11 Best Baby Teethers in India (2020)

For babies, teething is a difficult process. This is a great experience for the parents as they get ecstatic to see the first hint of teeth of the baby. But the pain that is to be undergone is not negligible. The babies feel a different kind of irritation and exhaustion during this process. If you are a new parent and are worried about this condition of your kid, then proceed to soothe the aching gums of your little one and get a teether. They will chew and bite on it and that will give them some relief from the pain.

According to some parents, teethers should be used when it is chilled by keeping this into the refrigerator. This happens to provide a certain soothing coolness to the soft gums of the babies. But be careful when you are freezing it, as long hours of freezing may make it harder and that may cause pain to the baby. Some teethers have vibrating mode, which gives baby the extra care and that vibration helps to soothe the gums of the bay. Babies often bite and chomp on the teether, as it gives them the joy and the counter-pressure of the teether provides them relief, still you should be careful while choosing teether for your dear one.  Some teething toys can cause harm to your baby.

The lots of baby teething toys available in the market are not always good, so you need to be careful while you are buying things for your kid. Also, there are a few different kinds of teethers available there, like silicone one, wooden one or some teethers made of rubber or plastic. If you are not sure of the correct one then you can buy a few from different materials. After using them on your baby you can be sure of the one that will suit the kid best.  We have discussed a few teethers here and they all are special with their features. The knowledge that we have parted here must be useful to you. Also after going through this paragraph you must be sure which one teether you will get from the lots. There are certain things you should consider before buying the teether and along with that, you will also get to know how you can handle your baby while using the teether.

Why you need a baby teether

  • Teether helps to release the pain that babies feel when their gums are ready to protruding teeth. This teething period is quite irritating for them, but teethers make the process easier and relax the baby a lot. When they try to chew the teether their gum feels better with the counter pressure put by the teether.
  • Teether keeps the baby engaged. Usually, babies tend to suck everything that they get their hands one. Most of the time they pick something hard or not healthy things to suck, but if you hand a teether to them, they will feel satisfied and will be engaged in sucking that thing with full concentration. With a teether on their hand, you can be sure that they will be busy on their own and you can carry on with your job or task at home.
  • Teether helps the baby to feel soothed, especially when they are going through a vaccination process. During the injection giving scenario, babies feel anxiety and stress. When you give them a teether they will feel somehow soothed. Also at the time of sleep, if they keep sucking on the teether it helps them to calm down and eventually fell asleep.
  • Teether also prevents the baby from putting anything and everything to their mouth. They have little understanding of the big world. Whatever seems unique or interesting to them makes them put that into their mouth. In many cases, some accident can take place if they are not properly watched. If you keep the teether handy then they will be engaged with that and will not try to put anything and everything to their mouth.
  • Also if the baby keeps sucking on their teether, they do not tend to suck their fingers or thumb. Sucking thumb is a bad habit and it stays with them at the grown age too, so you can prevent it at the early stage if you provide the kid with the teether.
  • Kids who use teethers tend to be seen improving at motor skills. When they are lifting and placing the teether to their mouth they seem to have improved motor skills. Also, the fingers of them grow firm and get able to hold things steadily. The eye-hand coordination also gets improved with the teether sucking habit.

Top 11 Teethers picked by us

1. Mee Mee Multi-textured Silicone teether

When you are looking for a great teether with a great shape that will help your baby to grip it firmly this one will be right for you. It has a unique shape and it allows your baby to hold it easily. This teether comes in beautiful bright colours so your baby will naturally get attracted towards it.  This one has a soft textured surface to massage your baby’s gum gently. It also reduces pain. The rounded edges are smooth and that will provide comfort to your baby. This one provides an adequate amount of stimulation for the gum development of your baby. Its non-toxic colourants also ensure baby’s safety. It can be easily cleaned and sterilized so you can carry it with you while travelling.

However, this product is non-returnable and it comes out sometimes while chewing. Also according to some users, this one is somehow smaller than their expectation.

