10 best Baby Bedding Essentials Buying Guide in India (2019)

Sleep is the most pleasant thing that we experience at the end of the day. This is beautiful for all the members of the family. Specially for the young ones and the growing kids it is quite essential. The small baby needs a complete sleeping atmosphere with all the essentials so that they could sleep for long hours.

You need to have all the soft and the warm and the required accessories so that you can keep them sleeping and do you work peacefully in silence.

Although in every situation you need to take care of the small baby after every interval of time so that nothing wrong happens with them and they stay well and happy in sleep. But if you make the atmosphere over sleeping so well and pleasant then you don’t need to worry so much about it.

The first step that you need to take care of when you decide to produce a sleeping atmosphere for your baby is that you need to know about all the essentials that would be required and the bedding items that will be needed to keep the baby happy and healthy going.

The next step in this process would be to now go and but these products in the market and which is the most easy task that you could do.

There are a number of products for your babies nowadays and to choose these products lots of time can be taken.

In the article below we will discussing about all these products that will be required and all the things that you need to think and but for your young ones. And at the end of the article we will be discussing some of the best products that are in the market along with their pros and cons.

Essentials for bedding

There are a number of essentials that are required for bedding of the young ones.

Some of these are discussed below.

Crib Mattress

If you wish that your baby should enjoy a good sleep and take rest any time or that you should get one crib Mattress.

You should always select the comfy bedding for your little one as it would give that amazing feel to you and will be firm all time.

You need to ensure that you don’t buy the soft mattresses that we adults can use since you cannot afford to make your kid sleep in that soft mattress as it blocks there airways by sinking as the baby sleeps in a single position for hours.

You need to select the firm mattresses for your baby as they are the best. You should think about the hardness as they are the most comfortable and the best ones.

Mattress protector

The mattress protector are very essential as they would zip it around and keep it encased and safe for your baby.

  • The encasement also helps to keep the mattress safe from unwanted messes like dust and diaper leaks.
  • Due to these protectors the baby sleeps healthy and the chances of asthma are also little.
  • The crib mattresses have waterproof layer and these help to provide additional protection and also comfort to the baby. The protectors can also be cleaned safely as they can be machine washed and also be sorted.

You need to make sure that when you buy protectors you buy more than two so that you have extra when required.

Fitted crib sheet

The crib sheet helps to bring a design in your baby’s crib and also makes your baby freely safe and comfortable during sleep. They also help in protecting the mattresses. If you buy a comfortable crib sheet it would be more helpful in getting your baby a good sleep which is very important for its growth.

Make sure that you but at least three of them as when you wash one of these you should have the other.

Swaddle blanket

The swaddle blankets have become necessary for your babies as they keep them warm and essentially in the very cold environment. It is best if you buy those blankets which look like baby sacks. The swaddle blankets are a kind of security in the starting stages as they would give assurance of security. When you buy these you need to see that they are made if muslin cloth as they will be safe and also easy to wash.

The swaddle will make the baby feel as it is in the mother’s womb.

Sleep bags

These bags are the best for the kids which sees older and for those kids who want the arms of their parents while sleeping at night. This will help to keep them warm and also stay protected. These are wrapped up by zippers which make it quite easy for you to place them in and make them fall asleep.

If you are covering them with a sleep bag you do not require a blanket.

Crib bumpers

These are required to cover up the gaps in the crib. They are made breathable so that even if your baby faces against it , the baby is still able to breathe well.

These help to keep your baby protected from being injured. They are available in a number of colours and they are very easy to get.


You can also decorate your baby’s quilts by using the comforter. It is not essential to have one but if you have one you need to tuck it at the sides so that your baby is safe.

The professionas say that these are not so necessary and you should use it for kids above two years of age. Also when you use it you need to have a look on your baby until he sleeps.

Crib skirt

These are great for decoration purposes. These are also helpful in preventing the sheets to come in contact of the mattress support.

Now we will be discussing about some of the tips that you need to follow to keep your baby safe.

