7 Best Half Helmets in India

In India wearing helmet has become a rule and people are abiding by rules to wear a helmet when they are riding two-wheelers. But not everyone follows this simple rule, though it is meant for the security and safety of the riders only. A full-face helmet is something that some feels irritating and difficult to keep on for longer hours. So there are half helmets for those, who can wear it comfortably while driving or riding a two-wheeler and do not feel any discomfort. Half helmets are meant to provide aeration as well as giving protection to your head.

There are various options for helmets like full-face helmets, open-face helmets, sports helmets and bike helmets but most of them cover such a large part of head and face that it causes a problem for those who wear it for a long time and sweats a lot. India is a hot and humid tropical country. Two-wheeler riders are mostly done in the day time and there are severe chances of getting sweaty when one is under the sun for hours. So the helmet should protect the head but also spare the uneasiness of the wearer.

Why half helmet is required:

  • Half helmets are there to save you from the situation so you do not feel uneasy while riding on the road. It lets you breathe and so you sweat much less.
  • Also, half helmets protect you from the stain that gets on your face due to the masked helmet.
  • Full helmets of sports bike helmets are heavier and a few suffer from a headache due to wearing them for long hours. The half helmets also save you from that situation as these are comparatively lighter.
  • These half helmets are pretty stylish and come in attractive colours. You may like them if you are a stylish person.
  • Many deaths and accidents have occurred due to not wearing the helmet by the riders. So it is a must precaution for the riders and everyone should mandatorily wear a helmet while they are riding the two-wheeler.

What is the difference between a half helmet and open face helmet:

The half helmet offers your head the safety and lots of aeration so you do not get the protection for your head that much. But accidents can happen due to mishaps and then your face can get hurt while you will be meeting any accident. However, the cheek, neck, ear and head will stay safe in an open face helmet. It also helps you to avoid fatigue as you will not sweat as much. The design of half-face and open face helmet is different.

The half helmet comes out during the time of the accident, which is a dangerous thing, but the open face helmet does not come out so often. Open face helmet comes with the visor which gives the rider extra protection. The half helmet does not offer any protection from the sun so the rider has to wear sunglass to protect oneself from the sunrays. Open face helmet can cause bad odour due to the accumulation of sweat but the half face helmet offers no odour as there is ample space to enter the air.

What are the Pros and Cons of Half helmet:

  • Half helmets are lighter in weight and so it strains your neck lesser than the full face or open face helmets.
  • As you get complete aeration in the half helmet, you fatigue less and that is a plus point. You can ride for long hours if you choose half helmets.
  • A stylish look is provided by the half helmet which is lacked by the other kind of helmets.
  • These ones cost much lesser than the full helmets or open face helmets.
  • A good view of surrounding is gained by the half helmets as lots of open area around your eye is provided.
  • These are safe and legal. If you are averse of wearing any helmet and still are forced to wear one due to legal issues and as a safety measure then you must check the half helmets.
  • Half helmet does not provide you with the full coverage and thus you will not be 100% safe while wearing a half helmet.
  • It can come out during accidents and thus you will be open to any damage.
  • The dust, debris, dirt, hot or cold air will not spare you when you will be wearing a half helmet for long rides.

Top 7 Half Helmets in India

Now we will discuss the most promising half helmets available in India.

1. Steelbird SB 27 Half face helmet

Steelbird Hi-tech India Ltd. is an old company which offers high-quality products and it sells its products among 50 nations across the world. They offer products with innovative design and technology. Items like Pannier Boxes, Helmets, Visors and other accessories are offered by them. They always test their products before putting them to market.

The helmet we are discussing here is approved by ISI standards. This one comes with protective eye shields, and it weighs 1.22 KG.  The outer shell is made of ABS while the lining is of EPS. A removable neck protector is available with this helmet.


  • This helmet is an ISI approved product.
  • There is an eye-protecting optical visor that is covered with the polycarbonate.
  • Multipore breathable padding with high-density EPS is offered in this helmet.
  • This is an anti-odour helmet.
  • The neck protector comes with a zip and it can be removed when not in use.
  • The helmet comes with Italian safety design.
  • This one is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • The neck guard is detachable.
  • The inner padding quality is not of high quality.