2. Funskool Orange teether rattle

This one is a plastic teether and its specific design helps to keep your baby engaged for a long period. Your kid will be introduced to different textures and shapes along with sounds at the same time while using this one. This one will help your baby spend time on his own while enjoying the fun. This one is made of high-grade non-toxic BPA free plastic. It also ensures that your baby gets instant relief at the teething period. It can be comfortably held and is also safe for the baby. The smooth edges ensure that your baby does not get hurt while using this one. This one is lightweight and the baby will not find it difficult to hold. Also, it can be carried everywhere during travelling.

This one is a little difficult to chew on for the kids.

3. Maxbell Baby Banana Toothbrush-teether with soft bristles

This one acts like a toothbrush as well and is very economical. This one is made of non-toxic and non-allergic silicone, so you can trust your baby with it. The BPA, latex and phthalates are non-existent in it so it is definitely very safe for your baby. This one comes with a handle and thus your baby can grip it well. This is a bendable one and is easy for your baby to use.  It will help them increase the hand and mouth coordination of your baby. You can keep it in the refrigerator and cool it so it gets enhanced soothing capacity. This brush has soft silicone bristles and it helps to remove food particles from the baby’s mouth while he will be chewing on it. The gum exercise and cleaning will be taking place simultaneously.  This will start the good habit of brushing and that will help your kid to maintain it in the future. You can clean it in the dishwasher and it is easy to maintain.

The bristles start falling after some days of use and you have to make sure that your baby is not swallowing them as that may cause a problem.

4. Green toys twist teether toy

This one is known best for the baby boys. There are great varieties available from planes to trains to cars. This brand also makes toys for 6 or 7-month-old babies like this twist teether toy. It comes in the perfect size and it is easy to hold with a twist design. It is made out of safe quality materials. Kids love this teether because of its attractive design and colour.

Some parents comment that this teether is a bit too hard to chew for small kids.

5. Kidsvilla fruit shape silicone teether

This is made of silicone and is really soft and reliable. It is quite durable too. Your baby will love to chew on it for hours and it will remain in its original shape all along. This one has a comfortable grip so your kid will have fun holding it and putting it in his mouth. The soft-textured surface messages the kid’s gums softly and thus relieving the pain. Whenever the kid will bite the teether it will emit a cooling effect to your baby’s delicate mouth. The teether is completely non-toxic and BPA free and thus is safe for the baby’s use. This one can be cleaned and sterilized easily and the baby’s hygiene will be maintained. The soft teether will never hurt your baby.

This one is a bit extra thick and some babies may find it difficult to chew.

6. Fisher-Price alligator teether

This teether comes just in the right size for your baby. This is a lightweight one and thus is easy to hold by. Your baby can easily put it into their mouth. This is made of 100% silicone and is very soft and easy to chew. This one offers tactile stimulation to the east the teething pain inside the kid’s mouth.  The bright colours are appealing to the kids, and the product eventually hardens the gums of the kid. Also, your kid’s motor skill will be improved while using this teether. The eye-hand coordination will get better when they will hold it and put it into their mouth. This is easy to clean and sterilize.

However, this one attracts dust and can get dirty a bit sooner, also some parents say that it is hard for the younger kids.

7. Dakos Baby food-grade soft sensory BPA free Stimulation corn

When you are searching for some teether that can be used for hours and yet will not cause any harm to your baby, then this Dakos baby teether will be suitable for you. It is made of baby-friendly material and does not break easily. The eco-friendly teether is made of soft silicone and is easy to chew. The smooth texture helps the teething pain to soothe. It provides instant relief to the aching gum.  The shape is perfect for the baby’s small mouth and yet it is big enough to hold by the baby. This also helps to develop good motor skill with eye-hand coordination. When your baby is crying or getting irritated hand them this teether which will give him company for hours. This is dishwasher safe and can be sterilized easily. The beautiful colour and fun shapes will attract the baby towards it easily.

Some parents complain that the size is smaller than expected.

8. U-grow multicolour silicone teether

This teether is made from food-grade silicone and is totally safe for the kids. No chemicals have been used while manufacturing it so it can cause no harm to your child’s fragile body parts. The silicone is of high quality and that makes the teether fairly durable. This one is soft and flexible and it can be made to stand while chewing or sucking. The skin of the baby is over sensitive but this one will never damage it. It comes in malleable forms and that makes it contour its form as the baby keeps chewing it. It is heat and tear-resistant. The regular shape is like a watermelon and the colour is really appealing to the babies. It also has ane appendage which makes it easy for you to control it. You can also remove it from their mouth when needed. It is easily cleaned and sterilized and the material makes saliva or any other particle slide from the side of the teether.

