10 Best Halogen Heaters in India (2019)

India is a tropical country and the residents here go through severe summers and harsh winters. Any season comes with its ultimate harshness and thus we need to take some action to protect us from the bite of hot and cold weather. In summers we take care of ourselves by using the air conditioner, cooler and most commonly electric fans. We need all these gadgets to serve us as the bad weather can take a toll on our health if we do not take any support. So similarly like summer, in winter too we need to take care of ourselves by using some electrical gadgets. Use of heaters is necessary for those parts of India where the temperature drops down to a certain point and the kids and aged people suffer highly due to too much cold. The extreme cold weather can be fought with the only help of heaters, as in India we do not keep fireplaces build in our rooms as here winters stay only for a few months.

There are several kinds of heaters available in the market. The types are electrical one, oil heaters, and halogen heaters and so on. The electrical heaters are used most widely all over the country.

What is Halogen Heater:

This portable device will satisfactorily heat up your room as it contains a heating lamp and a bulb. These are incorporated with halogen element. Electric coils and fuel are not used to create the heat instead the lamp produces the heat and keeps the room hot. If you use these heaters you will experience a comfortable atmosphere within your room. This will save you from extreme cold weathers.

Halogen lamp contains halogen gas which heats up the lamp and it eventually glows. This gas does not let the bulb go dark so you can work with it even in higher temperature. It does not blow up hot air which causes dryness but it heats up objects that are near it. The process of heating the room with halogen heater is not harmful thus. You can keep it lit all night and no harmful gas will be emitted.

Top 10 Halogen Heaters in India

Now we will start discussing the best 10 halogen heaters available in the market, these ones are specially chosen by us after following the features, reviews and price.

1. Usha Quartz Room Heater

This is a leading company in terms of electrical gadgets and thus you can expect only the best from them.  Along with other electrical gadgets they offer halogen heaters also, that is (3002) 800 watt. Usha Quartz room heater is a great product in terms of service and durability. This one looks elegant and is a perfect item to add some glamour to your stylish décor. This one comes with overheating protection features which prevent the heater from getting overheated and it works even if the temperature rises too high. This halogen heater comes with too many safety features and it is proved to be one of the best halogen heaters available in the market


  • This one comes with overheat protection feature which avoids any chance of accidents. You can enjoy the warmth without worrying about any accident.
  • This one is a cute small gadget which is ideal for a small room. It works with spot heating technique and not by blowing hot air. So it heats the nearest object fast.
  • This one looks elegant and stylish so you can add this one to make your room look more stylish.
  • This one has a dual setting feature, so you can adjust the heating for a cold day and colder day differently.
  • The heating element used in this one is a quartz tube.
  • This one comes with a powder-coated body so it is naturally prevented from body erosion when it is kept unused. You can place the heater away for months and no damage will take place.
  • If the heater falls off from a height or gets even tilted, it automatically shuts off so no damage is done to it. This automatic shut down features is a great support of this halogen heater.
  • It consumes only 230 volts of power and it is quite economical in terms of power usage. So you have no need to worry about high electricity bill if you are using this heater.
  • The heating element can come to a halt when it is being used for some time.

2. Bajaj RHX – 2 800-watt Room Heater

A heater is a must one electric gadget if you are leaving in a remote area or the weather gets really cold in terms of winter. This one-room heater is one of the best room heaters available for those who live in extreme cold weather and liked his or her room to be warm in the evenings and long cold nights. This one comes with an international style and so it offers a gorgeous look to your sober decorated room. Also, it offers sufficient warmth in your room.


  • The most important feature of this heater is heater is, it is really good looking. The stylish design and attractive look make it first choice for those who love to keep their décor in proper style.
  • It is approved by BIS (IS marked).
  • It has two heating setting so you can choose the right amount of heat required for your room. It can work with 800 watts as well as 400 watts of electricity.
  • This one provides noiseless operation so this one will never cause any annoyance due to its sound while working.
  • The heater comes with the dual safety programme. This one is designed in such a way that tilting is prevented naturally and also no question of dis-balancing. You can safely operate it and no thermal fuse will occur which can be risky for the users.
  • The operation process is pretty much neat. You will understand how to work with it as it is a simple gadget to work with.
  • The light intensity is too much which may offend some users.

3. Baltra Recent Halogen Heater

When you need the heat in all corners of your room then you can check this halogen heater. It is an absolute favourite of those who are using it now, and it is a famous one for being a great service provider. Not all the halogen heaters work as effectively as this one and it can sufficiently heat the room in a sorted way. This heater uses 1200 watts of power and it is pretty cool in its effects. This one comes with a superb and special oscillating feature which makes it go round and round and thus all corners of your room gets proper heating.


