Best Office Chairs for Home: Review

Your office chair will create a difference between a creative and a painful workday. Most chairs do not have anything but a place to sit on,  and a select few are designed in order to keep you comfortable and safe by adopting some scientific principles of safety.

In a Rush? Here is Our Top Choice

Savya Home APEX Chairs

  • Combination of hard plastic and also has a steel frame, fabric for seat upholstery and also mesh for the backrest.
  • Height and tension pneumatic adjustment mechanism.
  • Back and neck support
  • 360-degree swivel system.
  • Seat pad thickness: it is of 2 inches thickness.
  • Maximum user weight capacity: it has a weight of 120kg.
  • Warranty: it has a warranty of 3 years.
2. Budget Friendly

GTB Mid Back Revolving Office Chair

  • Easy to use
  • Best qulaity
  • Comfortable
3. Highest Quality

ETTOREZ Ergonomic Office High Back

  • Comfortable high-back
  • Waterfall Seat Design
  • Perfect to sit on for long hours.

Best Office Chairs

An office chair is very important office equipment. How do you know which models you need to focus on with millions of brands and models? This guide sets will be providing the most comprehensive answer to this question.

We’ll use a comprehensive guide to solve the ergonomic features that you need to consider before buying an office chair, the frequently asked questions, and also the top 10 best office chairs. Then there will be a detailed discussion on a few best examples of the current market.

1. Green Soul Premium Executive chair

The third slot on the review has another model and has a balanced mixture of comfort, elegance, and durability. It is a piece of a range of premium executive chairs that offers an increasingly influential brand to the office furniture landscape which is Green Soul. Let’s thrust into the specifics.

The first glance at the chair show that the designers went in headlong for elegance, durability, and an unmatched ergonomic profile. The major characteristic feature is leatherette upholstery with the colour scheme of black and brown which brings in an individual air of class. The frame is principally made of steel and has a general design that is adopted by the previous model. The steel armrests are emotionally involved to the base of the seat and the backrest is also having leatherette lined padding.

The base of the seat has an attachment to the height adjustment lever and also has a control knob to control the tilt tension. Like most models have the swivelling system, the weight-bearing bar also is extended into the base which integrates with five castors for easier movement. The chair has a great height of 44.5-48 inches, Seat Width of 21 inches and a Depth of seat about 22 inches.

Main Features

  • Type: it is of Executive type.
  • Material: there is a steel frame and leatherette upholstery.
  • Adjustments: It has a pneumatic adjustment system for tallness and seat tilting.
  • Lumbar support: Like the earlier models, the backrest has the natural curvatures of the average-sized human spine.
  • Swivel: it has 360 degrees.
  • Maximum user weight capacity: the weight is 120kg.
  • Warranty: The warranty is of 1 year.
  • Ergonomic-The chair gives enough reassurance and safety features from side to side a human spine-adapted backrest and adjustment features.
  • Durable- It has a solid steel frame that has durable leatherette upholstery to endure consistent use.
  • Classy and professional– It involves beautiful and well-woven upholstery that vibrate very well with professional settings.
  • Efficient- The change and movement system are generally smooth and easy to use.
  • Adjustments are only till seat height.
  • The material has the best high temperatures for those who have high sweating.

2. Savya Home Apex Plastic Chairs

One of the latest and most desired options for users that is available in the market with a large number of features. SAVYA Chairs is created with class 4 pneumatic gas lift which easily adjusts the height depending on your own need.

The 360-degree swirl raises the manoeuvrability. The fabric stuff is soft and relaxing.

Main Features

  • The product is created with a pneumatic gas lift and helps you to adjust the height of the chair.
  • It has a 360-degree swirl. These features help you easily accessible and movable wherever you need.
  • The material that is used to make this chair breathable premium line mesh that makes it very comfy to sit whole day long.
  • The chair has back lumbar support.
  • It has a26-inch non-rust able plastic base which helps you to hold up to the chair.
  • The chair has a stylish, comfortable and durable armrest which is an extremely good option for the office workers who use the chair all day.
  • DualSmooth nylon caster wheels help you to move easily with the chair around your office or your home wherever needed.
  • The material allows airflow that makes the user comfy and reduces the heat that can be used for the whole day.
  • The class 4 gas lift will ensure a long life.
  • You can adjust the tilt tension knob according to your own wish to boost or reduce the force that is required to rock or recline.
  • An ISO certified product has a 1-year warranty on the manufacturing defects.
  • The chair is light in weight and is not stable enough.

3. Green Soul Back Office Chair

This is one greater product from Green Soul that is designed with detailed attention to user comfort and has practicability. Also, it has user comfort; it gives a commendable edge that is durability and aesthetics.

It’s a great example of a chair design for the human spine. The mesh backrest is fashioned after all the key shapes of the thoracic and lumbar spine, and above it is a testable neck and head held up. The T-shaped armrests are of plastic material and cannot accommodate any cushioning on top.

