10 Best Exercise Balls In India

Exercise balls have a big past behind it. Exercise balls are first used to give treatment to the infants in the 20th century. Doctors used to use these kinds of balls to treat body pain etc. Later the use of exercise balls had developed and it was being used by some professional athletes. They used to use this to maintain a specific body requirement according to their professional sports.

Nowadays, you can find these exercises balls in every gym and yoga centres. peoples are using these exercise balls for stretching, weight loss, joint treatment etc. Even you will find these balls in most of the houses. People are using these balls in their home. People are using these ball for good health. They do specific exercises to maintain good health with gym balls.

It has become an important part of today’s lifestyle. Thus, it is important to have a good understanding of these gym balls before buying. In this article, I will discuss with you top 10 exercise balls in India with a full review. You do not need to go deep into the internet to search for the best exercise ball for you.

Top 10 Exercise Balls In India Full Review

I have taken top 1o exercise balls available in India. I will also shed light on its features, quality and durability so that you can have a good understanding of every ball listed here.

1. LALA LIFE Sgl Rubber Anti Burst Gym Ball

LALA LIFE Sgl Rubber Anti Burst Gym Ball is specially made tough so that it could last longer. When we use these exercise balls we put a lot of weight on it. Thus it is important that the exercise ball is made up of good material. This anti-burst ball is made up of sturdy rubber material which makes it stronger and does not let it burst easily.
This Lala exercise ball comes in grey colour that is why it does not get dirty easily through the ground and through the touch. We often see that these balls get dirty because of dirt and oily hands. But its rubbers have a special coating which prevents dirt from it.

Apart from that this ball is made up of thick and durable PVC material which enhance its life. Thick rubber also helps it not to burst even if it touches the corner of anything.
It also has circular lines on it which keep the rubber stronger. These lines also help you so that you could not slip from the ball while exercising.

The quality of the rubber is also skin-friendly. The upper layer of this layer does not affect your skin. When we do exercise with a ball parts of our body touches the ball and the balls should be skin-friendly.

2. TOUA Anti-Burst Fitness Exercise Stability Balance Yoga Ball

Thus Toua anti-burst ball is full of utility and has strong build material in it. It comes with the size of 18*8*7 which is an ideal size for every yoga ball. You can do yoga and other sorts of exercise with this ball. If we talk about its build quality, the company uses high-quality thick rubber to make this yoga ball. It will last for many years if you take care of it carefully.

The interesting thing is that this ball is not costly, you are getting this exercise ball at a very affordable price. It can bear weight up to 110 kgs easily. What else do you want with a ball which is cheap and has a stronger build material? If you want to buy an economic exercise ball then you should definitely go for it.
Now talk about its stability, the stability of this exercise ball is so good.

It does not move unnecessarily when you put it into the ground and start exercising. If you are doing exercise then it is important that the ball should have a good balance. So, If the ball has no stable balance then you can get injured easily.

If we talk about safety than this ball does not harm the skin of the user. Even you can easily exercise with this ball without clothes. If you get sweats on your body while exercising, you would not slip from the ball because of its good grip rubber on the upper layer.

3. FEGSY Anti-Burst Exercise Gym Ball

This FEGSY ball is one of the top-notch balls of the company. It has the size of 75cm this ball is perfect your yoga and other ball exercises. You can easily maintain your arm, leg, thigh, abs etc with this ball.
This exercise ball is made up of an anti-slippery tough material.

The company uses high-quality material in this exercise ball to give a new level of experience to its user. It has premium quality non-toxic PVC material as well which makes it rough and tough. In spite of having a sturdy material in it, this yoga ball is soft and firm touch.

The reason why it is called anti-burst exercise ball is this that ball has highly thick rubber in it. The thickness and strength of the premium rubber can not be easily burst. The comfort of this ball is also good. When you put your weight on this ball, it does not pinch the skin at all.

Ordinary exercise balls are not comfortable they pinch the skin when it gets more tension on a particular area. But with this FEGSY Anti-Burst Exercise Gym Ball, you will not face this problem because it is also a skin-friendly ball.

Some people use this ball as an office chair to maintain their back balance. If you have a problem of back pain then you can use this exercise ball as an office chair which will help you to sit straight in a balanced manner. Apart from that pregnant women also do mild exercise with this ball.

