10 Best Gym Bags in India (2020)

To stay healthy and fit people often chose a gym to do the regular exercise. The gym bag is a necessary item as it helps you to take the essentials with you like the towel, a set of dress, a bottle of water and so on. Some also prefer to visit the gym on their way to the office. So, in that case, more things need to be packed in the bag. There are different needs for a gym bag which will help you pack all these things. Suitcases and backpacks do not provide you with the features and functionality that you may need in a gym or afterwards. So you have to check the various options of gym bags that are nowadays available in the market.

Top 10 Gym Bags in India

Now we will probe into the most preferred gym bags that are available in the market:

1. Auxter Blacy Gym Bag

This brand is famous for its wide range of bags. The bags they produce are mostly backpacks, gym bags, school bags and duffel bags. They offer the best quality, design and durability. The bags are lightweight too. This Auxter closure zipper gym bag has adjustable straps which is a great benefit. Side mesh pockets allow you to put your dirty socks or water bottles. The material of this bag is superior leather whereas the inner layer is made of polyester. It has webbing cord stitch which ensures the inner layer will not be torn easily. The brand logo is embossed on the outer side of the bag.


This bag is lightweight and durable and comes with an adjustable strap so you can adjust it as per your convenience.  The design is superb and stylish. The material is superior leather. There is the self logo print on the body of the bag. The inner material is polyester. The dimensions are 43 x 23 x 23 cm.

  • The bag is pretty much durable, and the straps are long and pretty.
  • The side pockets are wide enough to hold your bottle or other essentials.
  • The bag is not very big in size and there is no separate compartment for shoes.

2. Urban Tribe Plank 23 Liters Sports Gym Bag

This is a new brand and they have already brought a wide range of products into markets which are of top quality and are made of superb materials. The bags they have brought are designed uniquely. The categories they offer their offer for are professional, executive and sports. The gym bags come with one year warranty which ensures that the quality of the bags is super good. There is a detachable strap for the separate compartment of shoes. The side pocket is there to keep the phone and headset. The mesh holder pocket will help you to keep the gym essentials separately. The bag is made of polyester.


The dimensions are 44x19x27 cm and the bag comes with one year warranty of manufacturing defect from the manufacturer. The bag is available in two different colours and it holds 23 litres of capacity. The anti-slip shoulder strap comes with good padding so you can carry the bag easily. The U shaped main compartment holds everything you need within it. The mesh pockets can be used to keep some dry snacks and water bottles. There is a separate compartment which helps to keep things that are dirty.

  • The bag comes with separate compartments to keep items separately.
  • You can organize your essentials inside the bag which is pretty spacious.
  • The material is really good.
  • The stitching of the bag can be improved.

3. Versatyle Drawstring Bag Sports Backpack

This Indian brand is located in Karnataka and they have provided unique products. They were famous for making jackets and they always aim to provide sophisticated products. The bag we are discussing is water-resistant and multi-functional. This is made of thick polyester and it is very lightweight. The bag has adjustable straps and drawcord closure. This bag can carry all your gym essentials and it can be used by both men and women.


This bag has an adjustable shoulder strap. It is made of water-resistant polyester and the drawstring closure is much more durable than a zipper. This one is easy on maintenance as the bag can be cleaned easily. The stitching is quite sturdy and it is recyclable. This is a multi-purpose bag.

  • This bag can be comfortably used and it is a lightweight gym bag
  • This is not good for heavy stuff and the size is small.

4. Nike Team Women’s Polyester Duffel Bag

This is one of the most popular brands in sportswear and sports essentials and they have their own apparel too. The brand brings good quality products and the products are customised as per the users need. The gym bag has a zipper closure and inside the bag, there are large compartments and a side compartment. The bag is spacious enough to hold all the things. The adjustable shoulder strap along with two handles let you hold the bag properly. The bag is polyester made.


The bag is finely stitched black coloured one with adjustable shoulder strap and two easy to carry handle. The zipper closure works well and the main compartment is big enough to hold all the utilities. The inner zipper compartment is well built and sturdy. The bag measures 45x24x15 cm.

  • Straps and handles are of very good quality.
  • This is a spacious bag and the zipper locks work pretty well.
  • There is no specific side pocket in this duffel bag.

5. Fastrack Polyester Grey Travel Duffel

The brand is famous for its wide range of products suitable for the youth. The products are of good quality and moderate price. The bag is compactly sized and comes with one zipper compartment. One is easy to carry with proper handles. There is easy access to the mesh compartments and the zipper compartments. It is water-resistant and polyester made.


The product comes with a one year warranty. The bag measures 43.2×21.6×21.6 cm. the shoulder strap is adjustable and the capacity is of 2 litres. The bag is water-resistant and made of polyester. The main compartment is wide enough and you can keep the bottle the sipper in the mesh pocket. The zipper compartment can be used to keep your purse and mobile.

  • The shoulder strap is very durable and made of good quality material.
  • The bag is convenient to carry and easy to use.
  • The bag is not large in size.

