10 Best Popcorn Machine For Movie Time in India

Popcorn is a huge hit as an entertainment for the movie-watching sessions, be it at home or in theatres. This is a comfort food too with no oil and thus simply no fat. You can indulge in it without worrying about putting on a few extra kgs to your body.

This simple and lovely snack was discovered by Felix de Azara and primarily it was not considered as a snack, but a decoration! Also, it was used in headgears and necklace. In fact, it was discovered much later that this one is edible too. Since then there has been enough craze about this snack and people over the world loved it thoroughly.

The way to make it is not very complicated either. This snack of children and adults is easily made with a popcorn vending machine, or in short, popcorn machine. This machine was first patented by Cretors. That machine was a huge one, with a large scale output. And then the machines have been used everywhere.

If you are a lover of cosy weekend evenings and wish to stay home while spending some quality time with your partner, then you can make a healthy snack and enjoy it with your favourite latest movies. Whenever you are seeing a movie at your home theatre or projector, do not bother to buy oily stuff or order pizza. You can snack on popcorn which will fit your budget and health at the same time. You do not have to leave your comfort of home to go out and buy the food. You can just have it at home only.

The solution to this situation is a great popcorn machine which will make popcorn for you. The guide will help you to decide which one you need from the lots of popcorn machines available in the market. The popcorn poppers are also included in the list wand you can get great information about these machines before you take any decision. The machines mentioned here do not create any mess and thus you can be sure of getting your favourite snack at home without any extra trouble.

You can go through the instructions that are given below and understand them well. These instructions will help you find something which will fit your requirement. You can get something that will be just perfect in functionality and this buyer’s guide will help you to solve all the queries regarding the popcorn machines as well.

Top 10 Popcorn Machine In India

Now we will turn our gaze to the best popcorn machines that are available in the Indian market, let’s see which one works for you.

1. Mini Chef Electric Tandoor Popcorn Maker

This one will help you make lots of snacks when you are arranging a big house party or a kid’s birthday. It’s good plastic build body and a detachable serving bowl makes it a hit for a get-together or any gatherings.


This is an electrical gadget which works with 1200 watts. It comes in a red colour and it has the capacity of 75 gms popcorn making in each batch. The machine weighs 1.7 g and the material is BPA free plastic. So by every means this one is a good machine and surely will be loved by the customers.

  • This one works super fast and you do not have to wait before you will see the popcorns popping.
  • The outcome is fast and good so you can trust it for a big party.
  • The build is quite good and it will definitely last long.
  • Some users complain that taking the popcorn out of the bowl is not very easy.
  • Also, this one is an air popper so it is not possible to make the popcorn salty or with any particular flavour, as that flavour will not stick to the popcorn.

2. Nova Pop Corn Maker

This product from a reputed brand like Nova is a classy looking one. The design of the popcorn maker is really innovative. It also makes popcorn very fast. Popcorn from this machine is quite tasty and is always healthy.  Also, this one is very affordable and comes at a pocket-friendly price.  This is a great choice to keep at home so you can be ready for a house party.


This popcorn maker uses no oil or butter. This one works with hot air and it is definitely a heavy-duty popcorn maker. The wattage for this machine is 1200 watts. The voltage requirement for operating this machine is 210 to 250 volts. It comes with an instruction manual which will help you use the machine. This is a portable machine which weighs 1.2 kgs, so you can easily carry it from one place to another.

  • This product comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • The machine works really fast and you can get a quick output.
  • This is also quite easy to operate and no complications will arrive.
  • This one works quite efficiently and it takes up a smaller space in your kitchen.
  • Quite easily you can clean it and it is not heavy.
  • Also, this comes at a pocket-friendly price which makes it a great choice.
  • The design is a bit faulty.
  • The top cap can get melted if you are using it for a long time, and it will not work as efficiently.

