5 Best Kids Laptops in India (2020)

Kids laptop are an effective way to introduce your child with the numbers, languages and the skills for solving problems, etc. Here you will have the best kids laptops which are created on the period and age of your baby.

The computer has become a part of our lives and so the basic computer skills are not a lavish skill that is only for the rich but it is also available to folks who can have enough money to buy it or use it. In this era, it is necessary that people learn the computer basics from a small age. So, if we introduce the idea of an educational instrument to the little ones at the initial ages then it can be a great step that will help them to prepare for an increasingly urbane world ahead. Also, you can effectively introduce the language, mathematical skills, and problem-solving skills to your kids at an early age.

Kids’ laptops are generally a good way to introduce computers to kids and encourage them to build up various skills. Who knows if they become a crucial part of a modern kid’s playlist? But, it’s very tricky to know about the gadgets which are the best ad what factors you need to consider to provide something that is so beneficial for the child. This guide will be telling you about such factors which are plus points of buying the kids laptop, the buying guide, viewing the best options that are available. Some answers to the common questions are also given which might help you during shopping.

Types Of Kids Laptops

Laptops for kids are based on different ages. So if we consider ages, certain laptops are inside the 1+ age range. According to expectations, they are planned so as to encourage the kids and make them learn the basic sounds and images with no emphasis on the words and arithmetic.

Certain laptops which are more advanced are within the 3+ range, and they help the child to learn more difficult sounds, recognise the letters, and some-word sentences. The 6+ range will have more superior features and that involves the construction of sentences, simple puzzles and the essential arithmetic functions, and shapes too.

The primary purpose of using this is that kids’ computer can be broadly considered for educational and also for general purpose.

Educational laptops are more oriented and help the child in learning a particular set of skills. These are usually more copious in activities to develop language, arithmetic, or the skills to solve problems. Whereas, the purpose is to balance the educational skills and the general play activities like the games.

Top 5 Laptop for Kids in 2019

1. Urban Infrotech kids laptop

The first slot is given to the Urban Infrotech Kids laptop that too for a good reason. It is the richest in requisites of essential functions/features that are necessary for the well-rounded kid’s laptop. This feature includes a broad range of language, mathematical, logical and problem-solving activities that will provide the little one exceptionally rich experience. Let’s have a closer look at the device.

Design and key features

Nothing like most kids’ laptops, it has a more laptop-like look that allows the kid to the feel of a real laptop. It will also provide a broad variety of colours on the screen though and it will be considered as a predominantly Silver device. The body is of plastic material and will measure a 30 x 20 x 10 cm in terms of dimensions. The package has a mouse that is attached on the right side.

Main Features

Educational functions 

As stated above, the device is capable of education-focused functions that can be divided into four main groups.

  • Language – it has Spellings and pronunciation, some Scrambled words,  identification of Singular and plural, etc.
  • Mathematical and logical functions – it has basic math, Completing equations, Algebra, Percentages, Numbering logic. There are Problem-solving tactics like Shape puzzles, Tower of Hanoi, Tic tac toe.
  • Coordination of hand-eye and manual dexterity- it has keyboard typing games.
  • Music– it has the feature Music karaoke, like the music maker. It has Flash memory functionality.
  • It has a great number of activities which are aimed at providing a wide range of cognitive abilities.
  • It has a durable construction.
  • Best for preschoolers
  • The design is realistic and gives kids a better and proper introduction to laptops.
  • The flash memory gives functionality and also enhances the process of learning by allowing it with more effective revision.
  • It has a high price.

2. Viihaa kids laptop

Like the Urban Infrotech, this model is geared towards giving something that is closer to a real laptop and helps in assisting the development of a variety of mental and cognitive abilities. It has got a number of encouraging reviews from the current users. Thus this place is worth. Let’s go in details.

Design and key features.

It has a basic laptop’s clamshell design in which the screen board articulates with the base from a solid single hinge system. The base will hold an alphanumeric keyboard and has a set of control buttons with the adjacent surface on the front edge.

Main Features

Educational functions

Like the previous one, this laptop will afford an extensive range of functions that assist the development of key cognitive abilities.

  • Language– There is letter recognition and also pronunciation, recognition of Capital and small letter, recognition of Word recognition, and also spelling and pronunciation.
  • Drawing ofHand-eye organization and manual dexterity
  • Music – recognises Musical note playing, recognition of Melody.
  • Games –Star shooting and matching of pairs
  • It has a well-balanced set of features for kids who get started with numbers, letters, and words.
  • Build quality is durable.
  • Reasonable price tag.
  • Incomplete features for kids above 8 years.

