10 Best Baking Ovens in India (2020)

Baking ovens are now becoming a popular trend among Indian households. It has almost become a necessity in the metropolitan cities and urban people are finding it most attractive kitchen gadget to use. Everyone loves baked food. The cage for freshly baked food at home is a general thing, and not only it is tastier but also it is quite healthier and hygienic than the baked food bought from local shops.

Did you ever try baking at home? If you try it, you will understand that baked food is much healthier than the fried things as the later one makes you gobble much oil and that is extremely bad for our health. Baking cakes at home is always preferred than buying them from the expensive stores in the market as those cakes from the shops do contain a few harmful preservatives all along. So be wise and trust your baking oven to meet the craving for cakes and other baked foods.

Not only with baking, but the ovens also come handy with so many features and they totally lighten up your kitchen with the easy and smooth working ability. Many smart baking ovens are there in the market and most of them do not consume a lot of energy. So you do not have to worry about the hike in your power bills either. The variety of recipes you will find online for baking will always help you to make a new item every day with your baking oven. There are various options available in the market which will confuse you when you are deciding to buy the right baking oven. The essential things you should know is how an oven works and what are its benefits. Along with that, you must check that why a baking oven is better than a microwave and air fryer. There are different types of baking oven available as mentioned earlier, so you must be aware of all the pros and cons before you decide to buy the right one.

Top 10 Baking Ovens in India

Now we will proceed with top 10 baking ovens available in India.

1. Singer Maxi Grill 4000 RC Oven Toaster Griller

For a big party at your house you can depend upon this gadget to do all your cooking. It comes with temperature and timer control and you can easily set them to do the job. The 360-degree motorized rotisserie helps you to grill food uniformly.


This oven has a gross capacity of 40 litres and it is good enough to cook food for a family of 4 members. The 360-degree motorized rotisserie allows grilling food evenly. The non-stick baking tray and the wire rack along with tray handle and rotisserie rod and great features of this oven. The stainless steel handle does not get rusted when comes with the contact of water.

  • It comes with a timer and thus you can set the time accordingly.
  • There is a 4 stage heat selector knob helps to set you the temperature according to the dish you are cooking.
  • The see-through glass door allows you to keep a watch on the food while it is being cooked.
  • This oven does not come with a child safety lock.

2. Black + Decker 9 LTR Oven Toaster Grill

When you are looking for something that will help you to cook a small amount of food like snacks for your parties then this toaster grill will be the perfect choice for you. This grill comes with adjusting knobs and you can set the temperature and timer with those knobs. The product is a marvel while you are arranging a house party.


The product body is made up of stainless steel and it makes it rust-resistant. There are two knobs which help to adjust temperature and time. The temperature and timer help you to cook different foods in it and you will be free from any worry regarding the food. The top and bottom part of the product is made of quartz material which is quite sturdy and looks pretty. It gadget can be used for grilling, baking and broiling.

  • The grill is made up of double heat resistant tempered glass which does not react at high temperature.
  • It also does not absorb the heat that is developed inside the box, so that makes this a safe option for your kitchen.
  • This grill is ideal for people who cook multiple dishes within a short period and thus they need to cook the dishes simultaneously.
  • The grill comes with 2 years of warranty which is a great thing.
  • The small and handy shape and size of this product make it a hit for the smaller and cosier kitchen worktop and make it portable too.
  • The only con found in this product is it only is of 9 litres.

3. Agaro Marvel Series 19 litre Oven Toaster Griller

This toaster cum griller has four inbuilt chambers and the black rotisserie makes it ready for any and every kind of grilling and baking. The better part is the baking and grilling is done quite smoothly and fast. The illuminated chambers help you to look through when the food is being cooked.


The griller toaster is grand for baking, grilling, toasting and rotisserie. The motorized rotisserie comes with a fork for grilling. The sophisticated and compact design makes the product look classic. The glass door is there to help you see the food while it is being cooked and you do not have to open the door to see if it has got overcooked or burnt.