Some parents say that the design is not ideal for the kids.

9. Noymi food grade baby teether

This one is made from 100% food-grade silicone and this is best to buy for your kids. It ensures the safety totally as it is free from any toxin or chemicals. This is a lightweight teether and it is small enough to behold by the baby. This one has easy grip and thus your baby will improve in grasping ability as his fingers will work efficiently. This one is quite durable and will last beyond your baby’s teething period successfully. This one helps to soothe the sore gums of your baby and thus helps him to calm down. It works effectively for the middle and back teeth. You can steam it or use boiling water to sterilize it.

It has a weird rubbery smell which may not be liked by all kids. Also, this is not suitable for kids of 6 months or under.

10. Kacool baby teethering mittens

This one is a unique teether with a mitten shape. If your baby has started sucking his thumb this one teether will get him rid of this habit. It is made from food-grade silicone and is FDA approved for safety. This one will never cause you any worry regarding safety matter. It comes in a unique design and with crinkle sound with pain-relieving texture.  The teether stimulates learning which helps the baby to acquire the growing up experience. The pain of sore gums is also soothed by the teether.  This one protects your baby from self scratching and irritation as it lessens the chance of the baby’s suffering from blisters from thumb scratching.  The mittens come with adjustable Velcro and that keeps them fit on baby’s hands all the time. It is a soft breathable fabric and it absorbs all drool. This is easy to clean and you can put it into dryer or water.

It is a bit high on price.

11. Mintbowl wooden teether

If you prefer to buy a wooden teether for your young one, this one can be tried. This ring and stick duo comes from hand-made pure organic wood and is safe for your baby. It is also eco-friendly and is best for the use of little ones. These are easy to bite and have a smooth surface so your baby will never get hurt while using it. These are quite lightweight too and are easy to hold and grab.  These can be easily cleaned and you can do that with a mild soap. To sterilize them you can place them in boiling water which will make them free from all bacteria.

The ring is easily broken so you have to be cautious about that.

Safety tips to be followed

  • If you leave your baby alone without anyone looking after him even for a few hours then some disaster can happen. Also, make sure that your baby can grip things and hold them for certain before giving them teethers.
  • Check that the baby is not putting other things like small toys or parts of the toy to his mouth. These parts of toys can break inside the baby’s mouth and can cause choking. So if you have not already bought teether make sure the baby is not putting any unwanted thing to its mouth.
  • The teether you buy for your baby should be BPA free and made of non-toxic paint. Check the components before buying teether for your baby.
  • Do not give used teethers to your kids, as the used teether can be a storehouse of bacteria. The scratches and bite marks of the previous kid can be the place where the germs will be stored. It may cause a health risk to your baby.

Different types of baby teethers

Silicone baby teethers

Silicone rubber is always preferable for any baby products. These are the best choice for baby teethers. The products are non-toxic and allergy-free. Also, silicone rubber is BPA free and thus hypo-allergic. They guarantee the safety of the baby always. The danger of choking babies is also out of question.  The teethers of silicone rubber also eliminate the possibilities of choking and offer just a chewy soft soothing sensation. In the teether, there will never be any mould growth. There are different colour, size and patterns available in silicone rubber teether.

Rubber teethers

These ones are made of latex and supposed to be a safe option for the kids. Babies find it easy to chew on and these are quite long-lasting. But if your kid has a latex allergy then you need to be careful of these teethers.

Plastic teethers

If you are planning to buy plastic teether for your baby, then make sure that the plastic is BPA free. Some plastic brand claims to be toxin-free but the reality is different. Some of the teethers contain toxins so you need to be extra cautious. But the alluring part is these teethers come in bright colour which is quite eye-catching. The different shapes and sizes provide a great variety to choose from.

Wooden teethers

Teethers made of softwood definitely provide sooth and comfort to your baby while he is going through the teething period. They are really safe and non-toxic so just great for your kid. When the baby chews the wooden teethes that makes the gum stronger and thus alleviates the pain.

