5 Best Chainsaw Mills in India

Before we proceed to know about the best chainsaw mills that are available in India, let us have a brief look at what these actually are and what do they do. Let us know about some fundamentals of the chainsaw mills. The chainsaw mills are not such that they will function for every person. There are a number of these and you need to be sure which one is suitable for you and which one you should buy.

The first question in our mind would be how to find one perfect pick that will satisfy all the requirements. This can be easily done by going through the below article. In this article, we will be knowing about the various features that are available in the chainsaw mill.

Top 5 Chainsaw Mills

To help you out in the decision procedure we have listed down the best chainsaw mills that are available to you in the market. So go and explore which one is the best for you and which one will meet your requirements.

1. Granberg chainsaw mill G777

There are a number of chainsaw mills that are available in the market. But not all offer good performance. So here we have a unique pick which is the Granberg chainsaw mill. This pick is the best in terms of portability and is available in the market too. This is being ranked one on the list because of its good performance.

This machine is the best if you want to use it as an individual sawmill. This is priced accurately and gives will give you a genuine punch. This price of this chain sawmill is genuine. There are a number of benefits of this chainsaw mill and the cuts that it will impart are awesome. The finish that it imparts is very smooth.  It is a great idea if you are thinking of buying this chainsaw mill. The G777 is the best if you want to buy it for the chainsaws that are 20 inches or smaller.

The drilling bar does not have any requirements. If you are not sure about the compatibility then you can order it. It is better that you stay secure with your choices. The chainsaw mill is compact and extremely light. There are certainly no issues when you move it around.

  • It is light in weight.
  • The price is fair.
  • The quality of the device is high.
  • The functions are quick.
  • A lot of positive reviews are noticed.
  • You need a few more assemblies.
  • There are no guide rails with it.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It works great.
  • It requires assembly but it is done in less time.
  • You need practice and patience to use it.

2. Alaskan Mark- IVG778-24

The next mill that we will be discussing is the Alaskan mill. We see that this unit is usually small in size. It has great features and along with it, it might lack some performances. It is less as compared to the other devices which are mentioned in the article.

This chainsaw mill is heavy-duty. It is versatile and will help you in cutting the planks and beams easily and accurately. You don’t need to drill the clamps for the chainsaw mill. The chainsaw mill is easily portable as it is light in weight.

The brackets are of the latest technologies and are made from CNC. These latest brackets are much easier to adjust and these produce lesser vibrations as compared to the other editions. This one is a perfect pick for the sawyers and the woodworkers. You get the best outcomes with this if you use it with the first cut and ripping chain platforms.

The Alaskan mark IV is a big mill that you can use anywhere. You can attach this chain to the chain bar easily and fast. This can help you to trim any kind of tree-like cedar, walnut, oak tree.

  • It is good for big lumber.
  • The reviews of this one are great.
  • It helps you to cut any kind of tree.
  • It can cut trees anywhere.
  • It is made of good and high-quality material.
  • The price is high.
  • Some more assemblies are required.
  • You need a good power chainsaw to run it.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It works pretty well.
  • You get a ripping chain along with it.
  • It is strong and the build is good.

3. Granberg mini G555B

If your budget is going tight then you need to go for the Granberg chainsaw mill. The Granberg chainsaw mill is the perfect pick for you. This is the best pick that you will get for the money. If you want a product that is affordable and it has all the features that you would need then it is the best choice for you.

This unit is 25 inches and it will be the best in terms of performance. If you want to do cant squaring or the slab edging then it would be the best buy for you. The weight of this unit is about 6 pounds. And it is a budget-friendly buy.

Let us know about some more important aspects of the chainsaw mill. It has to be cleaned by using a bar of the  2 1/2 inches in width. This chain sawmill is ideal for the small-time woodworkers as the shield won’t drop.

This is a perfect tool for the edging slabs or the logs. The design is compact and so it might not be suitable for the big lumber. But it is truly very suitable for the compact machine. If you use the ripping saw chain then the mill attachment will work excellently. So this one is suggested for the beginners and the professionals both.

  • The design is compact.
  • The cutting material is available.
  • It is suitable for the edging slabs.
  • It is best for both the beginners and the professionals.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is not a simple one to be used.
  • It is not fit for lumber.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It is easy to use.
  • You can use it to make rafters.
  • You need to keep the chain Sharp as it would give better results.

4. Popsport chainsaw mill

If you have the portable saw mill then it is of great advantage to you. As this would transform your mill into the lumber mill. You can attach this mill simply it is light in weight and it is flexible too. You can use it for both the easy and difficult jobs. You can use it to trim timber of any length. There is hardware provided that will help you with the installation.

This mill is economical and will help you to turn the logs into DIY he projects. The device has an elegant design and a sophisticated one. And this can be set up very easily which will help you to start working very easily wherever you want to.