4. Cockatoo Anti-Burst Gym Ball

This ball comes from 55cm to 95 cm you can buy this exercise ball according to your need. we suggest that if your weight is heavy then you should go for a big size ball. Because the size of the ball is made in accordance with the weight of the user. I would suggest that low weight people should use the small and medium-size ball but high weight people should use full-size balls.

If you are buying this ball then you will also get a foot pump with this product. You do not need to buy a foot pump separately to blow up the balloon. This is an advantage here that you are getting a foot pump because buying a foot pump separately will cost you similar to the price of the ball itself.

This Cockatoo ball is primarily used in gyms and yoga centre but you can take it for your home as well. The build material of the ball is also good. It also has circle lining after some distance on the ball. These circular lines help you to maintain a good balance on the ball. It also grips the ground so that it could not move here and there while exercising.

The company uses long-lasting durable high-quality rubber in this ball. Because of the high-quality rubber, it will last long for a long time. You do not need to buy a new ball within a short period of time. There is 4 colour available in this ball i.e. orange, grey, yellow and blue depends upon which size you are buying.

5. Verified Anti-Burst Weighted Gym Ball

Thia verified exercise ball comes between the size of 55 cm to 95 cm. The company took care of the quality and safety of this ball. Company is using the highest quality PVC material in this ball. That is why the company assert that this ball does not tear or burst in a normal situation.

The company also use the anti-slippery matte material on the surface of this Verified Anti-Burst Weighted Gym Ball. This means that even a kid can use this exercise ball easily. Even if you are a noobie in ball exercise you can effortlessly use this ball without slipping.

The balance of the ball is also quite well. When we put this ball into the surface it makes a strong and equal grip on the ground. Through this, you can do you exercise with good and stable balance. If the balance of the exercise ball is good then you would not find any difficulty even in high dense exercise as well.
The upper layer of the ball also helps to keep every inch of the ball into balance which prevents burst. Company is also giving foot pump if you buy this Verified Anti-Burst Weighted Gym Ball. It will save your time and money if you get foot pump with any gym ball.

It has polyvinyl chloride material in it which also prevent the ball to roll away while exercising. I would recommend you to buy this ball because it has all that a gym guy should need a good gym exercise ball.

6. Cosco Anti Burst Gym Ball

Cosco is a well-known brand in the sports industry. The international players use Cosco products. Here I brought for you the international brand Cosco anti-burst gym ball. You will also get an original foot pump with this ball to blow up the ball. This ball can be used in many exercises form heavy to light exercises.

The material of this burst ball is so strong that you can lift lightweight sitting on it. The company gave more attention to its material quality. Since Cosco is an international brand there is no chance of compromising with quality. The motive of the company is giving the best product to the customer. In this exercise ball, you will feel the quality of the ball.

However, this Cosco exercise ball is a bit costlier than other ordinary balls but it is a complete value for money product. People buy cheap exercise balls and after some time they started losing their strength and bursts. But if you buy this premium quality exercise ball it would last long.

Company is also providing user manual with this product which will help you to know how to use this product safely and securely. If we talk about its popularity then this ball is being used in many international level gym. You will find Cosco anti-burst gym ball around your city’s top-level gyms.
We have seen that ordinary gym balls fade their colour after some time.

In this Cosco gym ball, best quality thick and anti faded material is used. This means that the colour of this gym ball would not fade for a long long time. If you are a gym owner then you should definitely go for this gym ball. Because you do not want your gym members to see the ball bursting on and on. That is why I recommend you to buy this Cosco Anti Burst Gym Ball.

7. B Fit Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Ball

B Fit gym ball is a heavy-duty rough and tough gym ball. It has BPA, Latex & Heavy Metal Free 2 mm PVC in it. This is the reason the company calls it heavy-duty commercial gym ball. Its build material is so strong that it can durable even on the outside the home or gym. It’s BPA heavy quality material does not wither easily but give a long life to the ball.

The rubber material of the ball is safe for body and skin. Some people said that they got itching and allergy on the skin area where it touches the ball. It was because of the poor material used in making of the exercise ball. This B Fit Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Ball has a top-class material which is used in the ball after the testing on human skin. Therefore, there is no chance of getting an allergy from the touch of the ball.