Tips to keep your baby safe in sleep

Whenever your baby is down for a sleep you need to follow the tips and see that your baby takes a good night sleep and us far away from the sudden infant death syndrome.

  • You need to note that you need to lie your back on the back as if the baby lies on the stomach there are chances of the baby suffering due to lack of air.
  • You need to have a firm surface for your baby since the baby cannot sleep on soft mattresses as we do. Also car seats and other sittings are not safe.
  • If the baby sleeps during swings or strollers you need to place the baby on a firm bed.
  • You need to make your baby sleep in the same room as you do and not on the same bed. This is so that you are able to monitor your kid.
  • You need to keep your baby away from soft things like pillows, soft toys and blankets.
  • You need to maintain a pleasant atmosphere for your baby and never cover the head as it may block air.

10 best Baby Bedding Essentials Buying Guide in India (2019)

Life crafts baby crib

The company is being known to manufacture the mosquito nets of various types.

These mosquito nets are for various yes that is for doors, for baby cots and for baby strollers.

Some of the features of this baby bedding are:

  • This is made of a skin friendly material which is very suitable for the skin of baby.
  • The dimensions of this product are 88×10×10cm.
  • This product can be made to use in only a few minutes because the weight if this is 4.54g.
  • The product will prevent your baby from mosquitoes.

Pros & Cons

  • This is very light in weight and can be easily Portable.
  • This will offer you material of high quality net.
  • Due to this the baby is able to move around easily.

  • There are no such things which are not liked.

Oyo babies mattress protector

The mattress protector helps your baby to have a good sleep without interruptions and for a long time. This is from Oyo brand that is the leading brand in baby beddings and gives you the best products for your babies.

This matter is quite economical and will help your baby to have a good night sleep with max protection.

The protector that we are discussing is waterproof which means that if your babies diaper is leaking the mattress will not be spoiler.

The protector gives 100% guarantee for protection against the fluids. The protector that we are discussing about does not contain chemicals and is tested for the safety of your kids.

Some of the features of the protector are:

  • This gives complete protection against the fluids.
  • If your kid has a delicate skin then also it is a good option.
  • It soft, light in weight and also free from heat.
  • This has good absorbency and will dry up easily.
  • The price of this protector is quite affordable.
  • You can wash it in a machine easily.
  • It dries up fast.
  • It is waterproof so it is a good option for your babies.
  • It also helps air to go in and out.

  • It is small.
  • The absorbency is not too fast.

Rose baby imported blanket

If you are searching for a soft and a comfortable one then you should go for this one. As this will keep your baby warm in winters and cold in summers. It is very soft and feels good on your babies skin. It comes in a big size so that it could fit easily to the age group of 0-5 years

The blanket has high breathability and it is long lasting. The baby will stay cool as there is good circulation and their will be no harm to your baby. This does not cause harm to your baby as it is free from chemicals. You can wash it easily with hands with water. Or you can also use machine for the washing purpose.


  • This is quite large so you can cover older kids with it.
  • It is soft for your baby.
  • It has a breathable fabric so it is easy for you to provide circulation.
  • If is light in weight.
  • It is fluffy and soft.
  • There are varieties of colours.
  • It is light and very comfortable.
  • It us costly.
  • It can be used only in the winters.

Lineaffairs muslin swaddle wrap

When you will be wrapping your kid in this swaddle wrap the kid will feel very good and soft.

The swaddle blankets are designed for he purpose of swaddling and hey can successfully accomplish the purpose. They help you to keep your baby in a good temperature. When you wrap your baby around it you are able to let the baby sleep nicely and easily.

  • These are available in soft material and after washing they will stay the same. The fabric of this swaddle us breathable and their us good circulation for your baby.
  • This wrap has a number of prints and are designed so as to use as nursing covers, picnic blankets, swaddle wraps etc.

This will help you provide your baby the good sleep along with good absorbency so that he or she does not feel wet.


