliable and you can read your oxygen levels and pulse through it easily.

The oximeters is certified by the FDA and also the CE.


  • It will give you quick readings and will depict the blood and saturation levels easily.
  • It is certified by the FDA and CE.
  • If gives you a warranty if one year.
  • It has feature of alarm.

  • It gives an accuracy of 3%.
  • The oximeter also has the feature of anti motion and will give accurate results even if there is motion.
  • It is resistant to water.
  • It can be used by kids and adults too.

  • There are no such cons.

Santamedical generation fingertip pulse oximeter

These oximeters measure the pulse rate and they are very fast and accurate.

The product is available with the OLED display and will also showcase you results in number if directions since it has a multidirectional display.

The results are variable and can be depicted through the bar graph the battery level and will be displayed to you on the screen.


  • It has a screen that is OLED with adjustable brightness.
  • The pulse rate is displayed on waveforms and on bar graph.
  • There is cord which is provided for its handling.
  • The batteries are AAA.
  • The alarm will ring even if there is low battery.
  • The warranty is for a span of one year.
  • It has good and excellent batteries.

  • The oximeter is affordable.
  • It gives you accurate readings.
  • It is very easy in use.
  • The oximeter has a feature if automatic shut off due to which its battery is saved.

  • You need to handle it properly.

Dr. Moreover PO-04

This oximeter is very capable and will produce very accurate and correct results.

You can use this pulse oximeter for both the adults and the kids.

If also has a dual OLED display and will display you the results in six different modes.


  • It will give quick results and with great accuracy.
  • It has a warranty of one year.
  • It has display of 6 forms.
  • You can save your battery since it has auto off option
  • The results are accurate and it makes use of he anti feel feature.

  • It is light and can be carried easily.
  • It can be used continuously upto a maximum of thirty hours.

  • There is no feature of alarm.

Life plus pulse oximeter

This oximeter helps you to check the pulse and the saturation levels easily a d by placing it on your finger tip.

You can use this oximeter in the hospitals and the diagnose centre or even at your home’s.

It is approved by the FDA and also the CE anf comes up with a warranty.


  • It has a dual display of OLED and will display you in six different modes.
  • It will display you the results accurately.
  • It will give you a warranty of one year.
  • It has alarms that are both audio and visual ones.
  • It has anti motion option.
  • You can save your power through it.
  • It turn off automatically.

  • It has accuracy of 3%.

Niscomed pulse oximeter

This is a finger pulse oximeter and will give you accurate results with the accuracy of 2%.

The screen is of OLED and will display you results in 6 different modes. You can take results from anyplace and any angle.


  • If has a dual OLED which will display you accurate results.
  • It gives you a warranty period of 1 year.
  • It has accuracy of 2%.

  • It gives you a feature of automatic off.
  • It will display you results in 6 different modes.

  • There are no feature of alarms and also there is no feature for anti motion.

Choice Mmed

This pulse oximeter is very easy to use and is designed so that it gives you accurate readings and with good saturation levels.

It is easy to use and will fit easily to any size of person be it a kid or an adult.

It is small in size can be portable and handy.

It is used in homes widely.


  • It has good display and will give you results of saturation and pulse rate too in the waveforms.
  • It has a display of OLED that is dual colour.
  • It is small in size.

  • You can rely on it and is quite durable.
  • It will shut off automatically.

  • You cant use this for kids.

  • You do not have feature of alarm and also the warranty.

There are the best pulse oximeters that are available in India today. They have a number of features that are quite suitable for you as you can use them at your home easily take it to different places and use it as you want.

There are different ones for different places and purpose and have different parameters which are described in the article. Kindly go through it before you buy it.

At last they are made for the benefits of people and you should make the list of it.

Buying guide for users

When you are buying the pulse oximeter you need to keep a few things in mind. These are discussed below.


When you are choosing the pulse oximeter you need to keep the price as a factor too. You need to keep the oximeter that you can buy as your first preference. If you are buying a high price oximeter that means may be you need to have a good maintenance for it.


There are many pulse oximeter that will provide warning to you. So you need to choose an oximeter that will warn you and produce alarm so that you are aware about the heartbeat. There are many who only rely on these pulse oximeter for the management of their diseases you need to maintain a healthy life so charge it when it shows low battery.


The oximeters are quite portable and light in weight. So you need to choose an oximeter that will be light and you can keep it in your pocket and feel light and free. You can keep them in your pocket and carry them anywhere. If you are patient of hypoxia then you would require ab oximeter. This should be light and almost the one which cannot be damaged.


It is one of those important factors that you need to consider whole you are using the pulse oximeter. A strong one would give more good results as compared to he other. The oximeters that you choose should be strong enough so that they can withstand the pressures and humid temperatures too.


There are different styles if pulse oximeter sand they have a different display.

So you need to choose the right one with a correct display for you and should also have the correct font. The pulse oximeter that you take should also have a beautiful back display.

When theirs is lightening some of the best ones will have the feature of adjusting the brightness. This is essential during some conditions. You need to search some pulse oximeter that will have multiple angles displays.