3. Chef Pro Popcorn Maker

This one is actually a chef, so the name is quite justified. This is a complete pro at making while it comes to make popcorn. The popcorn made of it is really tasty and very much satisfying. This machine proves that popcorn can be a tasty snack anytime. The movies sessions at your house will be more interesting with the popcorns coming out from this popcorn maker. A tub of popcorn will be ready at your hand when you are having a house warming party or a get together with friends or colleagues.


The popcorn works without oil or butter. This has a removable chute which is rather helpful. There is a butter warming cup which is a great device to melt the butter. Later you can drip the butter onto the popcorns and make it just ready. The parts are all removable and safely washed in the dishwasher. The power wattage of this product is 1200 watts as usual. This maker weighs 880 grams which means it is pretty lightweight.

  • This popcorn maker makes popcorn in less than 3 minutes which is great.
  • Popcorn is a healthy snack and made from this maker, the popcorn will be healthier as it does not need oil to make them.
  • There is a one year warranty on this popcorn maker.
  • As mentioned earlier, this is pretty lightweight and thus very much portable.
  • This one comes at a budget price which is a great point.
  • If you feel that the machine has got heated up while using, switch it off for some time and let it cool.
  • This may take up a few minutes and is disturbing when you have a party on.

4. Grade Plastic Smart Snack Maker

This is a smart popcorn maker machine from a reputed brand like Grade. This is a snack developing machine which can produce multiple snacks at the same time. The snacks made from it are all healthy as well as very tasty. Thus you get homemade snacks which will prevent you from eating junk food or fast food. The scrumptious food will make your kids happy and they will be entertained to get the snacks at their playtime. This snack maker is recommended for bringing the best homemade snack to you.


The product has a non-slip rubber grommet which is rather helpful. There is a transparent PC dome which helps you to see how the popcorns are made. The product is being made by high-temperature resistant plastic and is safe. This one also has a butter melting cup which can be used to melt the butter and later mix it with the popcorns to get butter flavoured popcorns. The operating voltage required for this machine is 220 to 240 volt.  The wattage requirement is 1200 watt. This one works with a silent dc and the rating is 5 min. The good quality food grade plastic is used to make this product.

  • This snack maker comes with a 1-year manufacturing warranty which is a great thing.
  • This is a rather lightweight and portable gadget which can be carried to any place you wish.
  • The durability of this snack maker is great and it can make various kinds of snacks.
  • This one is a bit expensive one as compared to the other ones on this list.
  • Also, the motor gets heated up too quickly which is a negative point of this gadget.

5. Great Northern Popcorn Popper Machine

This Great Northern Popcorn machine is a royal one in its efficiency and look. The classy design and high standard making it a great achiever in terms of performance and features. T his popcorn machine comes with a unique removable tray that helps you to make and serve ready popcorn which is yummiest and healthiest. No mess will be created around this machine and it works smoothly and cleanly.


This popcorn machine can make huge 1-gallon popcorn at each turn, which is a great thing when you are holding a big party. The stainless steel kettle has a built-in stirring system and it is quite great to mix the popcorns. There is a convenient pull-out tray to take the popcorn out of the machine and serve. The machine comes with a warming light which keeps the popcorn warm and crunchy. There are two popping kettle hangers and a removable popcorn tray along with a measuring spoon and a cup. This product is a bit bigger in size, with 24.8 x 27.9 x 47.6 cm.

  • There is a 30-day warranty available on the kettle and 90-day warranty on the complete set.
  • The removable tray is very easy to take out.
  • The instruction manual for this machine is quite discreet and is useful for the users.
  • The machine looks big but is not very heavy which can be counted as a great feature.
  • This product is pretty much expensive and it requires some little assembling.

6. TWOBIU Popcorn Machine

This one is the easiest popcorn machine to operate. You just have to put the kernels of corns herein and after 3 minutes you can get 16 cups of oil-free fluffy and a crispy healthy snack ready at your hand. This is so much delicious that your guests will ask for more and more. This is also a great luxury to get such a yummy snack ready at home as you will be enjoying your movie session at the projector. This is a great machine with a compact shape and high working ability. Thus you can safely invest in this machine and get good snacks at home.