  • The material is very soft due to which your baby will feel so comfortable.
  • The fabric is breathable due to which it would be easy for air to be passed.
  • There are a number of classic prints available in this type.
  • These are available for a number if uses.
  • They do not shrink and can be washed in machine.
  • After you wash it several times it will become more and more soft.
  • It is very light and soft too.
  • It is large in size.
  • The weight is also less.

  • It is not made and feels like the 100% cotton product.

Rabitat cotton bedsheets for crib

If you are searching for one of the best cribs that you can use for your baby mattress then you should surely go for this one as it is the best.

The the product is made of 100% cotton and it lasts longer too as compared to the other crib sheets.

These are comfortable and soft for your baby.

Some of the features are:


  • There is 200% cotton and the product is very soft.
  • It is free from chemicals.
  • It is comfortable for every child.
  • The fabric is of very good quality and it lasts long.

  • It can be cleaned easily.
  • There is a different standard fit for each category.
  • The baby is safe from irritations and rashes.

  • It is somewhat expensive.

Baby teddy and crib cot mattress

This mattress is available in a 2 in 1 design which is good one for the toddlers.

It is resistant to the dust and the microbes. The mattress does not contain any of the chemicals and is safe for your baby.

The cotton that is used for this mattress is made friendly for your kids. The thickness of the mattress is about 5 cm and it is recommended that you should use it for the crib mattresses.


  • It does not contain chemicals and is anti microbial or you can say safe for kids.
  • It helps to provide firmness to your kids.
  • It has a cotton pad that helps to keep your baby dry.
  • It is light so you are able to change it again and again easily.
  • It is friendly with environment.
  • It is breathable.

  • It is quite expensive.

  • It is hard.

Mom’s home quilt

This quilt is made from organic cotton and is able to provide your baby the warmth it needs and the comfort too.

The quilt is soft and us available in a number of prints that will help your baby room look quite beautiful.

The quilt does not contain any chemicals and is free from dyes.


  • It is safe for your kids and you can use it safely.
  • It is very soft so your baby will feel very comfortable.
  • It has a number of prints.
  • It has a bag along with which you are able to travel with it.
  • It is very soft.
  • It is light so you can carry it.
  • You can use it as a bed too.

  • Maintenance is high.
  • It is expensive also.

Baby’s fly sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is so comforting and is available with a blanket too. The GSM is 400 and is very soft and comforting.

The sleeping bag is made from cotton so you can use these pores to allow circulation to you. Also the bag is light due to which you are able to carry it easily.


  • The GSM is 400.
  • It gives a cosy environment and a good sleep.
  • It is light so you can travel easily.
  • It is soft also.
  • The price is quite affordable.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It has an excellent quality.

  • It is not good from the extreme weather.

Swayam digitally printed cotton bumper

If you want that your baby should stay away from injuries then you need to get a bumper for crib. This helps you to carry the excercidex and feel easy. The bag can take a good nap with it. It has a she which helps you poly fill. It is breathable and also covers the gaps.


  • It has a number of tie up points which are 14 in number.
  • It has a number of weaved sheets.
  • It has a good feel.
  • You feel it to be luxurious.
  • It is made from good quality cotton.
  • The design is elegant.

  • It is convenient and also gives good protection.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • Has good breathability.

  • It is quite expensive.

Mom’s home cotton swaddle

These swaddles are made of muslin and come in pack of three. They are large in size and also comfortable for your baby.

These are very soft and not at all harmful. You can wash them easily.


  • It is safe for kids and is good for all skin types.
  • You can use it for kids above 12 months.
  • They have stitched edges which are quite strong.
  • It has large cover.
  • It has good quality even after washing.
  • It is good for your baby.
  • They work as a towel too.
  • They are made from muslin.

  • It can be suffocating.

Guide for buyers

Crib mattress

When you buy a crib Mattress you need to consider the following points.


A crib mattress is always a good firm mattress. The crib Mattress is firm do that it keeps your baby safe. In the soft mattresses the babies cannot sleep as well they sleep in the firm mattresses as there is risk of sinking into the soft one and can also have breathing problems.

