9 Best Air Fryers in India (2020)

Among the most popular kitchen gadgets, air fryer holds an important place. It has acquired this place with sheer performance and efficiency. This is a great kitchen appliance which helps to eat you healthy. This gadget cooks with lesser oil and in turn, this lessens the fat intake. Air fryer works on Rapid air Technology. The hot air cooks the food as it was usually cooked in a deep fat fryer.

The food that is fried in the air fryer is kept in a basket and the rapid air technology makes the hot air circulate rapidly so the food is cooked within the basket. This is how the food heats up in the basket from all sides and it is prepared in a healthy, fat-free and easy way. The yummy snacks like French fries, chicken or fish nuggets, pastries are cooked really well in the air fryer.

Top 9 Air Fryers in India

If you are now sure of the parameters to check for while buying an air fryer, you can check the below mentioned 9 best air fryer that is handpicked by us for you.

1. Phillips Viva Collection HD9220 Air Fryer

This is the best of the air fryer available in India. The product uses Rapid Air Technology and it enables the food to fry, roast, grill or bake. The items can vary from chips, chicken, seafood to any other food items. Phillips air fryers use little or no oil and the food is free from fat. It is reliable and much more efficient in comparison to other fryers. This is a one-stop solution or healthy and delicious cooking.


The fryer can cook food up to .8 kg which is enough for a side dish or snacks. It consolidates fat circulating superheated air which allows the food to fry and turns it into a delicious meal. The build quality of this fryer is quite sturdy. The knob and grip are solid. The fryer comes with an integrated timer which helps you to pre-set the heating or cooking time, it can be set up to 30 minutes. You can pre-set the bests cooking temperature which will be different in case of different food items. In the end, you can sprinkle some oil or butter so the food does not stick to the tray.

  • This fryer comes with dishwasher safe parts so the cleaning is easy.
  • The timer comes with auto signal and auto-shutoff. It has rapid air technology which helps to cook the food faster.
  • It can cook up to 800 gram of food.
  • The cord length is .8 m which is pretty good.
  • The temperature control can be used to get the ideal result.
  • It consumes 1425 watts power and runs with 220 to 240 volts.
  • The product comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • No food separator is available with this product so you cannot cook two different dishes at the same time with this item. If you wish to buy a separate one you can get in touch with the Phillips customer care.

2. Kenstar Aster 1500 watt Oxy Fryer

When you need some fried food but you do not need to eat oil or butter, then you can seek this Oxy fryer from a reputed brand like Kenstar. The advanced oil-free frying technique is adapted by this gadget and it will provide you with the crunchiest and tasty fries without putting oil into your system. The wide variety of foods can be gobbled now without worrying about fat consumption.  The fryer uses a simple and innovative mechanism to fry the food. The fryer comes with a powerful fan which circulates the air into the food bucket and thus the food is heated up faster. The interior lines of the food basket help the flow the air by swirling it so the heat reaches the food in every corner.


If you think cooking in a fryer makes it less healthy, then you will be proven wrong by this fryer. The air fryer does never compromise with the quality of the food and it never takes away its nutrition. Cooking food in Oxy Fryer never influences the foods nutritional value. This one comes with a capacity of 3 litres. The basket inside this fryer has a special coating and that should be soaked with hot soapy water. It can be cleaned with something soft. The baking tin also can be used inside the food basket if you wish. This fryer must be put in a flat surface and the timer should never be turned in anti-clockwise direction during cooking.

  • The capacity of the fryer is 3 litres which are good and the cooking capacity is 1.2 kg.
  • The power consumption is 1500 watts and the length of the cord is 1.2 meter.
  • The fryers have temperature control which you can preset for the definite cooking timing.
  • The auto-off function lets the fryer shut off when the time has run out.
  • No food separator is available with this fryer, neither can you get it with any extra cost.

3. Pigeon Super 3.2 L Air Fryer

This is one of the best air fryers in the Indian market and it is moderately priced too. The air fryer from Pigeon is compact in utility and looks great with its design.  This one busted the myth that healthy foods are not tasty and vice versa.


The fryer is larger than its counterparts and it has a two years warranty from the manufacturers. The air fryer too like other ones use Rapid Air Technology that lessens the usage of oil as it scatters the hot air around the grill component. The fryer comes with a pan, a basket, and a tray. This fryer can cook or roast chicken and sausages among other meat or non-vegetarian product splendidly. The cooked food will have no fat and you can taste your toasted bread or crispy chicken without guilt.  It works quietly and when the cooking is done the alarm will beep to let you know. It consumes 1500 watt to function and the 3.2-litre capacity tray serves perfectly well-cooked food to your guests and family.