2. Motofy Habsolite Safety Helmet

This one comes from a good brand and this helmet offers durability and design. This is a multipurpose helmet which offers service during cycling, trembling, trekking and site visits. This is an easy operation accessory and it comes with a chin strap clip mechanism. This one also has a hard ABS outer shells and three-layer protection.


  • There is chin strap with clip lock mechanism and adjustable slider in this helmet.
  • The clip mechanism is there to help the helmet fit your head perfectly.
  • The outer shell of the helmet is made of high-grade ABS material which ensures longevity.
  • This helmet can withstand heavy collision due to its sturdy nature.
  • This helmet also comes with three-layer protection and it ensures sturdiness and strength.
  • This one is easy and comfortable to use.
  • This is lightweight and one of the best options for the daily commute.
  • The stylish lock of the helmet makes it super cool.
  • The helmet is not ISI marked.
  • The straps are of bad quality and can come off after a few uses.

3. Autokraftz German Style Half face helmet

This is a Delhi based store and it offers cars and motorbikes accessories. The products are of high quality and made of good materials. The products include pollution musk, leather gloves, car cleaning duster and some other materials.

This helmet comes with German-style and has been manufactured according to DOT standard. This is a lightweight helmet and it is durable and strong. It comes with an EPS liner. This one is available in different sizes. So anyone can get the helmet of his own size. Also, it is available in three different colours.


  • It is a DOT certified helmet.
  • It is pretty durable as it is designed according to German style.
  • There is a nylon strap and it also has adjustable sliders.
  • The adjustable D string is there to secure the helmet in the proper position.
  • This one is easy to use and you can wear it for daily purpose.
  • There are three different sizes and three different colours of this helmet, the sizes are medium, large and extra-large.
  • This is a high-quality product.
  • It is pretty much lightweight.
  • The inner portion is of not very good quality.

4. Studds Dame Half Face Helmet

This brand is one of the world best manufacturing companies for sports accessories and this company has two flagships like Studds and SMK helmets. The wide range of helmets, motorcycle accessories are available with new designs and graphics. The Studds products are sold in around 21 countries and SMK is sold in 23 countries. Major certificates like ISI, DOT, ECE, and SLSI are attained by this company.

These half face helmets come with removable cheek pads and there is a visor to protect the eyes of the rider, the dust and the flying objects do not go into the eye rider due to this visor. This one has a quick release chin strap mechanism so the use is pretty easy. This helmet comes with EPS lining and the outer shell is of high impact. This is a black helmet and it is available in other colours too. The product does not weigh more than one kg.


  • There is a protective shield and long visor available in this half face helmet and it saves the rider from any flying objects, debris and dust.
  • The visor is scratch resistant.
  • The high impact thermoplastic is used in this helmet’s outer shell.
  • EPS lining is used for the inner padding of this helmet and it is treated for anti-allergic velveteen.
  • The helmet is great for easy operation and safety.
  • The customized cheek pads can be removed if you do not feel like using them.
  • This is a good quality helmet.
  • This one is pretty easy to use.
  • This one fits perfectly for the ladies also.
  • This is not suitable for daily use.
  • This is a certified product but there is no certification mark on this like ISI or DOT.

5. Target Indian Half Face Helmet

This is a fortune 50 company which has headquarters in the US and India. This company was set up in 2005 in India and they have since then tried to provide people with the branded products which are of high quality. This company has spread its business in sectors like finance, human resource, supply chain, analytics and more. Another aspect is providing customers with quality shopping.

The half face helmet provided by them comes with a protective shield for the eyes. This helmet is approved by ISI. The outer shell is made of hard plastic and the inner material is soft. This one looks stylish and attractive.


  • The helmet comes with a protective shield that saves your eyes from flying objects and dust particles and also climatic conditions.
  • This one comes in an attractive red colour.
  • The product is ISI approved.
  • The strap is made of nylon material and it is easy to use.
  • The outer shell of the helmet is made of hard plastic. The inner padding is soft and comfortable. This inner layer is made from low-density material.
  • This helmet comes with a soft lining.
  • The helmet has a stylish look.
  • This one is ideal for a bicycle ride but not good enough for a motorbike ride.

6. Sage Square Scooty Half helmet

This is a local brand and it tries to provide with some good quality products. The customers are more or less satisfied with their items as they try to cater as per the customer requirement.  Also, they provide good support to customers after-sales. The products that they build are a hand-feeding syringe, ladies helmet, food water dispense, paw washer cup and some other products. The products are all innovative and most of them have good user ratings.