3. Aquaras kids laptop

If you are finding something for 3+-year-old up and which has running alphabet and basic numbers, this small gadget can be a useful companion. It is a huge alphanumeric keyboard which is having an audio-visual feedback system at the centre of its overall value.

Design and features

The design is like the single-hinge clamshell and is featuring an LED screen and also the alphanumeric keyboard that can accommodate a full alphabet and also a set of numeric keys. The left side of the keyboard is having a speaker that provides audio feedback during the activities.

Main Features

Educational functions

The laptop can afford a wide range of functions to help with the development of the key cognitive abilities.

  • Language – helps in Letter recognition and articulation, word recognition, spelling, and also pronunciation.
  • Numbers and essential mathematics –Recognition of numbers and Number pronunciation.
  • Many users appreciate the durability, build quality of the material.
  • Colour scheme is good and has an attractive design for the suitable age range.
  • It is affordable
  • Good for kids of 5 years of age
  • Learning is simple because of the inbuilt LED screen and also the audio
  • The input is efficient and also the feedback system.
  • Activities are for older kids.

4. Storio kids laptop

It is a Simple colourful device that can keep your kid involved and can get along with the fundamentals of the language and numbers. The device has a great and commendable number of reviews from the users for the simplicity and the clever design.

Design and key features

Like the earlier models, the device also has a basic clamshell design which incorporates plastic and green coloured base that will articulate the bright screen. It has a weight of 249g and it measures around 17 x 13 x 2 cm if we talk of dimensions.

Main Features

Educational functions

  • Language– it has Alphabet letter recognition and pronunciation too, also Word typing and pronunciation.
  • Mathematical and logical functions – the recognition of Keyboard number from(1-10), the Number logic and pronunciation.
  • The voice feedback system is efficient for the identification of characters.
  • Users appreciate the sound quality.
  • It is colourful and has a great design for kids.
  • Reasonably priced price tag.
  • The activities are less.

5. Babygo learn kids laptop

The Babygo learn kids laptop can provide great learning tools which will blend play into cognitive development. It has a balanced feature set which combines language, mathematical, musical, and the problem-solving activities and makes it one of the most sought kid’s gadgets around.

Design and key features

A colourful clamshell design will provide a great way to introduce the laptops and numbers to the kid. The base has an alphanumeric keyboard, a speaker, and also a side attachment to hold the mouse. It articulates with the screen with the help of a solid hinge and allows the backward movement by an acute angle close to 180 degrees. It has a weight of 99.8 g whereas the overall size is 26 x 13 x 3 cm.

Main Features

Educational functions

  • Language– Recognition of Alphabet letter and pronunciation, Word and pronunciation: It has 40 English words that can be learned in different modes of training, like a letter, word, asking, and the spell mode.
  • Mathematical and logical functions–identification of numbers and pronunciation.
  • Music–identification of note and music learning through songs.
  • The feedback system is effective and has easy character and musical note learning.
  • Many users appreciate the efficiency in making the children learn new things.
  • It is Affordable.
  • It is very colourful and well built.
  • It does not have problem-solving activities for older kids.

Advantages Of purchasing Educational Laptops For Kids

Kids’ laptops encourage good skills like the mental and cognitive abilities and also certain excellent motor and physical skills in your kids. Here we sum up the key benefits.

Language development

This is developed through different play activities which aim at certain aspects like the language, and also includes alphabets, vowel sounds and even words, and sentences. Some examples are letter recognition, the articulation games, the building of words, and puzzles too.

Numbers and mathematics

There are certain kids’ laptop and games which are focused on budding the child’s skill to identify the names and be able to perform the basic arithmetic operations. These have number identification and pronunciation games too, and also some basic mathematics and number puzzles.

Logic and problem solving

Some kids’ learning laptops have games or activities that will encourage your child and will be developing certain problem-solving skills. It has various puzzles and even certain mathematical operations.

Typing and hand-eye coordination

The kids’ laptops have the necessary input devices such as the keyboard and mouse. You can use it in combination with different games so that you can improve your child’s skill. This will help you to perform the motors skills such as typing and mouse manipulation.

Buying Guide: What Factors you should consider while buying A Laptop For Your Kid?


For sure, the best device for a 6-month baby will not be the best for an 8-year-old kid. The first 8 years have separate developmental stages when the children developmental and physical limitations, these will also have an effect on how they are influenced by different toys or gadgets.

For example, the 8-year-old will be interested in a shape puzzle or a keyboard typing practice, but a one-year-old might be attracted to vowel sounds and some random keypunching. Due to this reason, kids laptops are developed keeping in view different ages in mind, which reflects different sets of activities and are included in the mini laptop.

