10 Best Exercise Balls In India (2020)

Exercising with a ball is a must and that is why you will find exercise balls in every gym and some enthusiasts also use it in their house as well. Exercise balls are great to stay in shape and you can work with it in your gym, your room or even outdoor. Exercise routines are incomplete without exercise balls.

Exercise balls work great for the beginners, so if you have just started doing exercise then you will find it helpful and also it is fun using the ball during exercise. Exercise balls are popularly known as Swiss balls and they come with 35 to 85 diameters and the balls are inflated with air.  The valve stem can be removed to fill the air into the ball, or when it needs to be deflated.

Balls are used for extensive physical therapy, and athletic training. Also, weight lifting can be done with the help of this ball. The different kinds of balls available in the market are Pilates ball, Swedish ball, Physioball, fitness ball or gym ball.

The exercise ball was invented by Aquilino Cosani in 1963 who was an Italian plastic manufacturer. He was trying to manufacture a plastic ball which is puncture resistant. These balls were primarily used for infants and newborn babies. Later Dr Sussane Klein Vogelbach integrated the use of this ball into exercise as a physical therapy process for neurodevelopment treatments.

Balls can help you in many ways, like strengthening your core, protecting your joints or build your muscles.

There are different types of exercise balls, and if you know which balls are used in which ways, it will be better for you to decide which one you need.  let us introduce the stability balls to you.

Different types of balls:

  • Large exercise balls – this is the most common type of balls, you will find them everywhere, in your gym or home or even in the studios. This ball is unstable and thus you can use these balls to strengthen the core for stability.
  • Mini exercise balls – these balls perform the same duties as the large exercise balls, only these balls are smaller in sizes and thus can be used only for a few selected body parts.
  • Medicine balls – these balls are often misjudged as the large exercise balls, but the main difference between the two is, the large ones cannot be rolled or moved easily. These ones are heavy and weigh 8 to 15 pounds. These balls can be used in addition to the challenge due to its weight.
  • Small weighted toning balls – these balls come around 1 to 3 pounds of weight and they are used in hand muscle training.
  • Small therapy ball – these small and lightweight balls are there to help you in light exercise as well as for massage.
  • Foot massage balls – you can roll your feet on this tiny ball and it feels awesome. It is better to sit on the ground with this ball so you can control the pressure.

Top 10 Exercise Balls In India

Now we will list the 10 most popular and useful exercising balls in India:

1. Strauss Anti-burst gym ball with a foot pump

This balance ball is great for cardio exercise and is pretty versatile in its use. It also helps you to build strength and improve balance and flexibility. This exercise ball with foot pump delivers the right effect with a unique style.


  • This is a balance ball trainer. With this ball, you can improve your balance, core strength and coordination. Your muscle strength, stability and flexibility will also increase with this ball as the result is fast and mind-blowing.
  • The ball is made of 100% BPA and thus is totally safe. You can avoid the causes of allergy and you can exercise with this ball is a completely safe way.
  • This ball comes with unique anti-burst technology which provides the capacity to support weight up to 600 pounds.
  • This ball is slip-resistant and is made of high-grade PVC material with round message particles.
  • There is an elastic resistance band in this ball and it can be attached or detached easily.
  • The ball can be used for various kinds of exercises.
  • The ball can last for a long time and it will not burst.
  • The ball, as per some users, is prone to get leaky.

2. B fit USA anti-burst gym ball with pump

This ball is pretty easy to use and a really fun object to exercise with. It is just the right product to add in your workout regimen as it will help you get a powerful core, balance training, spinal stabilization and physical therapy. Physical therapy and weight training also can be done with this ball.

Yoga, pilates or another form of physical exercises can be done with this object. Fusion exercises can be practised with this one.


  • This ball is made of latex, BPA and heavy metal and it features anti-burst anti-slip technology.
  • It ensures safety against bursting even when pierced with sharp objects.
  • This ball is used for an extended period and the utilization can be intensive, the quality makes it much durable.
  • The kit comes with a pump to inflate the ball.
  • This is a highly durable ball and it can last for years, so if you buy it you can surely get the money’s worth back.
  • The ball is made with anti-slip technology and thus it is easier to hold and it will not slip away.
  • The ball does not burst even when it is punctured, and thus it ensures safety on a large scale.
  • The ball is made of high-quality rubber so no worry about pollution or allergy.
  • There is a return process for this product, so if you are not satisfied with it, you can easily return it.
  • The standard size of the ball is too large for some people.