The sage square helmet can be used by both boys and girls. This one is available in different sizes and colours. The flexible strap belt fits boys and girls head easily. Hard ABS materials are used for making the outer shell and the high-density material is used for the inner part of the helmet. Along with that, a transparent shield is provided so the wearer does not get hurt in eyes during the rides. This will also keep the eyes safe from any flying object or dust. The item weighs 700 gm.


  • The strap provided in this helmet is fixed in such a way that the helmet can be used by both girls and boys.
  • This helmet is ideal for the pillion riders.
  • This helmet is a comfortable one as its inner part is soft and comfortable and made of high-density material.
  • The clear protective shield will help the rider to ride as it will help to protect his eyes from the flying dust particles.
  • The outer shell is quite hard as it is made of hard material that makes it collision-resistant.
  • The helmet can get in different sizes and in different colours.
  • This is great for pillion riders and can be used easily.
  • The building material can be improved for a better product.
  • The strap quality is also not very good.

7. GTB Mini Wrinkle Men’s Safety Helmet

This brand provides various different kinds of products and all these are pretty innovative in nature and in utility. The items they manufacture includes a helmet, tent, nail dryer, folding chairs, and many more. Their ambition is to provide the customers with top quality products and they always try to cater to more and more people with the passing of time. The mini helmet for Men is available in only a red colour.


  • This one comes with a flexible strap that ensures the secure fitting and it can never lose its grip during any accident.
  • This helmet is ideal for the pillion riders and it will also cover the rider’s head but not sufficiently. So it is best suited for the pillion riders.
  • The flexible strap makes the helmet and ideal one for those who ride on a bumpy road as it ensures safety for the ones while the rider will be moving all the time.
  • The helmet is cool in look and design as it comes in red colour.
  • This is just perfect for the bicycle riders as this one is lightweight and also it ensures the safety of the bicycle riding.
  • This lightweight half face helmet is not for daily use, it will not survive to the tenacity of the daily use.
  • This is not a certified product so it can be best used by the pillion riders. It is not safe enough to be used while riding a bike.

Tips regarding size and measurements:

If you are not sure how big or small helmet you may need then we are here to help you out with the actual measurement. Take a measuring tape and hold it horizontally across your head. Place it one inch above your forehead. Wrap it around your head and see how much the length is. Repeat the process two or three times and you will be able to know the actual length.

If you find there are two different readings coming for each measurement, then choose the lower amount and get a smaller sized helmet. All brands do not come with the same size specification so it is suggested that you may check for the size and then wear them before finally buying them.

Features to look in your helmet:

  • Ventilation – when the helmet is properly ventilated it offers aeration which is necessary for long rides as it prevents the rider from getting fatigued. A comfortable ride is must for the ones when the helmet offers ventilation and also it remains odour free.
  • Shell material – this is a prior feature to look for in your helmets. The shell material ensures your security and safety as it will save you from the fall and collision when you meet any accident. Materials like hard grade plastic, thermoplastic, fibreglass, Kevlar are used to make helmets and these are quite sturdy in nature.
  • Shape, size and weight – the half helmet should be of standard size and it should fit your head well. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and your journey will become risky. The size varies from person to person and brand to brand. So you must check the helmet before buying it and also make sure that it fits your head and forehead comfortably. The measure of the circumference is a deciding factor which should be maintained. Also, the weight of the helmet should be light. It does not mean that you will compromise on the security reasons, as the lighter helmet does not always offer a high level of protection. So choose something in between, that will not be strenuous for your head and neck as well as it will ensure safety.
  • Safety standards – the safety standards like DOT, ISI, Snell, ECE are there to maintain the safety standard of helmets from every brand. When it comes to size, shape, material and weight, all these parameters are checked and then a certificate is given to the brand of helmet. Among this ECE is European standard and Snell is a US-based certification programme. Also, these companies check if the helmet comes with or without a protection shield.
  • Strap type– usually high-quality nylon is used to make the strap of the helmet. These do not usually cause any skin rash or irritation. The quick-release mechanism is used in these straps and some other helmets come with buckle type straps. Check for the convenient type of strap while choosing the helmet.
  • Protective shield– shield protection comes with a few helmets. The shield protection of your half helmet should be transparent and your view should not be disturbed by this. Also, it needs to be scratch-free and easy to flip so you can open it while driving when needed.


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