The base of the seat has the control area for tension and height as it can hold the lever and a torsion knob. The base is similar to the most ergonomic chairs as it takes a familiar setup of a steel weight-bearing bar which has five divisions, which is fluent with casters for easy mobility. The chair has 19 inches in terms Width, 18 inches in depth, and is 47-51 inches in Height.

Main Features

  • Type: it is Ergonomic.
  • Material: It has a combination of hard plastic and also has a steel frame, fabric for seat upholstery and also mesh for the backrest.
  • Adjustments: it has a Height and tension pneumatic adjustment mechanism. It gives an extra 4 inches to the original height.
  • Back and neck support: gives support for different regions of the human spine with the contoured backrest, neck support, and adjustment system.
  • Swivel: it has a 360-degree swivel system.
  • Seat pad thickness: it is of 2 inches thickness.
  • Maximum user weight capacity: it has a weight of 120kg.
  • Warranty: it has a warranty of 3 years.
  • Highly ergonomic –it gives ample support to a wide range of body sizes.
  • Durable – It has a solidly built steel frame and has high resistance upholstery material.
  • Beautiful design –It involves professional design aesthetics that are suitable for a typical office environment.
  • Ample warranty period- it has a 3-year term warranty makes it one of the most comprehensive on the list.
  • It has armrests which are not cushioned.

These are some of the best chairs that are suitable for you and you should surely try them out. These chairs are surely comfortable and will help you do your work comfortably and with ease.

The chairs have a good and suitable armrest so go for the best and the right one.

Types Of Chairs

You might have seen from experience, that the market produces dozens of plans to meet a large variety of tastes and preferences. To know about the most excellent model for your needs it begins with a clear knowledge of the different type available. Let’s see.

Executive chairs

These chairs are the most expensive. As usual, these are created to provide an improved version, might be a comfort, safety, or appearance. Therefore, they are surely not a bad investment if your coin reserves are giving you a heads-up.

Executive chairs are available in different types that are based on a wide range of features. Size is the most common classifying factors as this is used to organize this type into “petite” and “big and tall” chairs.

Some of the description common in office chairs are:

  • They have casters.
  • Can turn or spin in space.
  • Give better back support.
  • Copious arm padding.
  • The seat is robust and there is backrest cushion.
  • It has extra ergonomic features.
  • Superior upholstery. Executive chairs are in a high-end price range that typically features the finest leather whereas those within the mid-range have greater quality fabric or lower grade leather.

With various features linked with executive chairs, there is always one for a specific taste as these chairs will tend to combine these features.

Task Chairs

These are available at a more reasonable price and give much more moderate comfort levels with features that will not usually offer much more than just the basics.

They are planned to help you vigorously control the posture as they do not have support features like enhanced lumbar supports and robust armrests. They are created to sustain short bursts of job in the seating position followed by short breaks.

If you are willing to have something that gives more comfort for long-lasting periods of work in a sitting position, it is not an ideal option.

Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomics is a discipline that applies scientific information and the principles to human work environments to promote well being and also overall productivity. Ergonomic chairs are a consequence of an effort to achieve utmost comfort, productivity, and well-being that depends on sound scientific principles.

They are diverse from those basic office chairs as they incorporate special modifications and provides the best possible sitting position. Some modifications are well-balanced padding, lumbar supports, and adjustability functions. Since there are many extra features, they have an extra cost and make them expensive.

In this case, they show a good investment and help you to stay efficient and also prevent some work-related health issues like the chronic back and neck pain.

Guest Chairs

These are required in any office and is bound to have a number of visitors and depend on the type of work. They are actually basic chairs which gives a good degree of comfort during seat padding and armrests.

However, they are classically short of extra calm features like the lumbar supports and does not offer support to the whole of the spine. This makes them best for shorter sitting periods and makes sense as office visits usually take as much time unless otherwise.

Kneeling Ergonomic Chairs

They are not a common display in most offices. However, these chairs have enough money and some remarkable features, especially for those who experience chronic back pain. A solution is that they afford a semi-kneeling posture. It helps to off-load some of the worry from your spine, back muscles, and other parts located at the back of your thigh and legs.

Though they don’t tender back support, which is common in most office chairs, they help you with adopting a lively approach to control your posture. This is better than the main designs which allow you to be passive by giving all sorts of postural support enhancements.

Stacking chairs

These are the cheapest and most easily produced chairs on a large scale. They are mostly used in meetings which have a substantial number of people like company meetings. They generally come in a metal frame or plastic frame with extra cushions. These are not good for prolonged sitting periods as they are hard and start to take a toll within a short period. But, with good practices, they are sufficiently shaped to support the ordinary posture.