  • This one has a wide-angle rotating feature which makes this product an outstanding one. While using this you do not have to move the heater and place it in the different corners of the room to get the heating effect.
  • The design of the heater is just superb and you will love it in the first look.
  • This one comes with triple heat setting so you need not worry about using too much electricity when your heating requirement is less. You can fix the temperature to a high or higher or highest degree according to the need.
  • There is automatic on/ off feature in this product which works when the heater crosses a certain tip unit. This feature makes the product safe to use and does not cause any damage to it. The appliance remains safe for a long time due to this feature.
  • The appliance has a cool touch cabinet which makes it safe to handle even when this is being used. The product does not get heated up and you can touch it at that time without getting burnt. Also, it offers safety from any accident and is safe for your kids and pets.
  • The wide-angle rotating feature allows the gadget to keep on rotating once it is switched on, so you can get uniform heat at every corner of the room.
  • Only 1 year of warranty is allowed for this gadget.

4. Glen 7016 Halogen Room Heater

Heaters in India usually takes up a long time to get heated up and so when you need your room to heat up instantly most of the halogen or other kinds of heaters set back. Well not anymore, we have this Glen halogen heater which instantly heats up the room and you will feel comfortable once you switch it on. This one works with 1200 watts of power and it super fast makes your room a warm place. This one gives the maximum output to the users and that is why it is precious to the users.


  • There are 3 heat setting features in this heater, and it makes this heater a most reliable one for the coldest winter nights. You can choose from the heating features and let the heater work to get you sufficient warmth.
  • The steady performance of the heater also makes it a favourite to all the users. You get the maximum output from this heater and that makes it a hot pick.
  • The look and the design of this product are awesome and you will love to keep such an item in your room which will not only make you hot but also make the room look hotter.
  • There is a tip-over safety feature which auto turns off the heater when it is tilted and such is the power of this heater that it will not get damaged soon. So there is no question of falling or tipping of this heater from the place where it is kept.
  • The safety mesh grill is fitted in front of the halogen tubes which make it safe during the operation ensuring that it is safe for the small children around it while working.
  • This product is pretty much easy to operate and you can do it on your own without wasting much time on YouTube videos to know how to work with this heater.
  • There is only one year warranty available on this product which is a turndown.

5. Maharaja Whiteline Lava Halogen Heater

The halogen heater which looks cool and works smoothly is a great thing to get and this brand has come up with a unique product like this Maharaja Whiteline Lava Halogen heater which has both these features. This one is available in white and red and it works with 1200 watts. This one also comes with an oscillating feature so you can get evenly warmed room within a short span of time.


  • This one works with spot heating technique and thus you will not be affected by the blowing of the hot air which is a bit harmful to the kids and for a long time, it affects the adults as well. Spot heating does not come with any such bad effect and so you can safely use it throughout the winter.
  • There are 3 heat setting features which allow you to set the temperature in different degree and that is good for the different weathers. You can keep the room temperature modest if you choose a lower degree and also you can make it warmer for the colder evening.
  • There are three different power settings as well, so you do not have to worry about a raise electricity bill as the power consumption will be less when you set the heater at a lower temperature. The options are 400,800 and 1200 watts.
  • The heater is so effective that it consumes 1200 watts and the operating voltage is 230 volts.
  • This product is ISI certified which ensures that it is a great product and elegant design makes it look cool too.
  • As this heater oscillates at 180 degrees it evenly warms your room and every corner of the room is well heated with this heater working.
  • The shockproof feature makes this product a perfect one as it is safer from the users end when it is being operated.
  • The product can be operated conveniently and easily.
  • This one is good for heating up a small room and is not that much effective when you place it in a large room.

6. Kerwa Laurels 2 Rod Halogen Heater

Some users complain that they are not getting a satisfactory result after buying a good branded heater from the market. This happens when some of the best heaters do not perform accordingly and so we feel cheated after buying such products. This Kerwa Laurels heater is provided with 2-rod halogen heater and this is also ISI approved product. There is 4 layer protection to save it from breaking. This one is in true sense a great halogen heater which works efficiently and for a long time.


  • The most important feature of this product is it has 4 layer protection in its body which saves it from damages and breaking.
  • The product is operated on a single power operation of 400 watts so you can call it a good energy-saving device which is economic too.
  • The safety mesh grills help this one to act safely and you can operate with it while not being worried about any accidents to happen. Even if you get near to those heaters you will be saved from burning anyway.
  • This is an ISI certified product which ensures that it is a great product with full of qualities, this elegant design and chic look makes this product a grabbing one.
  • This one works noiselessly so the users will not feel any sound when it will be working. Often we have seen heaters which emits a buzzing sound and that irritates people who are living in that room. This heater offers the noiseless service which is great.
  • The body of this heater is made of deform material and also it is made up of 4 layer protection that reduces damages and also the body does not heat up while it is working.
  • The rod size could have been larger.

7. Singer Heat Max Plus Halogen Room Heater

This is one of the most efficient halogen room heaters in the market. If you are not getting sufficient heat from the halogen heater which has cost you a lot then it is of no use. This one is equipped with halogen tubes that give you maximum heat and makes your room comfortable.