The main two functions that we will be considering would be based on how the bar will function. If you want maximum power then you would need a gas run chainsaw. So a chain saw that is bigger than 60 cc us recommended. But you can even go with a lesser robust chainsaw. You just need to have patience if you are opting for the smaller one.

The installation might be a bit difficult but you can do it if you have patience. You just need to be more attentive which you are doing such work and everything will be done accurately. There is a lot more to be told about this product so you can see the pros and cons which might help you a little more.

  • It can be attached directly to the chainsaw.
  • You can mount it easily by making a few turns.
  • It is best for the woodworkers and the beginners.
  • It is portable so you can carry it to remote ones too.
  • It might be a challenge to adjust the height.
  • The Assembly might be difficult.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • It is easy to assemble.
  • The welded piece was poor in quality.
  • The mills work great.
  • The carriage also works great.

5. Carmyra portable YJBJ01

The final chainsaw mill that we will be discussing is the Carmyra portable YJBJ01. This one will also give you all the required features along with suitable performance. Like the poor materials in the product might lessen the performance range of the product.

If you are a beginner then you might face some issues while using this chainsaw mill. The wrench that comes along with the assembly might not be suitable for the hardware. So you would need to have an appropriate one. Which will function correctly?

So this is a suitable option if you opt for the small projects. This chainsaw mill is an excellent one of you decide of the edging the slabs and squaring lumber. It is not that suitable for the big lumber.

This is a portable and light machine. It is best for the chainsaw bars which are 14-36 inches. The warranty period with this product is of 1 year. This is a chainsaw mill that is fast and the installation is way easier. The package of the chainsaw mill has a user guide, a setup tool and also a chainsaw mill. The chainsaw mill is efficient and is 36 inches. You can attach it to the chainsaw bar directly.

  • The cost is low.
  • It fits suitably to the chainsaw bar of 14-36 inches.
  • It is produced from steel or aluminum.
  • The chain saw bar and the guide is not included.
  • You need a powerful chainsaw.
  • The mill might be difficult to use.

Some of the reviews by users are:

  • The construction is good.
  • It is strong.
  • The parts which are listed in the description and which are available are

Buyers guide

Milling might be a difficult task and made only for the professionals. Most of the people do not find it easy to do milling. In some cases, it is really difficult even if you have a robust chainsaw mill. So to minimize your possibilities of getting irritated you need a good and suitable chainsaw mill. The smaller saw might help you to cut the tree and that too in rounds but the tension that milling gives you might really end up destroying things.

So to get the right chainsaw mill so that you do the milling perfectly you need to search for the following attributes in it.


The most important thing that you need to consider while you are buying a chainsaw mill is the saw kerf. The saw kerf will tell you about how thick the cuts will be on the plank board. This means that the saw kerf will be affecting how many planks or slabs are going to be cut.


If you are thinking of using the chainsaw mill so as to cut the logs perfectly so you would be doing this around constantly. It is better if you get the weight tested in the shop itself. If you are buying it online then you need to see that you pay attention to the attributes of the product and the weight too.

You need to know that the assembly will be having the chainsaw alone so the weight is to be considered. Make sure that you are able to control the weight. And if you want to buy the smaller ones you can simply go for the lighter chainsaw or the smaller chainsaw mills.

Capacity of the bar

The wood that you will be cutting, depends upon the size of the chainsaw bar. So you need to be sure that the chainsaw mill you are having can deal properly with the length of the var.

Cutting capacity

The cutting capability is influenced by the chainsaw bar and the size. You need to check for the adjustments that can be made for your chainsaw mill so that you get a perfect cutting capacity.


The most important thing for buying a product is for sure the price. For a chainsaw mill that is fundamental, you would need to spend a few hundred only.

Tips for a better milling experience

We have seen a variety of chainsaw mills and we have noticed that there are a number of them and we can only buy the one which is suitable according to your needs. If you are a beginner or a professional it is better that you know about the better things of milling. You need to see that the chains are sharpened and the racks are also set up correctly. The dull chain will make your work more time-consuming. You can sharpen the chain more frequently then it needs to be. The process is made easier if your chain is sharpened.

The second thing that you need to know is that the accessories of your chainsaw mill are perfectly working. Here is a list of some ideas from where you can begin milling the logs.

  • After the cut is done, you need to be sure that you do not shut down the engine immediately. So it will allow the engine to cool.
  • The chainsaw mill will be creating a lot of sawdust.
  • Do not move your chain saw a lot. If you move it s lit then it will create s rough surface.
  • If you are milling dry hardwood then you need to sharpen the chain more frequently.
  • If you are cutting through the log you should not leave if in the middle.


All the options that are available to you for chainsaw milling are proved to be of the highest quality. It just depends upon how you see it and how you use it. The products mentioned in the article are the best and have good reviews. We hope that you love the reviews which will help you out in deciding which one is more suitable for you and why. The chainsaw mills are of good quality and they have good features which help you to do your work accurately.


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