3. Thera-band standard exercise ball

When you are searching for a ball which is all-purpose and will serve you with versatility then this is the right choice. These balls are inflatable and can be extensively used for muscle strengthening. It is also used to improve postures and it will also help you to get rid of the chronic back pain (of course under the supervision of any physiotherapist).


  • In the kit of this ball, there are exercise balls and two plugs along with an inflation adapter.
  • There is a Thera band exercise ball guide poster which shows 24 different exercises that you can do with this ball.
  • Its height is 9 cm and the width is 18 cm, which makes it a moderate-sized ball.
  • This one will help you to train the abdominals, back, glutes, hip and various other muscles.
  • This one is great for rehab and flexibility. It can be included in your daily workout regime.
  • The ball helps you to strengthen the muscles and improves postures.
  • This can be easily cleaned and deflated with the two plugs.
  • This is good for health purposes and it is also good for the people who have undergone knee replacement.
  • The product is non-returnable so if you use it once you have no chance of replacing it.

4. Jsb Bs 19 Gel stress relief ball

This is a great ball for women who work with their hands all day. You may be at the office or at home, you can keep exercising with your fingers and it will also reduce stress. At home also, you can exercise in your free time while enjoying a movie with this ball. This is the best stability ball available in the market.


  • This ball is filled with 100% gel material.
  • This ball is unbreakable and sustains for a long time.
  • This ball gets back to its position even after hours of continuous use.
  • This ball is really effective for stress relief. Also, hand exercise is done very well with this ball.
  • This ball is pretty soft and pliable.
  • The ball helps to strengthen the muscles of your hand.
  • If this ball gets in touch with some sharp object, it may get torn.

5. Cockatoo Anti-burst Gym Ball with a foot pump

If you are searching for a ball that will strengthen your muscles then this is the best ball you should get. This ball is made of durable materials and it prevents any kind of damage that may happen to you while you are exercising. Also, this is a versatile ball and it helps you do various different kinds of exercises with it.


  • This ball is made of so durable material that it can bear with any amount of extensive exercise. It will not collapse suddenly and so you can be sure of getting not harmed. The material delivers seamless and excellent performance.
  • This ball is anti-burst. You can continuously use this and need not have to fear sudden collapse. This one targets various parts of your body and so you can do multiple kinds of exercise with this.
  • Exercising balls for different kind of workouts are not a dream any more, you can use this ball for various parts of your body like leg, back, hand and other elements.
  • The ball is available in different sizes so you can pick the right sized ball as per your necessity.
  • The foot pump comes with this pack for free.
  • The ball is anti-burst so you should not be afraid of getting affected anyway.
  • The material makes the ball a sturdy and durable one so it lasts very long.
  • The the surface of the ball is not smooth which is a turn-off.
  • The colour of the ball makes it look cheap.

6. Flamingo Gel exercise ball

When you need something to get your hand exercised, this ball fits the bill. It will help you to work on your grips. Also, the strength, dexterity and motor skill can be improved while exercising with this ball.


  • The ball has its brand name embossed on its body.
  • The dimension of the ball is 65×6.5×6.5 cm.
  • The ball is made of gel material.
  • The ball can be used for unique exercise and this will help you with coordination of fingers. Especially patients of chronic neuro diseases will find it helpful.
  • The exercises using this ball are limited so it cannot be called a versatile one.

7. Aurion Medicine Ball

This is suitably used in the gym and also in-home training. This ball has been designed according to the suggestions of fitness trainers and thus it ensures the optimum weight composition as well as proper gradation.


  • This ball is perfect for yoga, pilates, rehab and fitness.
  • The ball is extra thick and thus quite durable.
  • The non-slip rubber surface ensures a firm grip during the rapid range of motion.
  • This is hygienic, odourless and skin-friendly.
  • This one weighs about 2 kg.
  • Users of this ball are safe from any kind of allergies.
  • It is very much effective and useful a ball.
  • This ball comes in smaller size compared to other standard balls at the gym.

8. Strauss Yoga Massage Ball

If you want to probe into the holistic world, then you need a balanced mind and body. This ball will help you achieve that peace. This small yoga ball from Strauss helps you to get relief from stiff joints and aching muscles.