  • This one has the oscillating feature and it works with a wide-angle. This unique feature makes this heater a great one and it also heats up every nook and corner of your cosy room. The warmth is distributed evenly in every direction and thus you can expect equal warmth from it.
  • There are 3 heat setting features which make it a reliable option for room heating, you can choose the level of heating according to your need.
  • The powerful halogen tube helps to increase the efficiency and thus the maximum level of output is gained by the users.
  • The heater operates noiselessly and thus you can expect great performance in silence. It will not disturb you while it will be heating the room.
  • The safety feature of this heater makes it auto shut when it is moved or dropped or even tilted from its position.
  • You do not have to worry about the product getting overheated as it will control the heating of the body immediately and thus any chance of accident will be avoided.
  • The plastic of the body is not of very good quality.

8. Sunflame Sf – 931 Halogen Heater

This one comes from a renowned brand and is of high quality. It performs supremely and you can invest in it to get a long-time performance. It provides efficient heating and also it offers noiseless service.


  • This one is grey in colour and it consumes 1200 watts of power.
  • There are 3 different settings for heating working on 400, 800 and 1200 watts. You can maintain the desired room temperature with the help of this feature.
  • There is an automatic power-off feature in this heater which means it will automatically shut off when the heater is moved from its place or accidentally dropped.
  • The front grill helps you to handle the heater safely and there is no need to be extra cautious of being burnt during the operation of this heater.
  • The different heating setting is a great benefit as it will help you to keep the temperature at your chosen degree.
  • The mesh works perfectly for keeping the heater in a safe position as it prevents the burning accident if someone touches it while it is working.
  • The automatic power-off is a great advantage as it will prevent this heater to get damaged when it is fell from a height or even is tilted from the position.
  • The body is not stable enough and that makes the product look not so up to the mark.

9. Favy Laurels Halogen Heater

This is a comparatively new brand in the field of electrical gadgets and yet we must say that it has earned fame due to its performance. This product is quite a winner in terms of a good and economic halogen heater and users have loved it for the features.


  • This one can effectively heat up your room and is best for adjusting the temperature. It offers perfect temperature during the cold winter nights.
  • This one is safe to use and no chance of an accident is there while you are using it.
  • There is a thermostat which allows the user to maintain the needed temperature by choosing the average power.
  • The stand of this heater is designed upward and downward flow of warm air so you can place it accordingly.
  • This one looks stylish and adds glamour quotient to your room interior.
  • The thermostat offers you modification in the temperature.
  • The warm air outlets are both upward and downward.
  • Some users complain that the material quality is not up to the mark. The plastic body is quite flimsy and prone to breaking.

10. Surya Heat-on Halogen Heater

This is one is great for the ones who love to use Indian products. Surya is the brand that is providing us with lighting equipment for a long time and that is how they have earned faith and fame. This halogen heater is a relatively new product and within a year it has earned a great user base.


  • It has three different heating systems which allow you to keep the temperature of the room as per your convenience.
  • There are three power settings like 400, 800 and 1200 watts so you know when you are in need of low temperature you do not have to waste electricity by keeping temperate at high.
  • The halogen rods are great for providing warmth to the whole room evenly.
  • The oscillation offers even distribution of heat throughout the room.
  • This one works noiselessly and thus you can get efficient heating without any sound.
  • The durability of the product is great.
  • It comes with 1 year of warranty which is a great plus point.
  • Some users complain that the body plastic is of low quality and the heater wobbles sometimes.

Why halogen heaters:

This one is a new entry in the kind of heaters and this came to the scene because of the ill effects of electric heaters and oil heaters. The oil heaters cause pollution and electrical heaters have some side effects like dryness and also it can catch fire if are used for a longer time. A halogen heater is an eco-friendly option for the room and also it does not offer any side effects. This one does not need any fuel that may damage the nature like no cutting of trees or burning of oils. Also, there is no chance of catching fire and so causing an accident if you are using it in your room for long hours.

What are the advantages:

  • Safe to be used – these ones do not get heated up through the body even when you are using it for long hours and it is turned to the highest point of temperature. Thus there is a lesser chance of causing any accidents. If you have kids or pets at home, they will not get burnt by accidentally touching the body of the heater and get burnt.
  • Eco-friendly – electrical and oil heaters blow out hot air and with it comes little amount of carbon monoxide which is bad for our health. But halogen heaters radiate the heat and not the hot air which makes the atmosphere naturally warm. So it is perfect for the ones who suffer from asthma and dust allergies.
  • Energy-saving – these halogen heaters are immensely energy saving. The amount of electricity needed for this heater is very less if compared to electric heaters. The reason is this heater can heat up the surface directly and not blows hot air which takes up more energy.
  • Easy installation – the process of using this lamp is very easy. No need to take help from any technician, you can do it on your own just after buying it from the shop or online.
  • Portable – these heaters are portable in nature and thus you can carry them to anywhere you like. As these heaters can be carried along, it is a great benefit for the ones who move from place to place.
  • Durability – this heater uses halogen gas to heat the lamp, so you can expect a very long life of the heaters compared to the electrical and the oil heaters. No worry of damage while it will not be used for the rest of the year after winter is over.
  • Budget – with so many features and benefits this heater does not cost very high. This one costs actually lesser than the regular heaters.


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