6. Fur Jaden Canvas Men’s Duffel Travel Bag

This brand has come up with the most stylish and vibrant products all the time. The products are of premium quality. This bag is made from strong canvas and the travel duffle bag comes with the backpack. The bag is good for the gym as well as a short vacation. There is a 14-inch long laptop sleeve and one main compartment. The bag looks efficient and stylish.


The bag’s capacity is 27 litres. The bag measures 43x25x25 cm. the bag comes with 6 months warranty and it comes with a 14-inch laptop sleeve. The bag can be doubled as a backpack as handles are provided for easy carrying and should strap allows you to carry the bag on your shoulder.

  • The product is of good quality and the material is pretty strong. The look is smart and stylish.
  • The bag is small in size.

7. Adidas Studio Hybrid tote bag

This brand is famous for its designer clothing, shoes and accessories of sports. The lightweight gym bag we have mentioned here has two zipper pockets. This polyester made the bag is spacious and you can carry all your essentials here. The bag is uniquely designed and comes with a water-resistant base. The bag has a warranty for manufacturing defects.


The bag measures 30.5×48.9×45.7 cm. the bag has a front zipper pocket and an inner zipper pocket along with a mesh pocket. The base is water-resistant and the bag is made of polyester. The lightweight bag comes with a lifetime of warranty and it is available in two different sizes so you can choose accordingly.

  • Enough storage is provided in the main compartment, and the material is of very good quality.
  • The bag is easy to carry.
  • The straps are short and not adjustable.

8. Suntop Black foldable Gym Bag

This bag is fashionable and strong at the same time with a highly innovative design. The foldable bag is water-resistant and made of polyester. There are the main compartment and two side compartments. The adjustable strap comes with comfort padding. The foldable bag is quite compact in its size.


The bag’s dimensions are 43.2×22.9×22.9 cm. the zipper closure bag is made of polyester, and the shoulder strap is adjustable and padded. The handles make the bag easy to carry. The water-resistant bag has one main compartment and two side compartments. The bag is foldable and lightweight.

  • It does not take up much space and is easy to store.
  • This is a compact and lightweight bag with padded shoulder strap.
  • It does not have a proper shape.

9. Dee Mannequin 78607 Leather Gym Bag

This brand offers a wide range of different sportswear and other products like gloves, shorts and many more. The bag in the discussion has adjustable shoulder straps as well as short handles so you can carry it on your shoulder or in hand. Pair of gloves is included in this package. There is no additional compartment but the main compartment is spacious enough.


The package contains a pair of gloves along with the gym bag. There is an adjustable strap with this bag and this one is made of leather. The bag is ideal for bikers and weight lifters and this is a unisexual bag.

  • The bag is stylish with its attractive colour and leather make. This is a pretty large bag.
  • The quality can be improved for the price, and no additional compartment means you need to keep all your essentials, snacks, mobile or charger at the same compartment.

10. AmazonBasics Large Duffle Bag

This one is a bit too large for a gym bag but if you prefer to put everything (like the office equipment and other things) then you can trust this worthy product. The capacity of this bag is 100 litres and you can keep your things in a pretty organized way in this bag.


This bag is made of nylon and it is strong enough to hold up to 23 kilograms of weight. The handle is in the double loop so you can lift it and carry it easily. The bag has smooth opening and the compartment has 6000 cubic inches of capacity. Zipped interior pockets are there to store essentials like headphone, pen drive or charger.

  • The shape of the bag is rectangular thus you can keep elongated items inside it.
  • The bag is very spacious.
  • There are three colour options available for this bag.
  • This is lightweight and yet sturdy enough to carry up to one pound of weight.
  • You cannot carry fragile items inside the single compartment as the item can move and collapse.  If the bag’s space is not filled then it will be an overkill.

What are the necessary items that we usually carry in a gym bag? Here is the list:

  • Water bottle is a must in your gym bag. Drinking water is a must after exercise and that is only possible when you are carrying a bottle with you. You do no to stand in a queue to get a glass of water in your gym if you are carrying it. Do not use plastic water bottles as those are not safe for your health. Instead, choose glass or metal ones and that keeps the water hot or cold as per your need.
  • A soft towel of medium size must be taken in your gym bag. Some gyms offer complimentary towels but if you do not wish to use that one for hygienic purpose then you can carry your own towel to wipe your face and hands after the session.
  • Sports shoe with a pair of socks is a must when you are going office from the gym. You cannot wear the pair of sports shoe to your office so you must carry the pair into your gym bag.
  • Raincoat or extra dress can anytime come handy as you never know on which day it may rain. Also if your dress gets soiled for some reason, it is always better to keep a substitute one. Especially if you are going to your workplace then it is necessary to keep a pair of formal dress in your bag which will make you look ready for the office.
  • Fitness tracker helps you to check how much calories you have burnt in your gym session. This gadget also helps you to track the movements that you have made and it will also remind you about the extra workouts that you may need to reach your goal.
  • Bluetooth headsets allow you to listen to music while you are working out. The refreshment that it provides makes it a mandatory item in your gym bag.

How do you keep your gym bag clean?