  • There are knobs that help you to control the temperature and time.
  • You can fix the temperature and time by turning the knob to right extend.
  • The food will not be under or overcooked thanks to the presence of these knobs.
  • There are auto shut and ready bell which will inform you about the readiness of the machine.
  • The capacity is a great 19 litre. The chambers are easy to wash and quite durable.
  • There is no bottom tray present so you have to clean the chamber itself.

4. Morphy Richards 52 litre Oven Toaster Grill

This is a well known and reputed brand in kitchen appliances so the product they have come up with must be excellent. The brand has never let its customers down and has always performed great. This oven cum toaster cum grill is the best oven in the list. There are numerous features and you can get your job done very easily with this one. The amazing product will provide you with good food within a couple of minutes.


The stainless steel body provides better circulation of heat and it also helps in faster and uniforms heating which cooks the food perfectly. The motorized rotisserie helps in roasting and grilling. The mirror finish door makes the product look grand and improves the look of your kitchen. There is a cooking timer which helps you cook precisely as long as you wish for. The food in the oven gets ready while you are relaxing. The chamber light helps you to see the interior clearly and clean it when necessary. The convection technology heats the chamber evenly and rapidly. The stay-on function keeps the food warm for a long period.  A kebab rod is provided with the product and that allows you to cook yummy kebabs. The capacity is 52 litres and that is suitable for an 8 members family. It draws up to 2000 watts power.

  • It can attend multiple functions like defrosting frozen food, broiling, baking, grilling and toasting.
  • The flexible and smart wire rack, crumb tray, rotisserie rod set, tongs are some of the nice equipment you get with this product.
  • This one offers heavy-duty work.
  • Some users say that the machine does not heat up as much as per the temperature setting.

5. Hamilton Beach 31134 Toaster Oven

This one comes with 4 slice capacity toaster and an outstanding look to make your kitchen more stylish. Not only is the appearance great but the features are exceptional too. The significant features are listed below and this one is the second best oven in this list.


The product helps to save your time a lot and it is fully automatic. It reheats the food 28% faster than other OTGs. The energy consumption is 80% less when it comes to reheating frozen food. The timer is there for 30 minutes and it rings a bell when your food is ready. The machine shuts off immediately the timer reaches the scheduled time.  This one can bake a 9-inch pizza comfortably. The feet of the OTG is nonslip and thus it will not slip on your worktop.

  • The bread is toasted perfectly, and it is easy to clean.
  • The chamber heats up pretty quickly and the space-saving design helps you to fit it on your worktop.
  • The baking pan and broils rack comes with this product and the muffins baked here are not drying.
  • The heating element does not turn off automatically but the dial needs to be turned to switch it off.

6. Borosil Prima 48 L Baking Oven

This stainless steel convection oven cum toaster cum griller is a superb product which is wrapped in amazing features. It offers a stylish look with great performance. It is pretty much effective and helps you to cook in various different styles. You can simply bid goodbye to the traditional cooking methods and start using this product for toasting, baking or grilling.


The power consumption is 2000 watts and it operates at 230 volts with 50 Hz frequency. The motorized rotisserie and convection function does all the grilling and allows the food to roast evenly. The 6 stage heating offers efficient and proper cooking. The adjustable temperature from 90-230 degree calcium helps you to cook at the temperature of your choice.  The mechanical timer can be set up to 90 minutes and thus you can get any food cooked within this time span. The power indicator turns on and off according to the timer knob. The grill rack, food cooking tray and rotisserie spit along with handle are some of the great add on products.

  • The machine is super easy to clean as it has a removable crumb tray.
  • This is perfect for a large family dinner.
  • The easy to operate knob and the sturdy build makes it a great gadget.
  • The straight heating rod does not let the food heated properly from the inside.

7. Osgter TTSTVDFL1 22 litre Oven Toaster Grill

This is a promising product from the reputed brand. It is beautiful in appearance and it can blend seamlessly into your modern kitchen décor. The performance and features are fully power-packed and it cooks food simply and easily. The capacity of 22 litres is great and the LCD gives you the view of the settings.