This machine can bring you 16 cups of popcorn within 3 minutes. This one works with hot air so no oil consumption for you at the name of snacking. The popcorn machine popping chamber is made of food-grade Aluminium alloy which is highly safe and recommended. The surface is made of plastic which is BPA free and durable thermal-conduct ABS. the product measures 23.9 x 18.3 x 24.4 cm.

  • This one can be cleaned effortlessly.
  • The material does not contain any harmful chemical substance or does not react at the high temperature.
  • The surface of the product has a wide range of damage resistance which is great.
  • It also prevents scratches and bumps.
  • There is a 12 months warranty on the entire machine, and it is definitely great news.
  • A perfect utility thing for everyday use, this popcorn maker can make your family happy.
  • This one comes with a high price tag.
  • The popping chute and the measuring cup needs to be cleaned with a damp towel soaked in warm soapy water, which is a time-taking job.

7. West Bend Air Popcorn Popper

This popcorn popper is a great thing which turns the kernels out to the healthy and great tasting snack within 3 minutes. This also makes sure that the kitchen of yours does not get messy and still the popcorn is ready super fast. The angles chute of this popcorn maker makes it easy to directly take the popcorn out from the machine to the bowl. The product has a very unique and user-friendly design.


The popcorn maker can prepare 3.5 quarts of popcorn within 3 minutes. The machine uses hot air to pop the corns so no oil is used. There are no kernels left behind in the machine and you can be sure that all of them have popped. The angled chute is a great way to get the popcorns directly into the bowl. A measuring cup comes with this product. The cup can be used as the butter melting cup also. This on/off switch and cord storage are great features of this popcorn maker. This machine measures roughly 8 by 5/ 2 by 12 inches.

  • This machine can be cleaned very easily.
  • It is quite lightweight and portable and thus can be carried to anywhere.
  • The angled chute is a great parameter.
  • This machine is quite highly-priced.
  • Although this is priced so high, no warranty is mentioned for this product.

8. NHL League Logo Stanley Cup Hot Air Popcorn Popper

This machine comes with the assurance of best results. It works as fast as a microwave. This is a special popcorn maker and you can trust its hot air technique to get the best-tasted popcorn. It is pretty easy to use and clean. Apart from the tub, this one also comes with a measuring cup with precise portion measurement. This is quite loveable a product and if you use it you will be highly satisfied. This does not need any oil to bake the corns.


There is a generic tub along with a measuring cup which can be used a butter melting cup. This popcorn maker works really fast and it uses the microwave technique to get your popcorn ready. This one looks gorgeous and obviously will make your kitchen look great.

  • The popcorn maker can offer 16 cups of popcorn within 3 minutes in a batch.
  • There is a pickup feature which will help you to pick the popcorns.
  • The cleaning process is quite simple and you can clean it easily.
  • The time it takes to make the popcorn is a bit too much compared to other popcorn makers in this list.

9. Presto 05201 Orville Redenbacher’s Stirring Popper

The mechanism of this popcorn popper is simple and this one works with a motorized arm. The machine helps to stir the corn kernels and no unpopped kernel will be left on the machine. You have to give it a bit of time to get all the popcorns ready. The quality of the popcorn will be great, fluffy and yummy.


The Presto 05201 popcorn maker uses 120 volts ac electricity to work. It has an ability to dispense butter on the popcorns while it is popping. The 800-watt charge is needed to get the job done. This product works efficiently and the customers have liked it since it came to the market.

  • This one also can turn up with 16 cups of popcorn at one batch.
  • The cleaning is done easily.
  • This one helps to get you butter or any other flavoured popcorn for your guest or yourself.
  • The popcorns take time to get ready, so you may have to face problem while attending a group of people at the same time.