  • The large tray holds 3.2 litres of food.
  • The power consumption is pretty less as it takes 1500 watts.
  • There is a temperature controller in this fryer.
  • The timer knob lets you fix the timing.
  • The fryer has auto shut off the facility to prevent your food from burning.
  • It comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • No food separator is available with this gadget and you cannot use the separator in this fryer.

4. Havells Prolife Plus 4L Air Fryer

This air fryer will help you to cook for a large family or a big house party as it holds the larger cooking capacity. This air fryer comes with a 4-litre container and the air frying basket comes with a separator which is a great feature for the fryers.


This fryer comes with a separator which lets you cook different foods and this way you will be able to save energy and time. You can cook multiple food items at the same time with this fryer. The unique rapid air technology lets you grill, bake, roast, or fry along with reheat the food with the flow of hot air. This one comes with the innovative air filtration system which drains out the offensive odours so your kitchen remains clean and odourless. This one has an integrated timer with heat controller and auto shut off functionality and it lets you cook smoothly and peacefully. The food is cooked with up to 85% less oil and thus no worry of deep frying and oil consumption. The fryer can cook crunchy French fries within 12 minutes.

  • This one uses rapid air technology and the capacity of the fryer is 4 litres.
  • The auto-off timer and temperature control function help to cook the food precisely.
  • The cooking temperature can be preset up to 200 degrees.
  • The food-grade aluminium non-stick coating gives the food basket additional benefit and the foods do not stick into the basket.
  • The adjustable thermostat helps to control the process of different types of cooking.
  • Power consumption is 1230 watts and the product comes with 2 years of warranty.
  • No major con has been found in this product.

5. Pigeon AF-Super 2.2 L Air Fryer

This is second Pigeon product in this list and thus you can be sure that this brand offers only good quality kitchen gadgets.  This budget air fryer from this brand lets you cook the right amount of food for a small family. The capacity of this air fryer is 2.2 litre. The functionality and performance of both the Pigeon products mentioned in this list are almost identical and the result will be similar to deep-frying food but with only a teaspoon of oil.


This one works with robust air distribution technology and that assures that the food is tastier, crispier as well as well cooked. The preheating features of this enable you to make food like paneer rolls and chicken fry, spring roll and kebabs with the same ease. Vada, grilled prawns or cutlets can be easily cooked in this fryer. The adjustable temperature control dial helps you to preset the cooking timer that lets you make crispy dishes with a single touch. The best part is there is an auto shut off feature that prevents your food from overcooking and thus you get properly cooked food without being burnt. The handgrip offers cool handling of the fryer and the bottom is non-slippery.  This one comes with 2 years of warranty.

  • This Pigeon Air Fryer has a capacity of 2.2 litres which is good for a compact gadget.
  • The power consumption is 1270 watt.
  • The timer allows you to preset the cooking time and the temperature control let you set the degrees.
  • It works between 80 and 200 degrees.
  • The automatic switch-off option shuts the gadget when the timer stops.
  • There is no food separator with this gadget and it cannot be used with it.

6. Prestige PAF 3.0 Air Fryer

This is rated five stars by most of the users so it is expected to be the most famous air fryer in the Indian market. The prestige air fryer comes with an excellent look and a sturdy body. You can make delicious French fries and kebabs with this gadget and do not need to worry about cholesterol. This one works noiselessly and gets you the crispiest food.


This one has the capacity of 2.2 litres and it has a detachable bowl with non stick coating, so the food items do not stick to it. The fryer comes with a manual with guidance to handle it. Also, it has a tiny cookbook to help you with new recipes in this fryer. The product has one year warranty from Prestige so you can get parts of the machine replaced with a year if any malfunctioning takes place.

  • The fryer has a separate non-stick cooking bowl, and it is easy to be cleaned.
  • The operation is noiseless so you can operate it any time of the day without being bothered about disturbing others.
  • The build is really sturdy and you can expect a longer using period with it.
  • The cord length is too short and it does not contain any food separator.

7. American Micronic 3.2 Litre Air Fryer

This air fryer from American Micronic is quite unique to make and build. This one offers crisp and delicious food with no or extremely less oil. The one uses rapid hot air technology and it can reach in house temperature of 200c. you can bake yummy cakes to tasty fried chickens with this fryer and this product is rated 5 stars in online sites.


This 3.2 litre fryer is really good and impressive with its look and efficiency. The timer and the temperature control help you to cook the food in this gadget with precision. The fryer shuts off automatically when the timer approaches zero and the food is thus saved from burning. The handgrip of this fryer stays cool to touch so no chance of an accident when you are opening the chamber.  This item is dishwasher safe and thus you can clean it easily.

  • The temperature control works smoothly.
  • The non-stick frying basket can be easily cleaned.
  • The turbo tunnel fresh air technology helps to keep away the odour and the parts of the gadget are dishwasher safe.
  • The build quality is super good so you can trust this machine for smooth functionality.
  • There is no food separator and thus you cannot cook two dishes at the same time.