The machine has ten preset functions which allows you to cook new dishes without much hassle. The convection fans circulate heat throughout the chamber and help in uniform and rapid cooking. The turbo convection technology works faster than other OTGs. The two oven rank positions offer easy cooking. The toast functions separately. The cooking racks, baking pan, tong, crumb tray and broil rack are great equipment coming with this product. The automatically switched off button helps to cook the food adequately without burning it. The glass door is tempered proof and ensures safety. The power consumption is 1400 watts and operates at 170-220 volts.

  • This machine can make delicious cakes and the LCD is really appreciated for its functionality.
  • The easy to clean process with the crumb tray and the extra-large capacity for 12-inch pizza is totally awesome.
  • The turbo convection method does not offer much air to the chamber.

8. American Micronic 36 litre Oven Toaster Griller

This OTG with rotisserie is an amazing product at the best price. The product is worth considering when you are planning to buy any such OTG for your kitchen chores. It is sturdy in nature and the look is fascinating. The unique piece will increase the efficiency of your kitchen as well as make it look grand.


The motorized rotisserie with convection provides proper roasting and that makes your food healthy and yummy. The juiciness is never gone and yet the food is cooked properly. The six heating elements warm the oven very hot super fast and that ensures faster cooking, the 400 watts heating element at the front on top and bottom and the 2×300 heating element at the rear on top and bottom works perfectly. The capacity of 36 litres is quite large and it can set the timer up to 120 minutes which is enough for any kind of dish. The glass door is double layered and thus ensures safety. The independent variable temperature control is provided by two thermostats and the upper and lower heating elements work through this. The product is energy efficient at 2000 watts consumption and it operates at 220 volts.

  • The product is highly durable and easy to clean.
  • The wire rack and baking tray are great equipment and it is cooks pretty fast.
  • The cable wire is too short and it does not have a chamber light.

9. Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS Oven Toaster Grill

This product offers the latest technology and this one make your work super easy. This is a very affordable product and yet it works like magic in your kitchen. The brand also offers excellent customer service that you can look up to when you are having any trouble using this machine. The product will help you in the kitchen like a master chef and you will never know when the cooking will be finished.


The powder-coated stainless steel body gives it a beautiful look, the timer helps you in precise cooking and the thermostat monitors the temperature and cuts the power supply in case of overheating. The capacity is 16 litres which are suitable for a small family. The unique heating element is designed for heating the oven quickly. The cool touch door handle prevents any heat shock at the time of door operation.

  • This one is easy to use and pretty affordable.
  • The gadget comes with a crumb tray which makes it easy to clean.
  • The grill rack, tong, crumb tray skewer rods are useful equipment.
  • The convenient size and element selection switch makes this a great OTG.
  • Sometimes the door does not get closed properly.

10. Lifelong 16L Oven Toaster Griller

This one is one of the best OTG available in the market and it could make your work super easy. This machine is worthy of being in the top 10 list. It is pretty much sturdy and comes with a good appearance.


The spacious interiors and the compact exterior make it an easy and convenient gadget for cooking. The front panel contains three separate dials for heating, temperature and time fixing. The setting allows you to fix the three elements so you can cook the food perfectly. The ergonomically designed grill can keep your food warm after the cooking is done. This gadget comes with matte finish design. The capacity is 16 litres and it is good for a small family. The cooking and crumb tray helps you to remove all the crumbs and clean the machine easily. The product has one year warranty which is a great deal from the manufacturer.

  • The grill rack and a set of skew rods are offered with the machine, and it helps you to make tasty kebabs.
  • The baking tray allows you to bake cakes and cookies.
  • The matte finish design makes this gadget look aesthetic.
  • The gadget can be easily cleaned and operated.
  • If you have a large family then it is too small for your need. The power light does not work all the time.

How does the oven work?