Conference Chairs

As stated by the name, these are created for the conference rooms. They involve all the basic features along with a degree of aesthetics which is close to that provided by the executive or ergonomic chairs.

These are a limited edition of the standard office chair because of the lower extent of cushioning and support. Due to this, they are ideal for occasional moderate to long meetings that happen in the conference room.

Big and tall chairs

These are a part of a subclass of the ergonomic and executive chairs. As the name suggests, they are created to give more support and comfort, along with being able to accommodate heavier and taller individuals. Additional features are resolute by the primary chair type they approve.

Petite Chair

These are contradictory of the earlier type in the wisdom that they are very smaller versions of previous types modified to smaller sized individuals. Just as it is with large and tall chairs, their key description depends on the prime type of chair they stand for.

Ergonomic Features you need to Consider While Buying

These include all the functions that allow the chair to be modified to your size to give the best possible support. Let’s look at some of the key office chair modification.

Seat Height Adjustability

Any ergonomically sound office chairs have to incorporate a seat height adjustment mechanism to meet different sizes. This is made achievable through two main types of alteration systems.

Most recent height adjustable office chairs involve a pneumatic cylinder that allows the user to alter the height by merely pulling a lever which is usually located at the bottom of the seat. Previous versions make use of a screw mechanism that allows the user to vary the height by turning the chair or manually twist the seat at a preferred position.

Seat angle adjustability

Adjusting the angle lets you change the seat cushions angle regardless of the backrest position. It may not be such a critical feature to slot in, but it does come in helpful when there are out of the ordinary positional considerations like the cases of chronic back pain. It may prove helpful when you want to switch the chair into an extra relaxed position.

Seat length adjustability

This provides a lot of comfort for taller individuals. By agreeing to the seat to transfer backwards and forwards, it uses taller individuals with bigger thighs and legs.

Back height adjustability

This feature allows for adjustment of the backrest height to accommodate a range of sizes. Most chairs utilize a ratchet system for easier adjustments.

Back Angle

This helps you to regulate the backrest angle to the required positions. It can be used to alter the position from an erect position to the varying levels, by allowing you to control the standard sitting or more calm positions.


Armrests give more soothe and they are at a place that keeps your shoulders, upper arm, and neck muscles relaxed. Therefore, they should also be adjustable and the persons are different in terms of overall size.

Lumbar support

This is an important feature that gives hold up to your lumbar spine. The Lumbar Spine is the part of the spine that lies just above the base of the spine, measured by an inward curvature. It is a noteworthy weight-bearing part of the body as it bears your upper body’s weight, and is about 60% of your total body weight.

For this reason, they are often subject to problems that result from poor sitting posture. A classic example is chronic low back pain, which is pretty much a silent culprit in most people involved in long hours of office work.

Chairs with Lumbar support are calculated to provide extra support to this region of the spine to lower the overall risk. It typically comes as an inward curve at the base of a detachable cushion which can be changed to different heights. By varying the backrest height, the lumbar bear is also altered accordingly.

Key to selecting the right lumbar support is alteration and size. Go for the backrest to see if it is a nice fit for your spine, and also make sure its alteration system ensure if it can be adapted to your size.


Most contemporary chairs give a swivel mechanism that allows the user to rotate in space with no significant change to posture. This the needless strain to the body, especially when involved in repetitive on-desk tasks. If you spend a lot of time on the small table with a lot of shifting-around, swivel chairs can save your back and neck a lot of strain.


Wheels praise the swivel by addition of a degree of displacement to the rotation accessible by the swivel. They give that extra attain and mobility while preserving the best sitting posture. Special specifications may be taken when this carpet involved, as unsuitable wheels can mess up the wonderfully woven carpet. Nylon, Urathen, and Polyolefin are used in some of the best castors for carpet use.


Even the ideal producers can do some mistakes. So, you need to be sure that the product you choose comes with a reasonable warranty period to protect your investment. Most chairs have some standard one year warranty, while others may extend the era to furnish a more strong statement of their commitment to quality.


Office chairs comforting system which use fabrics as a choice for lining because of an assortment of aesthetic properties it can attain, and the reassure it provides in altering temperatures and environments. Ideally, the fabric you choose will be durable and comfortable, and a nice fit for your preferred office environment. When it comes to toughness, fabrics can be graded on various scales by manufacturers. The scales have an alphabet-based grading system from the alphabets A to Z or arithmetical system where the quality is directly proportional to the desired value.

Other ordinary types of material will be seen in office settings involve leather and mesh. Leather is popular for the class and solidity it will add to a wide range of products. It has a variety of colours and textures that you can choose depending on your taste.

It is usually tough than fabrics and has different grades. Mesh chairs have synthetic upholstery, which is tangled into a mesh-like design. They are known as long as for sufficient ventilation at the back, thus giving an extra layer of protection and comfort. The material and overall design also achieved a notable level of confrontation to wear and tear.


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