10 Best Double Door Refrigerators in India

In this article we will be focusing on the double door refrigerators and why we should use it. We use refrigerators for a number of reasons that may be to keep our vegetables fresh, beverages cold and also for ice. Not only this by using a refrigerator you are able to extend the life of your vegetables and fruits.

There are a number of uses of a fridge and you can use this to prepare ice-cream or salad and even freeze them before you want to serve them. The fridge has become a very important appliance nowadays.

There are a number of refrigerators in the market that is a double door, single door, side by side and also the mini and the French door refrigerators.

The first generation refrigerators which were created consumed a lot of power and the design was also simple that is a single door. The single door refrigerators take up most of the power because there is only a single door and you need to open if for any purpose. But when you have a double door fridge you have more ease and organised use of the fridge.

In this article, we will be discussing the double door fridges in detail and will know about the best ones that are in the Market.

Top 10 Double Door Refrigerators in India

Now let us proceed to look at the number of double door refrigerators that are available and also see the best ones which are available in terms of features and uses.

LG double door fridge

If you are willing to buy a refrigerator that has more space and more storage then you should surely go for this one as this is the best.

It is very tall and will be surely perfect for your house. It will be adding to the appearance of your house.


  • The product will be available with a warranty for atleast one year.
  • The capacity of the fridge is 260 litres.
  • The colour that we are talking about is tender blue.
  • The fridge is made of high-quality aluminium for the body and the shelves are made of glass.
  • The refrigerator is rated 4 stars.
  • It has a smart diagnosis feature which will help you to know about the issues with the fridge easily in no time.
  • The auto smart connect feature will help you to connect the fridge to the inverter.
  • It has multi air flow which is used for cooling and in this feature the coolness is distributed all around.
  • The inverter compressor that is available with the fridge will help you to compress the sound and make your fridge quiet as compared to the other.
  • In the interior of the fridge the moisture us balanced. This is because there is a moist balancer.
  • You can open and close the refrigerator easily because the handled is easy to hold and grip.
  • The colour of the fridge is a bit shiny which will add up elegance.
  • It is rated 4 star which means that it will be saving about 48% of energy.
  • It will not be emitting much noise.
  • There is no light in the freezer compartment.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • The cooling adjustment is a bit tough.

Haier Frist free double door refrigerator

This company is a Chinese organisation and is dealing with electronics and home appliances. This refrigerator has a swift convertible feature with which you are able to increase your storage. This can be done by converting or changing the freezer into the fridge.

This refrigerator has a turbo technology I’d icing with which you are able to have the ice in just 49 minutes.

It will also helpful in saving your 15% energy in one mode and it will save about 30% energy in the other mode.


  • The capacity of the double door refrigerator is about 258 litres and it is sufficient for about 2-3 family members.
  • This has a glass shelf that is made of toughened glass.
  • The icing technology that is used us turbo technology.
  • It has a good and elegant pcm finish on the door.
  • You are able to change your freezer into the fridge if you require more space by using the swift convertible feature.
  • The rating given to this fridge is 3 star.
  • It will be having a door lock along and also anti fungal gasket. This will prevent your refrigerator and the food from fungi.
  • It gives you a warranty for about 1 year.
  • The cleaning and maintenance of the fridge are quite easy.
  • You can make ice out of it easily and faster.
  • There is a twin energy saver that will save your energy into modes. That is 15 and 30© of energy respectively.
  • The ice tray is movable so you have a large amount of space.
  • You will need to buy a stabilizer.

Whirlpool double door refrigerator

There are some people who love sophisticated things and designs. For these people, the refrigerator is the most suitable. Whirlpool has been successful in creating such a design and functional refrigerator.


  • It gives you a warranty for about 1 year.
  • The capacity of the refrigerator is about 245 litres.
  • The colour of this refrigerator is wine regalia.
  • The fridge is made if aluminium steel of high grade and with toughened glass.
  • The fridge is rated 2 stars.
  • To keep bacteria away from your fridge a feature is added that is fresh flow tower if air.
  • There is another feature which is reducing the oxidation and keep your vegetables fresh that is the fresh ionizer feature.
  • After your, I evidence been made you can take it out easily by twisting the ice tray.
  • There is a micro lock technology with which you are able to keep your fridge protected and clean from the microbes.
  • There is a large compartment for the vegetables too.
  • The fridge already contains a regulator due to which your fridge is protected.
  • There is no contamination of food and it will stay fresh.
  • The durability of the product is quite highland it is sturdy too.
  • The refrigerator has a good warranty period.
  • There is no frost situation and you can clean it easily.
  • The design is elegant and attractive.
  • There are dents on the body.