10. Cuisinart CPM-100K Hot Air Popcorn Maker

The most stylish and the over-performing popcorn maker is saved for the last, and here is this one! This one will attract you with its efficiency and working ability. This one gets you 10 cups of fluffy popcorn within 3 minutes and is available with a removable chute. This one will be liked by all. The metallic red finish and innovative features make it a hit product.


This one works with 1500 watt power.  It has a removable chute as well as butter melting tray. These are really good additions with a popcorn maker to make your job easy.

  • This one has easy gripping options to hold it properly.
  • The cleaning of this machine is also quite easy.
  • A measurement cup is given with this package to insert butter on the prepared popcorn.
  • The product is a bit costly, and you need to spend a lump-sum to get this into your kitchen table.

Factors to check in a popcorn machine

  • The popcorn machines or popcorn makers are easy to set up and you can get yummy popcorn from it anytime you wish. The makers are also really easy to clean up. It just needs to be cleaned by wiping and the bowl should be used by a piece of clean dry cloth. This is a great reason why popcorn machines are so famous, as these are really hassle-free and easy to work with.
  • The capacity of a popcorn machine varies and this is an important aspect when you want to get a machine. The usual machines are able to make 70-80 grams of popcorn in each turn. But if you require more, then you can get more output at a turn.
  • The machines last long when the body is built with good quality material. The ABS plastic body is good for any plastic machines, and this is preferred more because it is non-toxic and BPA free. As this is a food generating machine, these factors should be kept in mind while checking for a popcorn machine. Food grade safe plastic is always recommended as only this machine will be regarded as completely safe for making food. The good material not only ensures the food safety of your popcorn but also guarantees the longevity of the popcorn machine.
  • The machine should be compact in shape and size if you want to use it at home. The gadget will be kept in the kitchen and thus, if it takes a large space then it will be a clumsy thing to use and also a problem to keep in the kitchen. Also if it needs to be carried from one place to another then also it will be not smooth. With a small popcorn machine, you can carry it anywhere and it will also be easy to store it.
  • When you are buying any machine, you must ensure the quality of the product is good. You are investing your money for a particular purpose and that should be retained. You cannot waste your hard-earned money on anything that will not last long and not provide you with good output. The durability is a factor that helps you decide the thing you need to buy. Thus you must check the information about the product that you are going to buy for the materials and expected durability of it.
  • The price of the popcorn machine should also be within your budget. This is an essential point while you are making any purchase. When you will have a bad experience after buying something you will be disappointed. Thus it is necessary to get the value for your money and the price of the product will decide that. The performance should be matched with the price or you will be the sufferer at the end. The money, as well as the energy and time, will be wasted if you do not check how much the product costs and how much work you can expect it to do for you.


  • Is this a healthy snack?

The popcorn makers use the hot air mechanism to pop the corns. No oil or butter is required in the process so this is fat-free.  You can add butter or any other seasoning later which will make it taste good, but the end product is actually quite healthy.

  • Does microwave popcorn affect health?

According to a report from the FDA, the chemical used in microwave popcorn bags breaks into PFOA as it gets heated. This substance can cause cancer. The POFA level in the blood can rise up to 20% if you eat microwaved popcorn.

  • Can you put oil to the hot air popcorn maker?

No oil should be put on the hot air popcorn maker.  Most of the machines come with a butter tray where you can melt the butter with the help of warm air. This butter can be used to season the ready popcorns but not the kernels should be popped in butter.

However, the machines listed here needs proper guidance and proper maintenance to give you effective result. We advise you to go through the manuals or guides that come with each product so you get aware of the functioning (and malfunctioning) of the popcorn makers. All pros and cons listed here are for your benefit, so you do not misjudge any product before using. We have listed the products as per the credibility and we expect you to have a great experience with the popcorn maker that you finally decide to buy.


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