Baking oven is an enclosed steel box that contains the top and bottom heating elements. The thermostat and the selector switch are there to control the amount of heat radiation at the top ad the bottom parts. Along with it, there is a timer that cooks the food and it never lets the food remain undercooked or overcooked. The ovens have a chamber light and most of them also come with self-cleaning controls. The setting of temperature in the oven works with electronic control and the bottom heating elements gets heated. The ovens usually have copper wire and it connects the oven to the temperature controls.

That temperature control unit heats the oven accordingly. There is a thermostat which helps in cutting the power source soothe heating element stops warming the oven when it is overheated. There are wires in the heating element which surrounds it by metal sheaths. Those are stagnant and they transfer the heat with the help of the wires. The ovens also have turbofans or convections fans that help to circulate the hot air inside the chamber and it also helps the baking process. The baking is done throughout all parts of the food. Some easy bake ovens have controls that help to select the type of cooking you desire for. The ovens are self-explanatory and you will understand the working process without much difficulty. You can also successfully operate the oven as it is pretty much easy to understand.

Why is baking oven better than

  • Microwave oven:

You can use an OTG for baking, roasting, grilling or reheating any amount of your food. The microwave will also help you with cooking and reheating your food. OTG uses heating elements on the top and the bottom. The grilling is done through the top heating element as it gets heated to grill your food. For baking the top and the bottom both parts get heated.  An OTG can bake the food more easily and efficiently as the microwave does not provide you with the well-baked items.

  • Air fryers

The OTG or the baking ovens are used for baking, grilling, roasting your food. The air fryer is used for frying and roasting the food with minimum use of oil. Air fryers can cook a small amount of food and the OTGs, on the other hand, are capable of cooking a huge portion of food. Not only is that air fryers expensive whereas the OTGs are moderately priced.

  • Electric tandoor

Baking ovens are used for baking, grilling and toasting the food but the tandoors are only meant for cooking tandoori dishes.  The OTG can take time to get heated up while the electric tandoor heats up very quickly. OTG takes time to cook the food and the electric tandoor takes lesser time than OTG. OTG works with an electric coil that heals up the gadget whereas tandoors are heated up with the help of aluminium coils.

Now, this was a comparative study which will help you decide which one you need to buy from the lot.

How baking ovens are better?

When you are baking your food it will be an easy process and that also will produce healthier dishes as that contains less fat. The ovens also help to maintain the moisture n your food and that keeps the nutrients in the food intact. The baking oven is safe to use and it has been equipped with some safety features as well. The cooking process takes half the time it should take to get ready as compared to other conventional cooking processes. Very little space is required to keep the oven in your kitchen worktop. They also help in defrosting the frozen items and that too quite fast. The super-easy process to clean the oven is much user-friendly. You just have to wipe it off with a damp cloth. The kitchen will not get heated up when you are using the oven like the traditional cooking process with fire.

Different types of baking oven.

  • Convection microwaves

These are the appliances which are suitable or cooking, grilling or baking the food.  These are some straightforward gadgets and do not come with any hassle. These are somehow compact and do not require much space. The gadgets are equipped with digital controls and there is a display unit to set the required temperature and thus you can have a clear view of settings on the display screen. The ovens are not lightweight and you cannot move it very easily. These are also expensive and thus you have to choose from brands and select the features. The wide range of the ovens offers different capacity and thus they are good for domestic purposes but they are not suitable for baking food for huge groups.

  • Over toaster griller

This appliance can do grilling roasting and baking for you. This also will help you to keep the food warm for a certain amount of time and you do not have to reheat it before serving. This cannot be used for cooking and reheating. This one is pretty much lightweight if compared with the other convection microwave ovens and thus you can easily move it from one place to another.  This one generally comes with manual controls and this is capable of baking large quantity of food. This one can be best used while you are looking for an option of baking appliances for commercial use. This gadget uses different modes of baking and that allows you to select from the preferred choices.