Godrej double door refrigerator

If you have a family and the small one so you can go with this one as it is compact. For about 3-4 members it will be sufficient.

It will give more appeal to your kitchen and will also add features to it.


  • The product comes up with the warranty of one year.
  • The capacity is about 236 litres.
  • The colour of the fridge is scarlet dreamin.
  • There are 2 shelves in the fridge.
  • The outer material is made of steel and the shelves are of toughened glass.
  • It is rated 2 stars.
  • The food is saved and kept fresh for hours due to compressor.
  • There are air vents on the shelves due to which there is good airflow.
  • There is a quick access box with which you can take out food without taking our the whole tray.
  • The aroma deodrizer is helpful in reducing the bad air and also remove ethylene.
  • It has a low price but there are all the features that one needs in a double door refrigerator.
  • It is affordable.
  • You are able to clean it easily.
  • The insulation is quite good.
  • There is no noise generated.
  • You can put a large number of vegetables in it.
  • The storage is not too large.

Whirlpool double door refrigerator galaxy

Many of the users look for a cheap and good double door refrigerator. So for those people who require a budget-friendly but a refrigerator that would meet the needs of the people the Whirlpool has brought a new version of a refrigerator.


  • The warranty for this fridge would be about one year.
  • It can hold upto 292 litres.
  • It is of galaxy steel colour.
  • The material with which it is made is toughened glass.
  • It has been rated 4 stars.
  • There is an intellisensor feature which will be helping you in detecting the different aspects of the fridge that us load, cooling and the usage
  • There is a fresh flow of air through the air tower and through it the odour is kept away and also the freshness is maintained.
  • It is free from stabilizer which means that the appliance is protected and when the power is interrupted then also you are able to save power.
  • It helps to keep your ice creams and salads in the freezer well without power also for a long time.
  • There is a large compartment for vegetables and fruits. This helps to keep your vegetables fresh.
  • There is very less amount of oxidation inside the fridge due to which the quality of food is maintained inside it.
  • There is an antibacterial technology. Due to this technology you are able to prevent many health issues.
  • It has a large capacity which means that it is sufficient for 4 persons.
  • It is highly affordable and you don’t have any issues regarding the price.
  • The noise that it generates us very less.
  • The insulation might not be so good.

Samsung double door fridge

Samsung is among those leading brands in the market nowadays. There are a number of people who are Samsung fans and will buy Samsung appliances no matter what.

So we have a fridge that is of the double door for these people. This has 235 litres capacity and has a very sleek design which will add up to the beauty of your kitchen.


  • The weight if this fridge is about 52 kgs.
  • The warranty period is also for one year.
  • The capacity that it can hold is 235 litres.
  • The fridge is made of aluminium steel of high grade and the shelves are if tempered glass.
  • The fridge is rated 2 stars.
  • There is a fresh so e in the fridge where all your perishable food is maintained.
  • There is a defrost feature which will defrost automatically and you don’t need to do it by yourself.
  • There is great cooling inside the fridge.
  • The lights are the led lights which increase the efficiency of it.
  • The fridge has a sleek design and is very stylish for your kitchen.
  • There is inverter inside the fridge which maintains the efficiency of energy.
  • The warranty period is also quite good.
  • There is a voltage regulator. Due to this, you are able to stay protected from the number of damages.
  • The fridge is light so you can move it easily to places in your house.
  • The fridge has large accommodation for bottles also.
  • It is quite expensive.

Mitashi double door refrigerator

If you are finding a double door refrigerator that performs all the functions of a double door refrigerator and also maintains your health then you should buy this one surely.

It will not be emitting the harmful CFC which are harmful and dangerous for our health.


  • The fridge comes up with a warranty of about one year.
  • The refrigerator can hold up to 345 litres
  • The colour of the Mitashi model is silver.
  • The material that is used for making it is steel and the shelves are if toughened glass.
  • There are sensors in the fridge which will be protecting you from unwanted issues.
  • The product us stabilizer free that is you will be protected from damages.
  • The fridge has a good freezing technology due to which you are able to get ice in no time and save a lot of power.
  • The led light which we used also saves a lot of energy.
  • The fridge is having a lot of space inside due to which you can accommodate the requirements of 4 people.
  • You can clean it easily as the shelves are detachable and you don’t need to defrost it by yourself it has automatic defrost.
  • There is a large accommodation for bottles inside the fridge which helps you to have more stored cool water.
  • The handle if the fridge is also easy to grip.
  • The fridge saves a lot of energy. The most important feature is that it is not emitting harmful CFCs.
  • The warranty might be not so good.