The firm mattress may not be so comfortable but if will help your baby to sleep well and be safe to.


You need to ensure that the mattress you buy for your baby is fit and should be about 6 inches. If you are not buying the mattress online then you need to test the sample.


When you are buying a mattress for your baby you need to know that the bed has to be changed after regular intervals also at nights. So for this reason you need to buy a mattress that you can carry easily. So to have a mattress that you can carry easily you can go for the weight of range 10 to 20 pounds.


You might have bought the waterproof protectors or the waterproof pads but if you are buying a waterproof mattress then it is a great idea.

By doing this you are doing no harm only adding up to have extra protection for your kids.


You need to buy a mattress that allows passage of sufficient amount of air. If your baby accidentally rolls on his tummy he will still breathe easily.


Don’t go for purchasing a second hand mattress for your young kid. It is never s good option.

The old mattresses might have some bacteria. This is not at all healthy for your young one and can affect his or her health adversely. So to be on the safe side and maintain healthy and hygiene for your kid you need to purchase a new mattress.

Also the old mattresses are not firm and will not be suitable for your young one so go for the new one.


If you have the thinking that the mattress with more price will be better then you are thinking wrong.

This is not true that the mattress with a higher cost will be better. There are cases that the mattresses with a lower cost will be working better than those which are of higher cost.

What you should be considering while buying a new mattress is the quality of the mattress and the features you need in it. After seeing these points then buy a news mattress for your baby.

Mattress pads

When you are buying the mattress pads you need to look at the following parameters:


The material of the mattress should be thin and easy to wash so for this you need to buy a cotton mattress pad.

There are also wool and latex mattress pads, these are resistant to dust. This feature makes them more better and more durable than the mattress pads made from cotton.

These are also good for your young one in the months which are warm.

Length of pad

Before you buy a pad for your baby you need to first look for the depth of the mattress. By looking at the depth you will be able to buy a mattress pad that is completely fit to your babies mattress.

Easy cleaning

You need to make sure that whenever you buy products for your baby you need to buy such products that can be cleaned easily. So you need to buy a mattress that can be washed easily in machine. So go for good and easily cleanable products.

Crib sheets

Now when we are discussing about the crib sheets we need to consider some of the points. These are:

Count of thread

The count of thread is an important parameter when you are buying the crib sheet. The count will be measuring the amount of thread which is being used per square inch. So more the count you buy more they will be smooth and silky. You need to avoid buying sheets which gave a count less than 200.


When you are selecting the crib sheets you need to see it’s thickness too. If you have a mattress that is portable then you need to go for a thinner crib sheet. You should not use a regular sheet for your mattress as they are loose and are not good for your baby.


You need to see the current temperature when you are purchasing a crib. It should be suitable in conditions when it is too cold or too hot. So look for the best one for each case.

For hot weather or for summers you need to go for the cotton sheets as they will be circulating air and keep your baby cool.

While for the winters you need to go for the flannel sheets. These will help in keeping your baby warm.

Swaddle blankets

Now when you are purchasing the swaddle blankets you need to look for the following parameters.


Mostly what happens is the parents but blankets when the baby is just born. So due to this reason they always end up buying a blanket that is too small. Your baby will grow in a month or two and the blanket will not be suitable then. So go for a swaddle blanket that can work longer.


The material that is used for the swaddle blankets is mostly the soft cotton. Because the material is soft always for your baby therefore it is used more.

Also the blankets which are made of muslin cotton will be suitable.

There are posted on some blankets which helps the baby to breathe. So before you buy a blanket you need to see the labels and know what material it is made up of.


When you are buying a swaddle blanket for your baby the design should be more functional rather than being stylish. It should be comfortable do that your baby could sleep easily keeping his hands upright.

The swaddle blanket should be such that your baby is able to turn and twist easily and also be able to provide a waistline to your baby.


Some of the blankets are provided with the zippers. And some of the blankets are provided with velcro fasteners.

Some of the blankets come up with the strings.

Now let us see some of the best products which you can use for your baby bedding.


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