  1. You should always clean your gym bag with mild detergents and never use harsh detergent powders to wash it.
  2. Carry a separate polythene packet to carry your soiled dirty dresses. You can keep the dresses into your gym bag but never put the dirty dress directly inside your gym bag as that may soil the inside of your bag and also other items inside the bag gets dirty due to it.
  3. Be careful about the bottles you are carrying in your gym bag. If it has a tendency of leaking then do not put it inside the bag.

Types of Gym Bags

There are different kinds of bags for the gym, some popular styles are discussed below:

  • Shoulder gym bag is the most widely used one and it can help you to attend gym after office hours within your office premise. Both men and women can use such bags as these ones have numerous compartments. These bags come with a separate shoe compartment so you can carry your sports shoe inside that. Some shoulder bags also offer a separate sleeve where you can carry your laptop, so these bags can multiply as office bag too.
  • Duffle bags are the second-best option for the gym after shoulder bags. These ones come with lots of space where you can put gym clothes and even some snacks, a water bottle and your headphone. Duffel bags come in a unique cylindrical shape which offers various interior and exterior pockets. There are softer sides of this bag which makes it easy to fit inside the locket. The bag can be used as a travelling bag as these are quite hardy. The bottoms of the bags are scratch-resistant and can withstand heavyweight.
  • Backpack gym bags are easy to carry and you can put any amount of weight into these bags as the weight will be evenly distributed and you do not have to face any problem while carrying it. Sometimes the backpack offers a separate pocket to keep the show and that helps other things inside the bag to keep clean. Other backpacks are wide enough to hold the yoga mat which is often needed in yoga classes. The backpack gym bags are easy to carry and comfortable to handle so you can easily pick this one for your gym.
  • Another kind of gym bag which is particularly famous with ladies is a tote bag. Women actually carry more stuff than men and thus the make essentials and spare dresses find their place in an adequate tote bag. The bags offer good space and also they are quite stylish in look. These bags are multipurpose as they can be taken to parties and colleges as well. Tote bags are beneficial in many ways. The foldable yoga mat can be carried inside it and multiple compartments offer space for necessary items. Also, there is a secret compartment where you can keep anything sensitive. The bag is lighter than duffle or backpacks.
  • There are athletic gym bags which is particularly famous among sports lovers. The athlete who plays badminton or the one who runs needs to carry shoes, cork, racquet, wristband and clothing in the bag and this is how the athletic gym bags becomes useful. Athletic gym bag helps you to carry the things that are necessary for the gym as well as outdoor sports sessions. These bags are mandatorily waterproof as these ones are supposed to face the harsh outdoor weathers like sun and rain. That is why these bags are the super durable and the best choice for carrying gym and sports items.

Which things matter when you are looking for a gym bag?


When you are buying a gym bag you must ensure that the bag is comfortable enough. You cannot compromise on this prior aspect. The bag should be spacious enough as well as properly compartmentalized. You must select a bag that is made of good material and straps should be strong and wide enough to carry it effortlessly. The gym bag must be of standard quality and able to carry heavy loads when necessary. Also, it should be lightweight, or if you have to carry the bag itself with great strength then the essentials will make it heavier. The material should be low maintenance and easily cleaned.


The gym bags come in many different sizes. You have to choose the size of your bag as per your requirement. If you carry little things then you may need to choose a smaller bag where if you are carrying shoes, dresses and sports equipment, then you must buy a huge one. But while choosing the size you also need to keep in mind that the bag will fit the gym locker. The huge gym bags that are available in the market can often be passed as travel bags, but if you choose unnecessarily huge bags, it will be a problem for you to carry it every day. Also, you have to clean the bag with more effort than a smaller bag. So the dimensions of the bag are mandatory to check before you buy a gym bag.


Some materials like polyester, nylon, leather, vinyl and canvas are popular for gym bags. Polyester can be called the most user-friendly material as this one is durable and easy to clean. Apart from that, it is pretty much water-resistant. But these ones are also bacterial prone and thus can create the odour. Also, you can check for the nylon bags which are less pricey but the material catches stains easily. The polyester made bags are most easy to clean. The nylon ones are very lightweight. Canvases made bags are washed in a washing machine. But if you are carrying wet clothes inside it, it starts smelling odorous. The leather made bags are pricey and look very stylish but these are not water-resistant and waterproof. Also, the odour of the bag is hard to get rid of. Vinyle made bags can offer a solution to water resistance but are not scratch proof. Also, you can get them at a budget price.


There should be enough compartments to keep things separately inside your gym bag. A gym bag should carry various different things and the compartments allow keeping those things in different places properly. The dirty shoes cannot be kept with the gym essentials and the spare dress should be kept in proper pleats.  Also if you are carrying your workplace equipments then those should be separated from the gym item. If you have to snack after gym then the food and water bottle should be kept in another compartment. Thus the needs of the various compartment are mandatory in a gym bag.


This aspect of your gym bag is essential as you need to clean and maintain your gym bag quite often. The bag should be cleaned easily and by a simple washing method. You should not need any additional chemical to clean the bag. Also, the zips should be rust free. Bad zippers do not work for long and thus ultimately makes the bag unusable.  The bag that you chose should be cleaned and dried quickly and that is how you will be able to clean it off easily.


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