Haier double door refrigerator

If you are looking for a fridge that has decent storage and also a lot of functions then you should go for this one.

The fridge gas a 360-degree cooling mechanism.


  • The fridge has a capacity of about 320 litres.
  • The colour of the fridge is silver.
  • The material that id used for making it is steel and the shelves are made of toughened glass.
  • There are upto 4 shelves in this model of fridge
  • There is a twist tray for ice which makes it easy for you to have ice.
  • The fridge makes very less noise.
  • The ice is made in no time.
  • The lower back portion is not so tough.

Bosch double door refrigerator

The people who can purchase expensive appliances and do not have many issues will surely appreciate this model.


  • The product gives you a warranty if one year.
  • It can hold a capacity of 347 litres.
  • The colour of the fridge is Inox.
  • The body is made of stainless steel whereas the shelves are made of glass.
  • It is rated 4 stars.
  • It has sensors installed which will save upto 10% of your energy.
  • The temperature changes are also recorded.
  • You are able to get your stuff easily.
  • The refrigerator has large space inside and you can accommodate a lot of stuff.
  • It is very stylish.
  • The toughened glass helps to hold more weight.
  • It is 4 star and would save a lot of energy.
  • It is quite expensive.

BPL double door refrigerator

This fridge helps you to have a good fridge in your budget and us very spacious and has a lot of features.


  • The product comes up with a warranty of one year.
  • The consumption of the fridge would be about 1.1 units per day.
  • The fridge has 564 litres capacity.
  • The fridge is made of steel and the shelves of toughened glass.
  • There is quicker cooling.
  • The fridge is quite spacious so you can accommodate a lot of things in the interior.
  • It has led lights which help in saving energy.
  • It is easy to clean it too.
  • There is a water dispenser so the chilled water can be dispensed easily.
  • It is expensive.
  • Consumes more power.

Let us now know the reasons why we should buy these refrigerators with a double door.

Reasons for Buying Double Door Refrigerators


The first and the very important benefit that we have if we use a double door refrigerator is that the coolness is maintained and also the fridge part and the freezer part is separate. So, for this reason, we are able to save the coolness inside.


It has two doors so it will be more durable and also will help in maintaining the coolness of the fridge and the freezer both.


If we compare a double door one with the single door we will find that the double door will be the one which is more organised and also it will be having more space for all your activities.


In the case of double door refrigerators, you are able to do the cleaning in a much better way. This is because the upper part that is the ice section is separated from the lower section which helps you to have much better cleaning.

In the single door ones you first need to go ahead with the defrosting only then you will be able to do the cleaning nicely.

Buying Guide

Important things you need to look for when you buy a double door refrigerator

Size and weight

When you are purchasing a refrigerator you need to look for how much volume it can occupy and how much weight it can hold. It is a very important feature you need to notice as if you have less or limited area in your house then it won’t suit.

Also if you want to transfer the fridge to some other pace then it should not be heavy at that time. You need to consider all these points when you buy it.


We know that it is energy efficient but along with this it also consumes much power.


When you are buying any appliance be it fridge or any other you need to check for the price only then buy it. It should match your budget of course.


The time when you are deciding to buy a refrigerator you need to look at your family and the number of people that live because your fridge should be able to accommodate the necessities of all of you.


You need to check when you are buying a double door refrigerator it should have a voltage regulator. This is for safety from unwanted incidents.


Always check for the warranty period of the item or appliance you are purchasing.

Low noise

When you have a refrigerator in your room or home you always get irritated if emits noise. So buy a fridge that won’t give much sound and is quiet.


Double door refrigerators are easy to clean but still, you need to check for if you can clean it easily of not.


When you are deciding to buy a refrigerator you need to look for if the parts are available in the market or not. Since the parts are breakable and may need repair or need to replace.

Materials of body

You need to look for the body of the refrigerator also. It should be such that it is able to handle operation for a long time that is 24 hours.


We know that the refrigerators are used for long so the motor parts might get heated.

So the refrigerator that you are purchasing should have good insulation so that the heat is not spread across your home.


The double door refrigerators may be based on refrigerators due to which a lot of electricity can be saved. Also due to the use of inverter, the fans will do the cooling due to which more power is saved.


When you are buying a fridge you need to see that it has lighting. And the lights if will be receiving then it will most suitable because they are more friendly to the environment.

Also, the lights should be gents so that you don’t need to compromise with your eyes.


You need to look for this feature when you are buying a fridge since when it is present you will be able to protect your fridge since there will be no damage caused whenever there is a cut.


You need to see that your refrigerator has variations on cooling. This is because the coolness should be suitable in order to keep your fruits and drinks and vegetables fresh in the fridge.


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