You need to check out the popularity of a pulse oximeter when you are purchasing the oximeter. There are some which will have more popularity among the users and there are some which have very good reviews. So when you decide to buy a pulse oximeter always go and look for the reviews and find out the best ones. So while purchasing a product it is essential that you look for the popularity and the reviews.


While you are purchasing a pulse oximeter the first thing that you need to look for is the accuracy and how reliable it is. The first and the primary work of the pulse oximeter is to measure your pulse oxygen rate. You have to choose the one that you can rely on and also the one which can give more accurate results than the other instruments.

Most of the oximeters that are used work on the same mechanism and there is difference in the ways they are produced so you need. If you want to know whether the results you are getting are right or not for that you need to cross check the results.

The oximeters have the capability of producing results with an accuracy of +-3%. The accuracy is affected by many conditions. The motion also affects it. So to produce accurate results to need to find the right one.


The oximeters that you buy should be easy to use and should also not operate on technical knowledge. The oximeters are of different varieties and different range.

The finger one is very easy in operation and in it you just need to clip your fingers and press the button. Then wait for the results which will be displayed on the screen.

The oximeters will give you results in different ways and you need to understand these results. These features are the benefits that you are getting with the pulse oximeters.

Size of the probe

When you are purchasing a pulse oximeter you need to look out for the size of the probe. The probe should be of the appropriate size and it should be able to fit your finger correctly. The clip on type are more better as they do not have issues regarding fit. You can simply clip them on your fingers and go ahead with the use.

If you want to calculate the saturation oxygen of your kids, infants or for the people with small fingers then you can go out for a paediatric pulse oximeter. That would suit your conditions.


Some of the other features that you need to know are features related to the memory. The memory is for storing data and there is memory for storing data for several people.

The other features of the pulse oximeter that you need to know are that it has a good connectivity that is you can use the Bluetooth and the USB too.

Some of the oximeters are so advanced that they will help you in sending data to the doctor.


Process of working of the pulse oximeters

The pulse oximeter would prove the thin part of the body. It could be a finger tip or an earlobe. After this the photodetector will get the wavelengths. These are send by the probe. These are two wavelengths and these get absorbed. The oxygenated haemoglobin will absorb one and the deoxygenated will absorb the other. After this they are analysed by the photodetector.



This helps in monitoring the blood of people who suffer from the sleep apnea and also who suffer from the problem of snoring. These help to warn the staff in cases when the oxygenated level comes extremely low of infants.


The pulse oximeter helps in giving a warning to the staff so that the oxygen level of the infant does not go do low and the patient is safe.


The oximeter helps to monitor the pulse during exercise.

The pulse oximeter is also helpful in measuring the saturation level for the patients who have undergone anaesthesia.

It also informs you when your readings cross the line

Let us know about the various types of pulse oximeters that exist.


Generally we are going to discuss give major categories of pulse oximeters.

These are described below.

Finger pulse oximeter

These are also called as the portable oximeters. As the name these oximeters can be portable and used by placing them on your fingertips. You can use it by simply flipping it on your finger. After you have clipped it on the finger then you need to see the screen for further results.

The oximeters are very helpful in operation and can check the levels of blood easily.

Because there are portable and handy they are easy to use and therefore you can use them at home to check the oxygen levels and blood levels and also the saturation levels.

Handheld pulse oximeter

These oximeters are more accurate as compared to the finger one. This oximeter has two parts that are the process and a screen for display. This screen is handheld. The two parts are connected to each other through a cable. The probe is connected by attaching it to the finger of the patient and the oxygen and blood levels are displayed on the screen.

These are capable of monitoring. These pulse oximeters are used in the hospital’s and the emergency services.

Tabletop oximeters

These are comparatively bigger than the finger oximeters and the handheld oximeters. This category of oximeters also has two parts. These are the display screen for displaying the results and also a cable.

These oximeters are used in bigger hospitals for treatment and at home care centres.

These oximeters are also available with the alarms. These alarms can be audio and visual and are connected do as to inform people about there pulse rate which might be falling very low.

Some of these tabletop oximeters are available with the display and are used to monitor the adults and patients. They are also capable of storing data.

Wrist oximeters

These are similar to the wrist watches that we wear. This is for the purpose of continuous monitoring. There are cases when there is requirement of monitoring your blood oxygen levels continuously that is while sleeping or while performing various activities. So these are really helpful.

They have a probe which is attached in the patients finger and the results which are produced would be displayed on the screen that is on the wrist.

These oximeters are able to store data in some cases. These are really helpful and you must try them out.

Pediatric pulse oximeter

These oximeters are created for kids especially. The kids might belong to the age group of 4 or below. They are the finger oximeters and are built so that they can be used by the kids easily.

These oximeters are somewhat bigger and are not useful for the small fingers but they can be used for children.

These are also available with alarms that you can use to warn people if there pulse is coming low. They also have an antimotion feature which is able to give the accurate results.

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