  • Gas ovens

The ovens of this kind retain the moisture level of your food and thus keep your food moist the home needs to have a natural gas source like line or cylinder which will be connected to this oven. The oven is very efficient but a bit costly. It can roast bake or do casseroles quite well. You can control the flame and the temperature of this oven and the oven has a fan that helps in distributing the heat evenly, as it browns the food quite nicely.

  • Electric ovens

These ovens are economic options for the household and they are also easy to install. These run on electricity and they can hike your electricity bill. A few varieties are available on the market from where you can choose. These ovens also have fans which circulate the heat inside the chamber. The precise cooking is done with the help of this fan. The ovens are very easy to use and are suitable for baking food.

  • Steam ovens

These ovens have the latest technology. The work is done by injecting the water into the boiler through the separate connection to the waterline. The boiler heats the water which comes to boil. The steam generates heat and that warms the oven. The steam prevents the use of oil and that is good for the people who are health conscious. The oven locks all the nutrients into the food and the cooking time is also reduced. This oven is not capable of making crisp or brown food so if you want to eat food that way, you may not choose it.

The parameters for the oven:

  • The size of the oven matters to everyone. The number of members for whom you are cooking should be the determining factor and thus if you want to buy a smaller one it will not going to help.
  • Wire length is another deciding factor. The significant problem that we face after buying the appliance is the length of the wire if the appliance is placed somewhere and the switchboard is far away from the place then it will be difficult to use it. so you must have a longer wire with the oven.
  • The dual ovens work best if you want to cook a dessert and a main course simultaneously. It also saves time and electricity. This kind of oven has the temperature and time control for each separate oven.
  • Ahold feature or Sabbath mode keeps your food warm until it is served and it does not need to reheat your food. That way the food quality is intact and the electricity is saved.
  • Some of the ovens have different modes that provide you options to cook food easily. There are a few dishes mentioned and you just need to press the right button to see the particular dish is getting ready. These are called shortcut keys.
  • If your oven has a glass door then nothing is better than that. The food can be watched while it is being cooked. You can check if the food is getting burnt and then stop the working of the machine. This will also help you to see how well it is being cooked without opening the oven.
  • The capacity of the oven is a definite factor and you must first analyze your requirements. If you have a family of 2 and you are buying an oven of 15 litres then it will be the right decision. An oven of 25 to 29 litres will be a wastage of money as well as electricity as bigger ovens take longer to get heated.
  • The brand is a deciding factor, and you must check the brand and its reputation before investing your money. The price range also changes according to the brand. The brand which is trusted can be chosen and also you must ensure that they provide after-sales service and good customer care.
  • The warranty for your product is a mandatory thing, so you must not buy anything that does not come with a good time of warranty period to repair or replace the machine or parts.
  • When you like to make tandoor and grilled food at home then you should buy an oven that has motorized rotisserie as it will help you to cook grilled and tandoor food like restaurants within a few minutes.
  • The auto thermostat helps to main the constant temperature in the oven and it ensures that your food does not get overcooked. This prevents the oven to get overheated and cuts the power to prevent the damage to your oven.
  • The timer is essential for an oven as it helps in selecting the cooking time and it also prevents the burning of your food.
  • If you have children in your family then you must look for an oven that has a child lock. It switches off the door of the oven automatically if the door is slightly open during the cooking. This ensures your child’s safety.
  • The keep-warm feature keeps your food warm for a long time and it keeps your food at a constant temperature.
  • Chamber light helps you to see the food while it is getting cooked and also the interiors can be cleaned easily with this light on.
  • Convection fans help to distribute the heat evenly so the food gets cooked properly or gets browned all over.
  • If you use the oven regularly then you must check for at least 1200 watts or higher wattage but if you do not use the oven regularly then oven with low wattage will work.
  • Preheat is an important feature of any oven. With this feature the oven can be preheated and then you can place your food inside it, it helps to cook the food fast and at the right temperature.
  • If the oven comes with a removable crumb tray you can clean it properly. Wire racks also are available with many ovens so you must look for such useful accessories with the oven.


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