8. Bright Flame 3.2 litres Air Fryer

This white air fryer will surely add glamour to your worktop. There are five heating coils inside the chamber which spreads the heat evenly and thus the food is fried faster. There is an oil collector which comes with the food tray and thus you will be amazed to see how less oil is actually consumed when you are having food made from this fryer. The food basket has a metal base which prevents the fryer from getting dirty.


The motor in this fryer is a copper-binding heavy duty one which works with 1250 watts. The product weighs up to 6 kgs and thus is not very portable. The in-built power stabilizer helps to protect the machine from power surge. The excessive heat can be controlled by the thermostat in the fryer. So you have no need to worry about mishandling or child use. The stainless steel net bases save the recurring cost of replacing the net often. The food does not get stuck in the base due to the net base.

  • The capacity is good 3.5 litres and it uses only 1500 watts of power.
  • The 30 minutes of power helps it to work out perfectly.
  • The dishwasher safe parts help in easy cleaning.
  • There is a warranty of 2 years on this item.
  • The TurboTunnel helps to spread fresh air inside your kitchen and the non-stick frying basket does not let your food stick to the basket.
  • The machine is a bit on the heavier side and thus you may not be able to move it from one place to another.

9. Oster HaloCKSTHF2 NXG 1300 watt Air Fryer

This pretty looking air fryer is a budget product and you can accentuate your kitchen with this gadget if you are thinking of buying air fryer for the first time. The gadget looks stylish in its all-white body and the food that it will serve you well be tasty as well as healthy.


This one offers you dual heat source so you do not have to wait longer and start cooking your meals super fast. The oil required is really less and fresh chips will be produced instantly. The tilting cooking function is a unique feature of this machine and the rotating non stick bowl keeps the food moving so the cooking is done evenly. The grill only function works perfectly for fish and meat. The roasting rack helps to release the excess oil and that is drained off from your food. The drip tray collects condensed liquid and the food remains crisp. The removable dishwasher safe bowl and lid can be cleaned easily. The digital timer offers 75 minutes of duration and the sound alert and automatic shut off works perfectly to cook the food with precision.

  • It can cook food up to 1.25 kg and it works at 1300 watts.
  • The fan-assisted instant dual heat source cooks your food faster.
  • The cooking is done evenly with the tilted bowl.
  • The illuminated heating chamber lets you see the cooking process.
  • There is a warranty of 2 years on this product.
  • The fryer is costliest in the list and this is also non-portable due to its heavyweight.

Benefits that an air fryer offers you are:

  • Healthy food:

The fried food you get from air fryer contains 80% less oil and fat, which is the ideal concept of eating in modern times. Your food quality will not be hampered so you will get the most delicious food from air fryer.

  • Fast cooking:

The temperature in air fryer helps to prepare the food really quickly and it takes barely 3 minutes to get the food cooked in 300 degrees.

  • Easy process:

You can use it without going through any manuals, and the cooking process is truly easy. You just have to set the timer and let the air fryer do the job.

  • Safe:

It does not work with fire so the gadget is safe for you and your kids. Hot oil is not used anywhere so the chances of an accident are less.

  • Clean:

As no oil is involved in the cooking process, you do not have to worry about splash to splatter. You do not have to clean the greasy oiled utensils after the food is finished.

Things to Consider:

Now we will discuss the parameters which must be checked before you wish to buy an air fryer.

  1. Capacity – there are different sizes of air fryer available in the market. The smaller ones come with less than 1 litre of space while the large models reach up to 4 litres. The make and model can be different. So you need to be sure about the capacity of the frying need.
  2. Wattage – the capacity of the air fryers in India comes from 1000 to 1500 watts and the proper functioning of an air fryer needs that much power. If you have a power outlet in your kitchen that supports this much power then go for the air fryer.
  3. Size and cord length – the size of the air fryer must be fit for your kitchen. The length of the cord should also be checked before buying any. The connection point should be far from the place of air fryer and then it will be a problem for you to use it in your kitchen.
  4. Temperature control – Temperature control is an important feature of any air fryer. It allows the user to cook different dishes at different temperature. Do not go for the fryers that are not ready to go for higher temperatures.
  5. Food separator – the food separator in a fryer divides the fryer basket into 2 parts. These help you to cook two different foods at the same time, and it is really a great way to decrease the cooking time and power usage. If the food separator costs you a bit extra, then also you should buy it.
  6. Automatic shut-off – The fryer goes automatically off when the timer is stopped. This feature helps the fryer to prevent the food from burning.
  7. Warranty- this is a new gadget and some buyers may not wish to provide a warranty on this gadget. Do consider only that brand who offers 1 to 2 years of warranty of your fryer.


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