Cloth teethers

In the ancient era, clean cotton clothes with a knot at the end used to be perfect teethers for the babies. The form has been changed but the same thing is applied to the cloth made teethers of modern times. Now the variations have appeared.  The good thing with fabric teether is it can work as a soft toy as well as teethers.  Only you need to be little cautious about those cloth ones, as they need to clear and dried all the time.

Liquid filled teethers

These gel or water-filled teethers are an awesome baby product. This one is easy for your baby to bite and thus the pain is relieved easily. These ones also help to settle the pain and irritation and thus is a favourite among babies. The gel-filled ones have non-toxic gel filled in the teething rings which is quite easy to chew on. You should keep a check on your baby nonetheless if your baby is using the teether as his sharp teeth can make a hole in it and thus the gel can start flowing out.  If you are not around when your baby tears the teether then it may choke him. It will be a disaster and it also may be contaminated which will cause health hazards for your baby.

Points to be checked before buying a teether

We have listed down the things that you should check before buying the teether for your baby:

  • Material

The teether that you may consider for your baby must be checked before you buy it. There are different teethers available in the market and these are made of different materials, like some consider buying the silicone ones, while others may prefer plastic or rubber ones. Also, there are wooden ones available which are somehow hard and good for baby’s gum. The fabric or cloth ones come in different shapes and offer softness to the baby’s gum. Check all of them and decide which one to buy. The teether that you buy for your baby must be 100% safe for him or her.

  • Clip

Some teethers come with an attached clip which makes it easy to attach the teether with the baby’s cloth, so it may not fall or get lost when you are not around. If possible buy this kind of teethers and you know that the teether will not get dirty easily by falling on the floor or anywhere else.  But also make sure that the baby is not putting the clip into his mouth or trying to break it from the teether, or else that may cause a cut or some other problem.

  • Size

The size of the teethers differs for babies. As the size of the baby can be small or big, so the teether used for them should change accordingly. We know that a big baby will not like to play with a small teether and a small one find it difficult to put a big teether to its mouth. There are thin and wide teethers as well. The one which works great for a four-month baby may not be that good for the baby of 8 months as the size of the baby changes with each month. Also, the older babies like to get teethers that are easy to hold, so if you are buying a teether for your 13-month-old ones, keep that in mind.

  • Holding facility

The teethers do not have a particular shape or size. It comes in different shapes. Most of the teethers have good grips, but still, you should be cautious about having a teether with a good grip so the baby does not soil it by dropping it on the floor time and again. If your baby finds it easy to grip, then he will play with it all the time.

  • Weight

The weight of the teether is a major point to be considered, other than cloth or plastic ones, teethers can be heavy and thus the baby will not like it as much. Always prefer a lightweight teether which will be easy to hold.

  • Sound

Some teethers are sound enabled. That is, they emit a sound when the baby holds it or presses it or bites it. These are really entertaining for the babies and they will never get bored with that kind of teethers. But you have to be sure that the sound is not irritating or harmful to the baby if you find that your baby does not like the sound then discard it immediately.

  • Filler content

Some teethers have liquids to fill in and those are the squishy ones. Check for the filler liquid, like if you see that the filler is purified water or cooling gels that may sooth your baby’s teething process time irritation then you must go for it.

  • Safety

Safety is the prior concern when you are buying anything for your baby. No parent would wish to get the baby hurt or open to any danger, thus you must ensure that the teether you are purchasing for your baby is safe. No rough edges or small detachable parts should be there in the teether which can ultimately hurt your baby. The material should be BPA free and non-toxic by any cost as you do not want your baby to come in touch with any harmful chemicals.

  • Cleanliness

The teether goes into the baby’s mouth and that means it has every chance of carrying infection to the baby. You need to wash and sterilize the teether every time the baby will be using it. Silicone, rubber, wooden and plastic teethers are easy to clean and thus are a better choice. Fabric teethers get dirty easily and may cause a problem as it needs to be dried also before next use.

  • Cost

The budget should be considered all the time before buying anything. You need to make sure if you want to spend a great amount on the teether. If you are ready to do that then buy the costlier one with great features. Or else, select the ones that come within your budget. But do not compromise with the quality of the material of the teether if you are buying something cheaper.


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