Apart from that this B Fit Heavy Duty Commercial Gym Ball has a foot pump with it. The user will get a powerful foo pump with the ball. Blowing air into the ball with the hand pump is tough as compared to foot pump. Thus, the company is giving a foot pump for the convenient of the user.
If we see its appearance then the look of this exercise ball is so attractive. Company’s logo is beautifully written at the front of the ball. It also has circular lines on the surface of it.

8. Strauss Rubber Anti-Burst Gym Ball

Strauss Rubber Anti-Burst Gym Ball is built with durable and resilient PVC material which allow it to bear high weight tension on it. There are many colours available in an exercise ball. You can choose any of the colour whichever you like. Now talk about its appearance, the design of this Strauss gym is ball is alluring.

The Strauss logo is also printed at the front of the ball. The surface of this ball is shinny which shines into the light. The colour on the surface of the ball is not painted on the top of the ball but it is mixed with rubber. Thus, the colour of the ball will not fade and will last long.

You can put weight up to 110 kg on this ball. This means it is a very good quality gym ball. When you do yoga, you have to put full body weight on the ball. In this condition, the gym ball should be heavy and strong. So, this gym ball will fulfil all these requirements of a strong gym ball.

The upper layer of the ball has a matte anti-slippery surface. This anti-slippery surface keeps your body still on the gym ball and does not rollover. With this matte finish on the upper layer, you will enjoy your yoga, stretching and other exercises happily.

It is also a dust-free ball. In the gym, there is plenty of small whit of dust on the ground which usually sticks on the gym balls. But if you are bringing this Strauss gym ball in your home or gym then the dust will not stick with it. You will also get a foot pump here if you buy it. You are also saving your money as you are taking the foot pump along with this gym ball.

9. Nivia Anti Burst Gym Ball

Nivia Anti Burst Gym Ball is a beautiful alluring designed gym ball. The first talk about its look, the look of this gym ball is attractive. It has a company logo on it. There are many exercise graphics available as pictures at the centre of the ball. In these graphics, all the possible exercises are printed so as to aware the user of the ball about these exercises.

The company also gives a guide and user manual which tells the user how you can use this gym ball. The diameter of the ball is 75cm which a perfect size ball for all types of body. You will feel fully comfortable while using this gym ball. It covers the entire back of the body thus it is so comfortable for yoga and other exercises.

The build quality of the gym ball is super fantastic because of a broad rubber material used in this gym ball. It can easily bear 110kg of flat weight on it. This gym ball does not burst if you use it in a genuine way. It does not burst even if it comes into the contact of any sharp edges because of its thick rubber material.

This gym ball can also bear any type of weather because of its weatherproof coating. If you use this gym ball into the park or it comes into the contact of rain or water then your gym ball will be safe.
Apart from that this gym ball is total non-harmful for skin and the price of this gym is also economic. Therefore, this Nivia Anti Burst Gym Ball is one of the economic and value for money exercise gym ball.

10. Piesome Exercise Non-Slip Stability Anti Burst Yoga Ball

This Piesome Exercise Non-Slip Stability Anti Burst Yoga Ball is the last balls that are listed in this article. Piesome gym ball is super affordable that is why I put this gym ball here in this article. Now let’s talk about this gym ball. The look of this ball is simple and sober.

The company worked on the quality of the ball more than its look. However, the look of this ball is also good. With its shiny surface, it attracts the eyes of the people. Talking about its build quality, this gym ball has anti-burst foam PVC an eco-friendly materials in it. This material is the most durable material companies are using in making gym balls.

This is the reason every gym ball available here have the same material. The comfortability of this exercise ball is also reliable. The medium size of this ball fits for everyone. You will do your yoga with full comfort since the surface of the gym ball is soft and squishy. It is reliable for every body part of the exercise.

You can do exercise of thighs, butt, back and abs. It is so comfortable that even pregnant women can use this gym ball. This Piesome is giving plenty of advantages in it within an affordable price range. You can buy this fantastic gym ball for any age group of people. So, order this ball to you home and take benefit from it


I hope you have read this article with proper attention. All the above-mentioned exercise gym balls have the PVC material quality in it. This is the reason, I have listed them here. You can buy any of them according to your choice. Some gym ball is also coming with a foot pump so check them out as well.

One thing I can say for sure that all the gym balls here are totally worth buying. You are receiving very good product in an affordable price range. So, go above in this article again and select your ideal gym exercise ball.


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