  • This ball is built with dense silicone rubber.
  • The ball feels solid so it makes a perfect companion for active and concentrated massage.
  • This ball can be used for trigger point therapy, corrective therapy and deep tissue massage.
  • There is a variety of colours for this ball.
  • The ball comes with a soft texture.
  • This is a great back pain reliever.
  • The ball rolls really well so it is just perfect for relaxation of deep muscles.
  • The ball is small in size so you cannot do the exercises that need a bigger sized ball.

9. Clothsfab Non-Slip Stability Exercise Gym Ball

This multi-purpose ball is an excellent choice for the ones who love to exercise in different schedules and in different styles.  This is a go-to ball for the ones who love to experiment with all kinds of exercises in the gym.


  • This inflatable ball comes with a foot pump and this allows pumping air easily inside the ball.
  • This is a portable ball and can be carried to any place you wish. So you can do your workouts whenever you are travelling to.
  • This ball is perfect for physical therapy. As it is made of anti-burst material, this is soft and supple.
  • It is recommended by therapists for curing problems in back, knees and shoulders.
  • You can exercise with this ball while wearing gloves and using a mat.
  • The ball is made of high quality, anti-burst PVC foam which is an eco-friendly material.
  • It is a large ball and is pretty much durable.
  • The material is non-toxic so it is environment-friendly.
  • This ball can be stored easily.
  • The non-slip feature makes it a good one to get a firm grip.
  • This ball is very strong and durable and thus it lasts long.
  • It does not crumble under different kinds of pressure and different types of exercises.
  • The ball comes in a single size which makes it inadequate for different body types and requirements.

10. TOUA Anti-burst Fitness Exercise Stability Balance Yoga Ball

This ball is again another addition with great versatility. It is perfect gym equipment and it provides facility to practice various exercises. This is perfect to strengthen any body parts and cure any pain of different types.


  • This is a reliable gym ball which measures 55 cm in diameter.
  • This ball can be used while doing pilates as it has quite a smooth surface.
  • Rehab and stretching exercises can be done with this ball perfectly.
  • You can carry this ball whenever you wish so you can carry on with your exercise even when you are out of the station.
  • This inflatable anti-burst gym ball comes with a foot pump so you can inflate it easily whenever needed.
  • This one is anti-burst so no worry about any accident.
  • This is rubber made ball so you can trust it for eco-friendliness.
  • It is perfectly designed for curing the back pain and posture corrections.
  • The quick foot pump that comes with this ball helps you all the time.
  • Different people with different body types can use this ball successfully.
  • Abdominal exercise and other aerobic exercises can be done with this ball.
  • The material it is made of is of high quality.
  • The ball is slippery as the much popular anti-slip technology is not featured into the manufacturing of this ball.

Features to check in an exercise ball:

  • The ball must be burst proof. If you use the ball along with the dumbbell then the ball must be burst proof. These balls get damaged while you are using it for a long time. But it is better if it gets deflated instead of burst.
  • The ball should be of the right size. There are different sized balls sold in the market and you should know which one you need. It depends upon your requirement, like for which purpose you will use the ball. So you better decide the size and then check the market for the right exercise balls.
  • Stiffness of the balls is another deciding factor. If you are buying a round ball, then you will feel more challenged as the smooth outer surface of the ball will make it unstable. Also, the ball that you should get should contain enough air. The round shape will be maintained that way and thus it will help you in the exercise.
  • Pricing is something always to be remembered while choosing to buy the ball. It depends upon the quality and the brand. There are so many options available in the market, so you should stick to your budget and search for the right thing.
  • Air pressure often decides how good or bad an exercise ball performs. The air pressure can make a ball too stiff or too loose and that decides how well you can exercise with it. The ball will be exposed to your body pressure and then it can get expanded.
  • Weight of the exercise ball is a very important aspect. Again you can decide the ball you will buy with the right weight if you are sure of its usage. That is, how you will use it and which kind of exercise will be done with it. if you are unsure, check the reviews and talk to the vendors to decide this matter.

How can we use exercise balls:

  • Balls can be used in various ways and these ones are not much space taking, so you can easily keep it in your house or gym. In case you are just starting with weight lifting, you can use this ball primarily for light weight lifting.
  • The balls can help you in exercising and in place of bench you can use balls. You have to adjust the ball to strengthen the core, hip and shoulder stability with this ball. But the process will be a bit different than the benches.
  • Also, your abs and hamstring can be worked out with the help of exercise balls. Pass the ball between your hand and legs or move it from one side of your body to another, it will help you in getting a stronger and fitter body.


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