To save you your time and your mind from guessing or going through the difficulty of coming up with the right mixture of features, the manufacturers indicate the suitable group in a certain specifications list. So, the first step is to choose the finest gadget for your child and to look at the particular age group when you are relating to the actual abilities and to your child’s preferences.


Kids are inept, and it’s natural and also great. However, you cannot buy a new laptop every week only because you hurried and bought any product that resembles a kid’s laptop.

Firstly, you need to make sure that you are buying a product that is of a well-established and recognised manufacturing company. Secondly, you need to ensure that you are getting a product with sturdy construction and also a durable material.

The kid’s laptops are having the three main plastics which are: Polyolefins, the ABS, and the plasticized PVC, as these will give great resistance to the impact and also to rough handling. The convincing manufacturers will show you enough details; so, you have to check if there is any information.

Also to check for specs and simple examination of the device, it has a lot of dividends that you need to consider like the probable reviews from the users of the product, and look what the manufacturers claim in terms of quality. The rule is easy: reliable and reasonable issues regarding the durability of the product are a serious issue which urges you to move on.


Kids’ laptops have different features which aim at nurturing the certain capabilities on the basis of the child’s age, and also keep the child engaged. But, most of the features in laptops are focused on promoting a selection of cognitive and physical functions. These can be classified into language, mathematical, logical, problem solving, and also coordination/manual dexterity functions.

Language functions

These will be including games that encourage the child to build up language basics and these might range from simple actions such as recognising letters and the articulation to advanced tasks like the compound sentence construction.

Some common features are spelling correction, scrambled word, antonyms, plural and singular terms, and also Anagrams.

Mathematical functions

These mainly feature on assisting the kid to understand the numbers and to perform the basic operations and fairly advanced arithmetic operations. They also help the kid in seeing and identifying different geometric shapes. Some popular activities will include basic math (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication), percentages, algebra, and basic shapes identification.

Problem-solving skills

These are focussed on sharpening the child’s skill to identify and come up with more solutions to different problems by making use of various languages, arithmetic, and geometric tools. Some examples are word puzzles and shape puzzles.

Manual dexterity and hand-eye coordination functions

These will encourage the kids in developing necessary coordination skills like writing and typing using tools like the keyboard, mouse, and also the touch screen/slate. Popular examples are typing different words, and playing musical notes, or drawing/coloring different characters on the screen.

Generally, there are countless activities that are associated with different kids’ laptops. The way to get the best is by looking for a well-rounded feature set that will address greater cognitive-developmental aspects that too at a reasonable price.


Most consumers are waiting to jump onto the market and grip any superior-priced product that resembles a kids laptop assuming that it should be having more in terms of value. Doubtful consumers will realize this and will take advantage of it by stuffing their exorbitantly priced models with a large number of activities that do not really do much for the kid.

Great kids laptops are created keeping in mind the sound research and also the expert knowledge on child development. So, before you spend some money, take a look of the gadget and what it has to offer, see the brand, see the reviews, and then decide if the gadget is worth. High-end gadgets are somewhere around R1,000, but those on the opposite extreme are within the R300-400 price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a regular laptop be purchased for a 10-14-year-old?

A real laptop will give your kid the extra lift in computers. However, it’s big to keep this easy and also cheap like most kids of this range will not really be benefited from the highly advanced features of this but the kid’s laptops do have the functions specifically designed for them.

2. How high-quality are kids’ laptops in assisting them to learn the language and mathematical skills?

Certainly, there is not any information through formal research, but the principle allows your child to exercise the basics of the language and also the calculations in an inventive and fun environment.

3. What language do kids laptops have?

Like most toy laptops have English, there are a few which will incorporate various languages, but others are entirely designed with a language except English. If you are finding something that will give much more than English, it will be best to check the specs list.

4. Can you connect headphones with kids laptops?

It is difficult to find any kids’ laptops that have headphone functionality. This is primarily because of the health issues as kids do not always know which sound levels are suitable and safe. Also, a more normal and well-maintained environment is better for education.


Choosing the best laptop for your kid will require you to think some key factors like your child’s age, durability, and also proper functions. This will allow you to get something which is well-tailored for your child’s learning and play needs. The products will provide a touchable foothold, to begin with.

In the end, it would be mandatory to mention that the kid’s laptop is necessary as well as for enjoying purposes, but it is the duty of the parents that they provide their kids with a good product and make sure that they use in a useful manner. So when you are going to buy it make sure you keep the age factor in view as well as you keep in mind the requirements of your child.

The laptop can help your little kid in education and will help him or grow easily and in a more fun way. So go ahead with buying such products.


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